Better Call Saul S06E07 - [Mid-Season Finale] "Plan and Execution" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

  1. The sheer look of terror on Jimmy and Kim’s faces said it all. Wow. They had to make Lalo live up to a lot from that mention in BB and how scared Jimmy was of him and holy shit they nailed it.

  2. Also, poor Howard and his reaction when he realized the terror in Kim and Jimmy's faces. They were playing it cool as ever when he was accusing them of all their misdeeds and then suddenly this dude shows up and they look like they both shit their pants. The realization that he was in danger and knew he had to get out. Why Howard?! Why did you have to go to Saul and Kim's?!

  3. The dynamic between Chuck, Howard, and Jimmy is way more interesting in the show after it's revealed that Chuck is pushing Jimmy down and Howard is actually a sympathetic and well-meaning guy. I'm really glad they made that change.

  4. I recall hearing in interviews that Michael McKeen was largely responsible for the shift in Chuck's direction. How he played his role in episode 1 indicated a deeper, wounded pride which the writers saw fit to explore.

  5. You get a much better appreciation for Lalo’s total disregard for human life and how ruthless and casual he is at ending life from that scene. A character we have seen and have grown to appreciate for YEARS, wiped out in an instant. With no more than a casual smile from Lalo

  6. I also love how this pairs nicely with the scene with Margherite. He spared her, even though she is a witness to him being in Germany. When it comes to crime, the collateral damage is unpredictable.

  7. In case anybody is curious, howard's brains definitely splattered all over the painting. Remember the back of the painting is their war board of all their moves on sticky notes. No scene or shot is wasted in this show.

  8. Howard’s dissection of Jimmy and Kim might be my favorite scene in the season so far. His delivery is just perfect. It’d be easy to go for a shouting rage, but they didn’t because that’s not who howard is as a character. Something about his tone of voice being a mix of cold fury and resigned acceptance is just heartbreaking. It’s like he knew that he would never be able to expose jimmy, but was still determined to try.

  9. Maybe the death of Howard Hamlin acts as a catalysis for Jimmy and Kim separation. Kim can perhaps escape, but Jimmy is in it for the long run as long as he thinks Lalo is alive.

  10. Going from the way he reacted to Chuck's death, Jimmy is gonna compartmentalize this event and lean into the Saul persona even more instead of dealing with his grief in a healthy way.

  11. Funny how people were saying it was a "plot hole" that Jimmy and Kim were going so hard against Howard because they didn't have good enough reason and it didn't add up.

  12. One thing to add: Howard was killed not only because of what Jimmy and Kim did to him to lead him to their apartment where a cartel associate can show up at any moment, but he also got killed because they wanted to gloat.

  13. Kim aces her meeting and receives a $100 million grant to open her pro bono law firm. Saul and Kim vow to use their con artistry skills to uncover evidence and circumvent protocols to help their underprivileged clients receive speedy justice. During the Sandpiper mitigation, Howard has a change of heart and decides not only to settle, but to donate his entire portion of the earnings directly to Saul and Kim, just for being such good sports and not doing anything to mess up his meeting. Everybody in the room claps for Howard. Howard's wife walks in the room and says "now THIS is the man I married", Cliff Main stands up and says "this man is the greatest legal mind I've ever known, and he has never taken drugs".

  14. Surely at least some of his 24/7 Saul showmanship is him trying to cope. It's also why Gene is such a husk

  15. I was wondering earlier on if the extended sequence with the film crew here, and even the boxing scene earlier on in the season, were the showrunners just going all out on fun, wacky, S1-esque comedy while they still could

  16. Reminds me of Ozymandias. Walt/Saul's primary antagonist for the series shows up, followed shortly by some really, really bad characters they had no business getting involved with. Walt/Saul desperately plead to save their rival's life, but it's all in vain. The "oh shit, this is not how I wanted to win" faces on Walt/Saul/Kim are so well done.

  17. Howard didn't deserve anything that happened to him. I think he was a genuinely good person and a good lawyer. I'm so bummed he's dead.

  18. At least Nacho and Hank were reaping the consequences of their own actions. Howard was an unlucky bastard who was innocent and didn’t deserve any of this.

  19. I like how when the first knock on the door happened I was like, “please don’t be lalo” and I was so relieved for it to be Howard. As soon as that candle flickered, I knew immediately what was going to happen.

