Do you think this replacement Altus cantilever spring cover I designed and 3D printed will last?

  1. This is sick -- I've wanted to design and print these exact parts since I've started working on more bikes and realised how often they break.

  2. Nice work! I just did something similar eith making my own 20x110 to 15x100 hub adapters. Very fun and rewards experience now that the parts are on the bike and actually working.

  3. It was more about practicing my CAD skills than anything else. By the way, where can I find this for 10 bucks??? Best I've seen is 25 plus tax

  4. On the other hand, we shouldn't be forcing people to bin a $10 brake when a $0.50 piece fails. In the ideal market, those replacement parts would be available from Shimano.

  5. When you have a 3d printer spending hours designing and printing a part that costs a few bucks is worth every bit of the time and effort for the “fuck yeah I did it” feeling

  6. WOAH! I’ve totally replaced a brake just cause this broke. Obviously for maximum safety you should replace with new but man this would be so cool for a budget!

  7. Strange, you said that the hole is not complete due to the printer not able to? I've been able to print small parts, maybe it's some tweaking you can do to the settings? The hole shape doesnt seem to be too important so you could probably run with it. What's the clearance of the part? You can probably increases some dimensions for better strength. It doesnt always have to be the same dimensions of the original part if this ends up breaking.

  8. When it was sliced in Cura that section of the wall was absent, I assume it wouldn't let the printer make a wall that thin. Shouldn't be an issue though, like you've said

  9. It's a 100% infill because the part is small so it still only took 30 mins to print. Printing it vertically would likely make it split in half so I figured this was my best bet

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