actual GOOD film youtubers?

  1. Pretty sure most everyone already knows this, but Every Frame a Painting is still a channel I go back and watch videos from occasionally. So sad the channel is done though. But if by some chance you haven't seen anything from that channel definitely go check it out. Some of my favorites are the Jackie Chan, Satoshi Kon, and Chuck Jones ones

  2. He only occasionally covers films in depth, but Dan Olson from Folding Ideas makes some excellent content. I got into Blank Check after talking to someone about his Book of Henry video and them recommending the related podcast episode. His video on Annihilation rules.

  3. Surprised I had to scroll this far to see it, I love his analysis and the videos are really well-produced! He also will often have interesting conceits for how he structures the videos in a way that takes advantage of the medium much better than other film channels that are just like a dude talking about a movie with relevant clips inserted

  4. You’re correct. Most film YouTubers make terrible, shallow, ill-informed video essays/reviews, but there are great channels of you look hard enough. Here are some:

  5. Second Maggie for sure! Her Wes Anderson video was a delight. Also shoutout to Movies with Mikey, his stuff is a little more stylized, but he has so much passion!

  6. Accented Cinema is a good one with a focus on Asian films with a lot of insightful historical context. Recently did a good video on the career of Tony Leung.

  7. I’ve never heard of Cinema Cartography but I’m excited to check them out. An hour and 22 minutes on the Nier games sounds like extremely my shit

  8. It’s such a shame that most people’s exposure to film criticism just consists of dudes sitting in front of blu rays, telling you what the story is, who’s in the cast and whether or not they like it.

  9. I like Movies with Mikey. I mostly just go to podcasts for film discussion. Last few years I didn't really have any interest in discussion on new releases but now I am so any tips are welcome.

  10. Cinefix is about the only place that does good top 10 lists. It’s usually a list of dozens of movies instead and I always have more to add to my watch list. Super knowledgeable and well produced videos

  11. CineFix was the best a couple years ago, but I cooled off on them to the point of unsubscribing after they got picked up by IGN.

  12. I'll just list all the channels I'm subscribed to that discuss films. Some may not be exclusively film channels, but their film videos are enjoyable to me. They're not in any particular order:

  13. If you want a history slant check out History Buffs. They don't do deep dive into movies but they compare how historical films match up to actual history.

  14. In a similar vein The Cynical Historian has a series were he does similar comparisons, it's funny how he looks at movies you think are trash but are praised because of the accuracy, the guy has really no allegiance one way or the other and ends up having some really hot takes on both bad and great movies, but he's unaware they are hot takes.

  15. I know this is basically the antithesis of what you want but I just got in an argument with a group of friends over why I liked Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions and they told me that if I really wanted to understand why they're bad movies I need to watch this Screen Rant "Pitch Meeting" YouTube video that makes fun of them.

  16. That guy bugs me so much. Besides his petty CinemaSins-y non-issues he has with each movie, he says everything in that obnoxious sub-Ryan Reynolds patter every kid on TikTok uses.

  17. Yeah those videos are jokes he isn't being serious. They are just simplified versions of movies to laugh at. All movies have tropes ans cliches and if you boil stuff down enough you can be like oh yeah movie bad this dumb. However they aren't trying to actually criticize the movies since it's for laughs. If your friends are getting movie critiques from Pitch Meeting you probably shouldn't talk to them about movies. I don't know about screen rants other actual film critiques though.

  18. I’m a big fan of Sideways. His channel is mostly focused on film scoring, and his analysis mostly comes from a music theory perspective. His video on James Horner’s score for Avatar is the first one I saw, and I was immediately hooked.

  19. I’m a fan of Movies with Mikey. Red Letter Media is actually very insightful at times with their re:View series. Maggie Mae Fish is really good too.

  20. At the risk of being trite or unhelpful it's really something you can only discover for yourself; there are several mentioned here that made me grimace personally, but obvious they work for other people.

  21. Oliver Harper and Colative Learning feel like guys that never went into the YouTube aesthetics and do their videos in a very DVD/VHS type of way. In Oliver Harper's case it seems to be more intentional but Colative Learning has a very genuine old school vibe that makes his videos stand out independently of his ideas.

  22. I’m sure folks here know Every Frame a Painting (R.I.P., 2014-2017), but planting a flag for it just in case. Super-smart, brisk, rewatchable episodes on Edgar Wright, Jackie Chan, David Fincher, a single scene from The Silence of the Lambs, and an all-time eye-opener on the craft of editing. I go back to those all the time.

  23. BREAKFAST ALL DAY (formally What the Flick over at The Young Turks) does great reviews and everyone in that panel of critics have actually written for notable publications.

  24. Real Delusional Pictures only has a few videos but they're incredible. There's one on In The Mouth of Madness, so, topical! I also like Cold Crash Pictures, especially his video on Candyman.

  25. Thomas Flight is my favorite, he makes videos about lots of aspects of film but his wheelhouse is talking about editing and really carefully dissecting why certain editors make the choices they do. His videos have really helped me appreciate the work editors do in changing how we watch movies!

  26. I watch Folding Ideas, Cinema Therapy, Xiran Jay Zhao, Khadija Mbowe, Kyle Kallgren, Rowan Ellis, Yhara Zayd, and Sideways, among way too many others.

  27. Filmento has a really bad vibe about him. Just take a look at his thumbnails for movies like Underwater and Charlie’s Angels. He just seems like a shitlord.

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