What are your theories for Kim in the final season?

  1. She’ll get in legal trouble through some chicanery with Jimmy. She’ll either go to jail, or call the vacuum man before she can be arrested. Either way, my guess is they are going to reunite in the Gene timeline, maybe with Jimmy pulling one last Saul Goodman con to get Kim out of legal trouble.

  2. Kil will side with Lalo after he kills Howard at the end of episode 7 (maybe she will be forced to so Lalo accepts to spare Jimmy). Jimmy will side with Gus/nacho/Mike to take down of Lalo, maybe in setting the cartel against him. Mike will be forced to kill Kim at one point because she goes against the interest of his boss, probably the same for nacho but he will makes sure his dad is ok. He makes sure Jimmy will never know he's the responsable of her death. Jimmy lost his humanity and goes full saul goodman. there is flashforward during the breaking bad timeline, when we see a glimpse of jimmy resurfacing after walt and jesse leaves his office, crying for Kim, while he's in his office. then the last two episode -or probably just the last - will be about gene timeline.

  3. The theory I like the most is from a few years back. Kim and Jimmy together are Ice Station Zebra. They have an arrangement where Jimmy makes money from criminally defending criminals, and that money keeps Kim's pro bono work afloat. To what extent she knows Jimmy's actual cases, schemes and activities, I couldn't guess. But the season 5 finale would have me think she's on board with all of it.

  4. My partner has a similar theory. Given Kim’s extensive knowledge of banking law, she’s somehow involved behind the scenes to manage/launder funds for continued pro bono work.

  5. Maybe the "story" that Jimmy/Kim feed to Francesca is that Kim is no longer around because Jimmy was sleeping around on her, causing Kim to leave him.

  6. Kim will be the winner that takes it all. She’s been fiddling paperwork at HHM, setting up Ice Station Zebra to take back Chuck’s share of HHM. She’ll help Wendy get justice and Howard’s slice of HHM for her son Patrick.

  7. I don't believe she'll die. No way SG would be able to go on with his life as normal with the knowledge that his wife lay dead somewhere after being murdered. Arrested? Maybe. Like she good go too far off the deep end to try and fuck up Howard's life to the point where SG has to step in and stitch her up. But then who's that call that SG told Francesca to expect? Honestly just excited to see the dire tonight this show takes us in.

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