Fagurt appreciation post

  1. It’s so beautiful. To me it feels like a short extension of ancestress, a much needed outro to that song, as for me it needed that extra minute to resolve completely and transition into the world of the album. The way it ties the theme of death with the brutal landscape she explores throughout the rest of the album makes it one of the most precious moments on the lp imo. Also there’s something really lamenting abt her tone here and the tone of the interlude itself.

  2. I love it. Don’t really understand why so many people keep listing it as their least favourite, guess it’s just because of the length.

  3. I really wished it was longer! There are 2-3 minutes versions available ( by Hamrahlíðarkórinn too). I love how simple and beautiful it is. To be honest, I didn't know that I needed medieval Björk haha it's addictive

  4. It’s just so beautiful, I want to listen to it forever. We are literally so blessed to have more Björk material

  5. It's really great in the context of the album, a sort of final farewell and closure to the Hildur story. Folk music really hits hard in such a context.

  6. Do you have a correct translation? Google translate didn’t make a lot of sense, I did understand the overall story though

  7. Love it! I am a fan of short songs and just love when they are beautifully composed and produced like this one.

  8. Anyone who doesn't like it hasn't read the lyrics, because that's the best way to end the grieving stage the album has. Also, her voice feels so warm, soothing and soft, it's my favorite style of singing from björk tbh.

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