What are your Gene theories?

  1. Gene meets up with Kim who finds him In Nebraska. She’s been working as a secretary in a pro-bono office trying to atone for what she’s done after she was “disappeared” and presumed dead at the end of BCS timeline. She’s been living with extreme guilt for assumably ruining Howard or getting him killed. She’s done good work since then though. Hustling behind the scenes and putting the skills she learned with Jimmy to good use by silently pushing the terrible public defenders she works for to use better strategies without them realizing it. All legal. But she has decided she needs to turn herself in. Gene doesn’t want her to — he wants them to disappear together to Belize. But Kim is not budging. She also knows that she can continue her work of helping people from inside the prison. Inmates who desperately need good legal council. Jimmy doesn’t want to continue on as Gene the Cinnabon guy if there is no chance of staying with Kim.

  2. You've already seen two very strong hints: the poster with b/w Gene putting on Saul's red coat: Jimmy the con man is coming back. And a wanted poster offering a laughably inflated reward of $5 million for information.

  3. he goes to the cops and face his charges. honestly, he hates being "gene" and has nothing to lose. If he hands himself in, he can find a lawyer (probably kim) and play Saul Goodman one last time, maybe even scam his way to a bearable sentence. Walt got to be heisenberg one last time too, after all.

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