Influencer Discussion, Friday Oct 14

  1. Don't forget to specify who you are discussing (add their IG name, their blog/website or their last name to make it easier for others to find them), not everyone knows who all the influencers and bloggers are.

  2. Anyone else have serious bravocon fomo?? I’m loving following all the bravo accounts. I used to enjoy @bestofbravo but now I think she might be getting a little too big for her britches 🙄

  3. I feel exactly the same. Unfollowed recently. She doesn’t post anything original anyway. I see the same stuff sooner, from other accounts. But no, I don’t have FOMO because it honestly looks like a shit show aside from the Legends Ball tonight.

  4. Why do influencers feel the need to share stuff like this?! So gross and feels disrespectful to other attendees of the wedding to come when you have an active case of pink eye

  5. Jolie Ankrom (Yourknowing, formerly becomingjolie) is launching a substack and the about page is worth a read:

  6. Not sure if this is the right place for this but it is internet-related: Jezebel posted their Scary Stories post for 2022. I love reading through the entries though I’m aware they’re likely mostly fake/embellished. But they seriously have to stop highlighting that story about the haunted truck harassing the family and shaking the doors of the house. It is so dumb and honestly not even that creative! Sorry to those who don’t think it’s dumb. 👻

  7. Legit question: Is the face whitswhims constantly makes because of a lip flip? Because if so, I’m cancelling my appointment.

  8. I don’t think it’s from a lip flip.. I’ve had one multiple times and it didn’t cause anything like that. I think maybe she just thinks she looks cute when she puckers her lips like that

  9. @amylittleson having both a “bridal shower” and a “wedding shower” (and feeling the need to explain the difference) is the most Amy Littleson thing ever 🙄 Will be SO excited when all her tacky wedding content is done!

  10. @veronabrit bought a Chanel purse but she won’t show it to you because she doesn’t have time to film an unboxing until Monday! She’s too busy. But she does have time for a Q&A with a long answer as to why she can’t show you the purse. On Sunday she’s going to watch her mom make soup.

  11. I find it hard to believe she spontaneously spent $4k+ on a bag. But, she probably saw so many Chanels at LTK and has to keep up.

  12. @lizadams $395 sheep sweater - Why??!! You have money for all the things! And that’s what you choose?!

  13. I literally came here to look for a comment about this! I really can’t believe that is something that is not only created but sold for such a high price tag. And she bought it.

  14. No snark but I laughed at Alexa Anglin last story with a pic of her and Scott on the way to family photos 😆 if that ain’t a real reality of heading to family pics I don’t know what is 😂 also no one takes more family photos than her

  15. I can’t stand this thing Emily Schuman and G do where they put ice in cocktails last. It’s objectively wrong but they seem to think it’s some kind of hack. Also stir martinis. Also I hate those glasses. Also I’m martini shaming.

  16. I haven’t watched them make cocktails and I’ve never followed her, but is something “objectively wrong” when you’re making a food/drink item for yourself with traditional ingredients just in a different order? 🤔

  17. I still think it’s weird that their booze collection is like 5 feet off the ground in a cabinet. They have a lot of beautiful bottles of alcohol (no snark, it’s a nice collection!) and instead of displaying it, it’s hidden away. Whyyyyyy?

  18. JustBrandi_'s husband doing a Q&A about her body and her tummy tuck on her account just reinforces how uncomfortable/unbalanced it would be having your husband as your personal trainer. I feel like it's made her relationship with her body/her training/food really intense and I feel like that would make for an odd dynamic.

  19. Omg these two seem like a couple off of an SNL skit or the movie “best in show” (iykyk) 😵‍💫 I cringed so many times watching that q&a

  20. Not the topic of your comment but I had to laugh at the post shilling an amazon stroller and how “you can open it with one hand”….proceeds to struggle to open the stroller with two hands

  21. She got those after she had Sophia, remember she got “very sick” and couldn’t lift Sophia for weeks? Because she was very sick. 😐

  22. @wearedanandsam putting the hashtag “roomporn” on her hurricane relief post as she’s currently down there in florida helping hurricane Ian victims. Seems out of touch to bring people to her page with that hashtag.