  20. One of the worst endings to a character, our guy Howie had his life fall apart before be departed..Jimmy and Kim will never be able to forgive themselves

  21. To add disgusting insult to absolute tragedy, the last memories that all those people have of Howard is what happened in that conference room. Gutted.

  22. He'll forever be known as a drug addict who got killed by his dealer or something along those lines when they come up with a cover story.

  23. I really appreciate the fact that the writers really allow the actor to shine in their death episode. Chuck, Nacho and Howard all had amazing performances in their respective episodes

  24. Thomas after tonight: “There was a Cliff, but he didn’t hang. Therefore, there was no “cliffhanger”.”

  25. I loved hearing Howard touch upon all the points we’ve all been discussing forever. All the back and forth arguments on what Howard did to them and whether it was justified or not. He summed it all up in his last paragraph of life. This is gonna fuck them up for a long time, and we don’t even know what Lalo is going to do to them yet.

  26. Man its a shame the ending was so fucking good because now no one is talking about how crazy the rest of the episode was

  27. I can't believe I just witnessed the character assassination and literal assassination in one episode

  28. I'll miss Howard, Patrick Fabian did a phenomenal job portraying Howard. If you told me two years ago that I would feel bad for him in the future I'd have laughed.

  29. A headcanon I have is Jimmy kept pranking Chuck with a shaken up soda in their youth so Chuck learned the spin method and made it a habit to do it with every soda from then on.

  30. So remember when Mike met Kim at the diner and said he was watching her and Jimmy in case Lalo makes contact? He said it was a 1 in 1000 chance of that happening...

  31. I love all the horror elements with Lalo. The Psycho showerhead shot, lurking in the sewer, the way he appeared behind Howard, etc.

  32. I thought they were showing how tragic Howard's life had become to build up to his suicide. I'm glad it wasn't that. Howard's final moments, in their own tragic way, were triumphant. He meant what he said. It doesn't matter that he's struggled with depression, loss, and a failing marriage. Had Lalo not arrived, Howard would've landed on his feet. He would've overcome the shit that Jimmy and Kim so unfairly dumped on him. And he would still be the same nice guy who learns his associates names and tries to help them pick up the soda they spilled. Howard may very well be the best man in the Breaking Bad-verse. And his death proved it.

  33. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And his words cut deep into Kim and Jimmy. Kim being told she’s soulless will stay with her for the rest of the series

  34. Beautifully said. Honestly even in that final moment, he seemed like he had genuine concern even for Jimmy and Kim. Howard was a damn good guy.

  35. I gotta say, that episode of Breaking Bad where Saul asks if Lalo sent Walt and Jesse and says "Thank Christ" in immense relief makes a lot more sense now.

  36. Yep. Kim knew he was alive and never told Jimmy that’s got to come back on her - and Jimmy will never completely believe Lalo is dead.

  37. Yeah. It's basically Saul being happy that Lalo hasn't, once again, appeared from beyond the grave. Chilling stuff.

  38. Can we just give a standing ovation to Patrick Fabian? He must have got more screentime this episode than any other and he just nailed all of it.

  39. Seeing Lalo’s blurred moustache enter the frame behind Howard was honestly one of the most terrifying moments on movies/tv ever

  40. They were doing all that press about how “oh we didn’t originally plan for this to be a midseason break so don’t expect anything too crazy guys”

  41. And it’s great too because they can never pull this again since it’s the final break. It’s not like they had a pattern of fun deception prior.

  42. Kim and Saul were fucking during the ending of the conference call. They're Twisted. Howard was right. They actually get off on this.

  43. Then the way they gaslight Howard in his final moments. They definitely did not want to hide in this episode that these two are fucking bonkers.

  44. In retrospect, Howard probably had more to say, but the important part that he got out, that should really haunt Jimmy is...

  45. I expected him to commit suicide until he pegged Jimmy snd Kim for what they are and said he would land on his feet.

  46. Well, Saul’s fear of Lalo in Breaking Bad is starting to make a lot of sense now. I knew it was coming, but damn. Still got me.

  47. Howard's death hit me harder than Nacho's honestly, as Howard was an innocent man who led a legitimate life, staying away from illegal activity, unlike Nacho, yet he died anyways.

