Why all the hate for 3x's?

  1. Mechanic here. I don't care. But I can adjust a triple just as well as double. Some people complain because they have trouble setting up a front derailleur. Others prefer less ride complexity. I just shift when I need to. Big cog, need more, drop a ring. Small cog, need more, bigger ring. My cargo bike has a triple with a MegaRange 7 freewheel on a 14mm axle. No need for speed when hauling 300lbs of stuff. The tilting trike has a 60/46 with an straight block 10 sp and friction shifters. The ancient FS mtb has a 3x9 because it's been given pothole commuter duty and it's no longer worth any upgrades. When $$$ comes along, I might want a FS 29er with 26/46 and 11-42. Enough range for steep rough up and steep smooth down. And so what if I have an extra pair of lockout controls on the bar. I know which one I'm reaching for when I need it.

  2. The “granny ring” (smallest ring on the 3x) was used to make spinning a lot easier up steep climbs. This has since been made redundant by the growing amount of gears on the rear cassette (10-13) and the extra range that comes with the additional gears.

  3. 13 cogs sounds pretty sweet but I feel like that's a lot of extra shifter movements (at least when shifting up). Wouldn't mind trying it.

  4. It's not hate, it's just an understanding that with wider cassette ranges being supported by modern groupsets its need has mostly evaporated.

  5. I think this is it. I’m replacing an old 3x9 with 105 r7000 and despite losing the ring I’m gaining gear inches.

  6. I've ridden 1x 2x and 3x. I think 2x is a "sweet spot". I don't heed much of these worries about 'complexity' or 'difficult to maintain' stuff. I think 2x10 gives you enough gears. But I really like 3x9 for having very cheap cassettes. I'm yet to see a 1x that has as wide a range as a 2x. I defo don't use the full spread of the 3x (mostly the top gears - I only need them when I am putting down power down hill)

  7. If you’re not too much of a weight weeny you can use your cheap cassettes with a single chainring and still have a wide range of gears by fitting a three speed hub in the back, Sturmey Archer still do one that takes 9 speed cassettes in disc or rim brake versions ( very similar to the discontinued SRAM Dual Drive )

  8. I'm inclined to agree. I think that newer groupsets that allow larger jumps between front chainrings make 3X overkill for a lot of people. For example, I have a 2021 model gravel bike with 32/48 in the front, and the total gear range is about the same as my 2011 hybrid with 28/38/48.

  9. I have an Ultegra 3x10 set up in my touring bike that can see a vast and varied array of conditions and circumstances. I’m glad it’s there when if I need it. I just don’t want it in my roadie which sees slightly less variation, or a gravelly bike that may see even less. A triple can be a good tool if the job demands it.

  10. I think 3x drivetrains were more acceptable when friction front shifters were still popular. They were much easier to shift consistently with less than perfect alignment. 2x is a little more forgiving to tune because you just set the upper and lower limits and for the most part you're good to go.

  11. 3x vs 2x: I don't see a need for the third chain wheel. For roadies compact cranks with 50+34 chain wheels are fine, for MTBs I'd guess 40+24 I'd think would be great (but not in general use afaik).

  12. I'm running 3×9 on my 2001 road bike: 30/42/52 and 13–26. The granny ring rarely gets used but is good to have in reserve, and means the cassette can have closer ratios in it. I've had no issues with maintenance, but occasionally find that a shift from the 52 to 42 might drop onto the 30 by accident.

  13. They all have their uses but 1x is, in my opinion, without a doubt significantly over hyped. They came from the gravity focused MTB circles and that's where they are most at home. If you wanna cover distances, achieve peak performance elsewhere or live in a region that has a lot of climbing an FD will be a good companion if you treat it right.

  14. I‘ve ridden 3x in the past (old road bike) and currently ride 2x11 on my roadbike and 1x11 on my gravel. Tbh, I actually like the 1x the most. It’s straightforward, easy, easy to maintain and the range is still kind of the same, just the differences in gears are more noticeable. It’s not as nuanced. Of course for proper road cycling you need the 2x and for me it’s kind of the sweet spot between quantity and quality. There is no point in having endless gears when a lot of time it’s just trying to find the perfect one and once you found it you might want a different one. Sometimes too much it’s just impractical. Of course it’s a matter of what you’re used to and your personal preferences.