  23. I love when influencers have their husbands do stories promoting a clothing brand and then it cuts to the try on and they’re standing there like 🧍🏻‍♂️I respect the hustle but it always looks so awkward lol

  24. I hate the term “boy mom”. But, if you had asked for influencers with well-dressed little boys, I would suggest Carly, Mackenzie Horan and Merrick’s Art.

  25. I find a lot of mom influencers frustrating to follow, I don’t know, they’re very preachy and dogmatic. Also don’t know what vibe you’re looking for but I like watching moms have fun with their kids.

  26. It’s because the reality is the kids make her $$. She’s lost over 500k followers in the past six months since she stopped posting them.

  27. Ali from @inspiralized posted that she’s going to stop being vague about whatever scare is happening. I hope they’re all okay! I must have missed whatever other things she posted because I hadn’t seen anything about a scare? Does anyone know?

  28. She posted the other night that she was doing a workout to avoid googling stuff about a health scare. Then she posted the next day (maybe yesterday?) about her son being brave and getting Krispy Kreme donuts. Picture of Luca clearly showed a blood draw bandaid. Then posted again today about working out to avoid thinking about whatever the scare is.

  29. I saw that! She just posted the other night that they had a scare and she was doing a peloton ride to keep herself of Google. But she took it down shortly after and I hadn’t seen anything else other than her most recent update.

  30. Just classically Cassidy has found a new favorite word. I swear everything has been elevated the last couple days

  31. Elevate. Everything is elevated this week. She elevated sweats with accessories now she’s elevating the decorating in her house. Idk I’ve never really heard her say it much and now it’s every other slide.

  32. @mumusandmacaroons giving us the thinly veiled threat of “logging off until further notice”… let’s get bets going on how long it takes before she comes creeping back in.

  33. i love how she blames instagram when it’s actually just that people are tired of her stupid reels in these fugly dresses swaying from side to side

  34. Wasn’t she also starting a newsletter that she “worked so hard on” bc Instagram’s ‘algorithm’ was so unpredictable 🫠

  35. She’s actually one of my favs but I always skip past her try ons 😳 what she’s sharing is not practical at all and it’s always so awkward 😵‍💫 I’m following for recipes and more sissy recipes 😆

  36. TIL from @graceatwood that you can buy a $695 blazer and a $175 faux hoodie dickie insert for said jacket. Can’t you just…actually layer a hoodie with a much less expensive jacket? I’m blown away, had no idea this was a thing and certainly didn’t think it would be upwards of $900.

  37. Woof. I'm a millennial in a jacket finding crisis and can tell you that the proportion of women's jackets with hoods is so low compared to men's. And I really want a damn hood. But yeah the over priced dickie is stupid.

  38. Layered outfits with varied textures look more complete and styled out, but try shoving a hoodie under a sleek blazer. (Plus in her climate she rarely needs more than one layer.) I have a white collared dickie for under sweaters and it's a really easy way to make a knit look more professional or polished.

  39. I agree they’re stupidly overpriced but Veronica Beard customers get super into these. They have tons of Dickey styles, not just Grace’s gray one. It’s not for me but I think it’s cute for people who want this look but not the extra layer underneath.

  40. I wouldn’t spend that much on either but the only reason I would think it’d be nice to buy an insert is because it’d be less bulky than just a regular sweatshirt. Sometimes I want more* warmth than a blazer offers but don’t want to wear two actual jackets. But ya I could not justify the price of that insert.

  41. Just watched @chrislovesjulia organize their new fridge and they are SO BORING but jokes actually on me because I sat through the whole thing like a dummy.

  42. I can’t believe I listened to her complain that her plastic egg storage containers won’t fit in the fridge if they’re stacked when there was a shooting in her area yesterday and 5 people were killed. She is so privileged it’s gross.

  43. Ms. Kanye West apologist herself Ashley @ashleyandemilyblog has said nothing about his recent antisemitic comments, but will probably tell us that he’s just too much of an artistic genius for us to understand his true meaning

  44. Not to mention Emily was born Jewish. I assume her family still is. But Republicans are great at ignoring racism/hate so I guess I’m not surprised.

  45. Has Madi Nelson said anything? I know she’s also a big fan who has been a little hesitant about speaking against him. I’m a former Kanye fan who pledged to stop giving him money early this year (no more concerts or clothing). It’s devastating as a fan, but he’s not well. But that’s no excuse for his bigotry.

