How did Leonard turn out such a nice guy?

  1. I think that his living with Sheldon was good for Leonard for a couple of reasons. With all of his insecurities, he was helped by feeling needed by somebody. Sheldon was there and accepted him. As he once said, Sheldon was a little broken and needed him, but that he also needed Sheldon. Because of the insecurities instilled by his upbringing, Leonard wanted people to like him and acted in ways that would lead them to want him to be around.

  2. This is brilliant resonance. This is exactly why I consider Leonard as one of the best characters. His character is been portrayed as a warm sunlight who is also solid as rock for each and every friend whenever they needed it. He is the one and only translator of 3 different worlds: Sheldons, Nerds, and Penny’s.

  3. I wanna think he tried to break the cycle and decided to be a good loving dude. Maybe his friends were his escape from his family or stuff like that.

  4. A lot of the time people turn out differently than their surroundings in SPITE of it all. For the most part, Leonard seems to be a relatively grounded guy.

  5. Stephanie was only a potential one night stand for Howard. And wasn't he trying to talk Sheldon out of breaking into Penny's apartment?

  6. This hating on leonard(in the replies) is honestly weird. Yes he was an asshole at times but so is everyone. Sheldon is a maniac, Raj and Howard are borderline creeps(who eventually got better, so props), Bernadette and Penny are such bullies and Amy...well can't really say anything. Maybe she is the nicest overall.

  7. He didn’t turn out nice just a prickish guy who’d be nice to anyone that would like him. As shown how much he simped for Penny and other women. His work brought in others that were fascinated with it like Howard and Raj as Sheldon mocked it but had to deal with him because they’re roommates

  8. Fear of repercussions from bullies leading to being passive in combination with the indoctrination of needing to earn his mother's approval » presentation as an adult who is both unable to stand up/assert himself to others and striving to please people.

  9. Parents sometimes influence a child and sometimes they don’t. I’m nothing like my parents in any way possible. Nor do I look like them, I look like my grandpa lol

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