Blankies, share your non-film related hot takes!

  1. Laundry detergent companies tell you to use a cap full of detergent just to sell you more detergent. All you need is a thimble or less per load.

  2. I just don’t see how that’s true. Maybe for a middle aged corporate worker who goes from heavy A/C desk job to a heavily A/C car to a heavy A/C apartmentz

  3. Drums and flats are meant to be served together along with that gross skin flap that sometimes has feathers and all wing places are making a killing off of splitting them up. Also the chicken wing market is way over priced.

  4. My favourite pizza order is pineapple, pepperoni, green olives and hot peppers. Sweet, savory, salty and spicy. It’s perfect.

  5. I once threw up pineapple pizza and for some reason no matter how much you chew up pineapple it comes out looking like pineapple still. Anyhow, clearly I liked pineapple pizza before that event since I had to eat it to be throwing it up, but I haven’t had it again in the seventeen years since. I’ll never get over picking that pineapple out of the drain.

  6. I work at a pizza place so one of my go-to pies I’ll make for myself is pineapple, prosciutto, bbq red onions, feta, and green peppers with a garlic-herb butter base. Perfect blend of flavors, probably too expensive if I had to pay for it but it’s chef’s kiss

  7. We're never going to have a fully automated personal car. The technology will not and will never get to the point where you'll be able to buy a car without a steering wheel.

  8. I can understand why it would seem likely if you live in a city. But yea there are too many unknowns and ambiguous roads to trust it. Would screw over poorer people for sure.

  9. Whipped cream is gross and ruins anything it’s on. Community Season 6 might be almost as bad as Season 4 (but Season 5 is great). There are pretty much no people who wouldn’t look better without a pair of glasses (not just any pair, but like, at least one specific pair). Hot weather almost always feel better than cold weather but cold weather clothes are way better (last part I don’t think is that hot a take but it’s just to qualify the first part of that take).

  10. The best thing in Season 6 is the end tags. Shirley’s spin-off, the guy who was buying the giant watch because of his missing son, Matt Gourley as the writer of the episode about cousin incest, all fuckin incredible and absolutely the kinda shit you could only find in Community

  11. Season 6 of Community isn't quite that bad but it would be at least 53% better if the last episode did not exist and all the episodes were 22 and not 32 minutes

  12. I think the overall quality of Season 6 is higher than 4, but as bad as 4 is I do think the Sophie B. Hopkins Dance is one of the 10 best episodes of the entire show.

  13. Politics aside, Chick-Fil-A is a low tier fast food joint that, at least in my experience, always comes out weirdly soggy.

  14. Every summer was brutal when I lived in LA, until I'd take a flight back home to Georgia and melt in the humidity the second I stepped out of the airport.

  15. Dom Kennedy’s From The Westside With Love II is one of the best hip hop albums of the decade and it never gets talked about on that level. Don’t feel like it made any of the end of decade lists.

  16. Agree that pie is trash, my exception is a slice of pumpkin pie on thanksgiving where I only eat the filling and leave the crust and the bottom on the plate and my family gets mad at me for it cause “it quit being cute 20 years ago you’re an adult now just eat the crust”.

  17. “Defund the police” has been an idiotic political slogan from Day 1, and people need to stop using it immediately. Reform, educate, and hold accountable law enforcement? ABSOLUTELY. But “defund” gives way too much ammo to the right and is far too nonspecific.

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