  15. I rode an old 3x road bike for the first few years, and I also wondered what it was people liked about 2x so much. Then I switched to a newer model (about 20 years newer) with 2x10 Shimano 105. And to be perfectly honest with you, I'm still kinda wondering. Because half the time I'm on a long flat or false flat uphill or just a little tired, I'm just about bottoming out the big ring, where the gear I want on the back means I'm cross-chaining and I can hear the chain clicking, but if I downshift the front then the highest gear I can get is still too small. The problem doesn't come up often, but I hate that it comes up at all.

  16. This is a very subjective take. As someone who likes minimal gearing with a relatively wide spread, 2x 6 is perfectly fine for me. There are some big jumps between gears, but I don't mind making up the difference with cadence adjustments (either spinning faster or grinding slower). I also think I'd be the type to really enjoy a 1x 10, 1x 11, 1x 12, which is pretty much the same thing. But having to manage the FD doesn't bother me. If it got under my skin, I'd seriously consider the 1x setup (like, 46T, 11-34 would basically cover all my needs with my current fitness).

  17. Most 3x users only use the biggest 2x in the front like me. I think 3x should still stay relevant for the lower end drivetrains as most bikes in that range are heavy. My bike is 22kg and I only use the smallest front chainring for hard long climbs. Trucking up a big hill with high rpms.

  18. It's easier for me to ask the question on reddit than to buy a new bike or attempt to modify my existing one. But I understand I'm in the minority on this sub.

  19. I have a 2x on my XC MTB and I've found that my normal riding pace puts me right at the point where I have to shift from the small to the large chain ring. I constantly have to keep the chain line in mind which gets really tedious on long rides.

  20. Because 99% of people will still only use 3-5 gears. It's a waste of space and just asking to break within a year

  21. Also as a (self taught) home mechanic- getting the cable tension just right is a fucking nightmare. And god forbid you have to do anything to the derailleur.

  22. Most common complaint I hear is that a 3x drive train almost always has a lot of overlap in gear ratios between the three front rings. That's fine if you are intimately familiar with the drive train and are happy switching back and forth between front rings as often as you are switching the rear gears, but for most riders it doesn't offer an advantage.

  23. Might depend on the country you’re in and style that you ride but for most, the gear range a 2x provides is more than enough. I usually don’t even shift out of my big chainring (but also because Singapore is super flat).

  24. I had a 3x (9spd) but basically stayed on the middle gear except in extremes. Have gone to a 1x (12spd) but only gave up my highest gear, which I had trouble pulling unless really flying. On one hill, I do miss the slightly lower "first" gear on the 3x.

  25. I have had the chain come off quite a bit with 3x or get tangled. I am a big guy so I appreciate a wide range of gears just learned to be careful about shifting and don't shift when the chain is on either end of the cassette. I have a tandem with a 3 x 9 and use the full range of gears. I also have a new 2 x 11 and it has almost the same range.

  26. my 1x drivetrain has 556% range. i never feel that i want more gears. its easy and crosschaining doesen't happen. a 2x electronic shifter that automatically shifts front and rear to one gear lower with manual override for front ring, that would convince me. but a 3x is just stupid. rear gears shift much faster, just get a bigger range rear cassette. a 3x with tiny road cassette in the back with max 28t is completely the wrong way arround for me.

  27. I suppose it’s just very outdated and isn’t overly necessary anymore with current gearing. I personally would dislike having to change gears so often.

  28. I have used 3x7 and 1x7. My 3x is mechanically unreliable. I've never gotten it to reliably shift between all three gears. I've taken it to numerous bike shops and even tried adjusting it myself. I've occasionally thought about converting it to a 2x just because having 1 unusable gear annoys me but the bike is getting old enough now that I might just replace the whole bike.

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