  48. It all plays into Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman. That’s the key. I think Howard dying was Kim and Jimmy seeing the consequences of their actions. Even though it wasn’t a direct impact, their stunt pulled him into that situation at the wrong time. I think it’s a brilliantly written story and ending for Howard

  49. Even at Howard's last moment when he was in front of 2 people who had ruined his life, he tried to help them and de-escalate the situation with Lalo. Howard was a good man til the end

  50. I feel so bad for Howard. Just like Chuck, everything happened just as he said it did yet no one believed him. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fly high buddy

  51. That last scene must be one of the best ones in the whole BB universe. The slight relief when we realise it’s Howard and not Lalo. The long delayed confrontation between Kim, Jimmy, and Howard. The twisted dark turn announced by the flickering candle followed by the appearance of Lalo. The desperation on Kim’s voice trying to spare Howard. The regret In jimmy’s cry. Brilliant.

  52. Jesus, and on top of all that, Kim will probably have an extra layer of strangling guilt: that small decision to keep her encounter with Mike from Jimmy played a part in this...especially when they promised to no longer hide things from each other.

  53. Just realized the fucking irony. The guy just told them he will be fine. He knows he can get past this even though a lot of people would be fucked for life. He values being a strong man and now, most likely, and in the context of everything that happened that day, his death will be ruled a suicide.

  54. I’m shaking - the way Kim said Howard you need to leave - and the way he didn’t understand what was happening - and Jimmy’s face - it was terrible and amazing at the same time. Feeling bad for Howard went to utter shock in a split second. Holy fucking shit I didn’t see that coming. Poor Howard. July is so far away!

  55. Kim and Jimmy's reactions were so terrifying to me more than lalo himself. The way these two react to this man who casually walks in with his hands in his pockets is amazing.

  56. I am not crazy! I know he swapped those photos. I knew it was the judge. The one with the moustache. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just can’t prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that Private Investigator to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He’s done worse. Those hookers! Are you telling me that I just have two hookers yelling at me in public? No! He orchestrated it! Jimmy! He defecated through a sunroof! And I wanted him on the team! And I shouldn’t have. I took him into my own firm! What was I thinking? He’ll never change. He’ll never change! Ever since he was in the post office, always the same! Couldn’t keep his hands off of Kim Wexler! But not our Jimmy! Couldn’t be precious Jimmy! Tapping her raw! And HE gets to be a lawyer? What a sick joke! I should’ve stopped him when I had the chance! And Cliff, you have to stop him, you—

  57. Chuck found the secret to make soda not explode cause Jimmy kept fucking with his drinks loooooool

  58. Howards fate really lined up well with Chucks. From broken marriage, to the paranoid accusations and desperation in trying to convince Cliff, and Cliffs response "think of the clients" just really mirrored Chucks demise. Even the slight flicker of the candle a subtle call back to Chucks own death. Fucking beautiful.

  59. The cinematography at the start - with the revolutions around the chair as they were preparing for the photoshoot. Brilliant and outstanding.

  60. I think the saddest part is Howard never got closure. At least Chuck went out on his own terms. Howard had a lot of fight left in him and never got the confession or explanation he was looking for from Kim and Jimmy.

  61. This show has a way of proving the craziest fan theories correct, but doing it so flawlessly. Pouring out a drink tonight for the "Lalo kills Howard" people that we made fun of for too long.

  62. Holy shit I am laughing my ass off re-watching Howie showing those pictures to the judge of Jimmy handing a frisbee to some guy with a mustache lol

  63. Easily the most shocking death in this series. Somebody not in the game, that’s had a lot of screen time has been killed. I’m still trying to process this

  64. Lalo told Kim that her man “is like the cucaracha” in S5 “Bagman” when she goes to see him in jail — so seeing the cockroach immediately made him think of Jimmy which sealed Howard’s fate.

  65. I love that they had Mike in an earlier episode tell Kim they’ll be watching them even though it’s unlikely Lalo will come to them, and then this episode he lets Gus know that he took his men off of low priority targets, totally leaving Saul and Kim open. Such a crazy episode


  67. What’s even more sad is the last anyone saw of Howard, they all thought he was on drugs and tanking their case. Now the next logical thing for everyone to think is he continued his “bender” and disappeared somewhere.

  68. Does anyone know what Lalo is hoping to get out of Jimmy/Kim? I know they had that confrontation last season about the bail money in the desert, but how would any further information about that help him right now?

  69. I'm just as upset over Howard's death as I was Hanks. They were both kinda douchey characters at the beginning, but they both grow on you when you realize they're not so bad at all, and show that they are indeed human with flaws. Chuck was right, Jimmy is a monster. RIP Howard

  70. That candle was peak cinematography. The dual role of letting us know someone else was coming in and the symbolism of Howard’s flame flickering out was just superb.

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