songs off fossora and what other björk albums they remind me of (oh god theres so much volta)

  1. I mostly agree, but I’d alter a few by subtracting Volta and adding others on a few: Medulla on Sorrowful Soil, Vespertine on Victimhood, Vulnicra on on Fungal City, Medulla on Trölla-Gabba, and Utopia on Fossora.

  2. Fossora makes me think of Crystalline so I'd say Biophilia on that one, idk if I hear Homogenic. Sorrowful Soil definitely Medulla. Fungal City is not very Homogenic to me...I don't agree with all of these but maybe I would if you explained more. I really love that the Fossora album is very much a mix of all of her albums!

  3. Ancestress sounds to me a lot like if Homogenic met Vulnicura, Sorrowful Soil is more Medúlla than Volta, Fungal City is very Post + Homogenic, Fossora a bit as well. And Her Mother's House is a lot like Vespertine in sound, but the theme is continuation of My Juvenile, so your choice makes sense.

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