  46. That's a weird expectation to put on fans to have to speak out everytime someone they like does something bad.

  47. Is Mallory Ervin serious!! She cannot even fucking talk and thinks she’s entitled to prance around public transportation and restaurants in Boston while exposing everyone around her to whatever has been making her “full on sick for 9 days”… she sounds HORRIBLE. And no surprise that she’s talking shit about the people visiting Salem because they’re in costumes and not head to toe in Gucci like her. No one “thinks they actually are these characters”… why go to Salem if you’re going to talk shit about people dressed up?! She really couldn’t be more of a snob

  48. Total mean girl energy. I can’t believe she actually posted those stories. It’s incredibly rude! They are so close-minded and I guarantee she only wanted to travel there during fall for some aesthetically pleasing photos.

  49. This blew my mind today, too. It’s Halloween. Also, I’m shocked she took the commuter rail and didn’t have some private car service toting them around.

  50. Fellow Bostonian here. Why am I so ragey that she is in my state? I can say with certainty that family trip is not relaxing or the least bit enjoyable! Schleping my 3 young kids on the commuter rail to go to salem, in the rain! I chuckled when I noticed she was wearing white Gucci slides.

  51. This coming from the person who has spent the last 50 days taking her kids every single solitary day to the Halloween store to buy more crap and just hangout there! What the hell did she want Salem to be? It’s not Disneyland, next year just go there.

  52. She can fuck right off for traveling to Salem in their busiest time of year while sick. And then to complain about her false expectations about what it’s like.

  53. I’m not familiar with this person but I’ve seen her mentioned before so this comment prompted me to check out her stories. It seems like a dick move to go all the way to Salem from whatever hillbilly hole she’s from just to tease people who are dressed up. What’s her costume? Hers looks ridiculous.

  54. She's the one who traveled to Salem just to see it during Halloween, and she's making fun of OTHER people for dressing up? Also, I was just in Salem (for work, not Halloween, LOL), and people do dress up...for fun. No one thinks they're the characters in their costumes. She's being a mean girl.

  55. Totally agree, though the weather is really shitty this morning and I personally think Salem sucks, too. I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be let down. Other than that, the trip is chaotic and she is terrible

  56. Her oldest basically licking the train window 🤣 I’m a New Englander and native Mainer and she exemplifies every stereotype of tourist that we hate in these parts. I’m sure someone local will hear her talking shit and will have no problem telling her and her family where to go and how to get there. She clearly didn’t research anything about Salem…October is the biggest and busiest month for Salem and the whole town becomes one big haunted amusement park.

  57. She seems like a bully and gives off high school mean girl energy. Her husband and her making fun of other people for dressing up and enjoying themselves meanwhile they are completely miserable is sad. She said this trip was inspired by Madi Nelson’s family trip and madi was extremely pregnant and still had nothing to complain about. They’re trip looked so cute and fun. Mallory should have just stayed at the 4seasons with her free babysitters

  58. Has nothing to do with the 500 indiscernible try ons from boring ass brands or the scammy giveaways she does for engagement on her sponsored posts. Noooo couldn’t be! Has to be IGs problem.

  59. I also think her “anything for the kids” thing is hilarious. Your kids asked you to buy a massive / expensive skeleton for your front yard? Sure, Jan.

  60. I just can’t fathom how she has so much time to post about a cold. And how she thinks her followers need a play by play like they’ve never experienced a cold before.

  61. She's worse than a guy with a mancold! I lol-ed at the dramatic "I have tested positive for rhinovirus" announcement. You have a cold?

  62. As I sit here with like the 6th daycare illness in 4 months that has hit me like a sledgehammer, I’m envious of whatever work and childcare situation lets her get so much extended isolated rest with two young kids.

  63. And she says her head is so foggy but then puts up a question box for how she can help people source things. Does that make her feel important or needed? She should just rest!

  64. Mad that I caved and bought what will end up as overpriced garbage from @krista.horton’s pink lily launch… I have no self control

  65. I’m disturbed but also just FASCINATED by Macy Blackwell. She’s always fully primped and dressed to the nines but is out here making dump cakes and other classic "Midwestern mom" stuff that’s all over Pinterest. I’m just intrigued by the extreme high/low aesthetic lol (think YSL and Chanel purses in her OOTD but making casseroles using Great Value cheese and canned gravy). But I also think that’s 100% her schtick because she’s peddling a certain fantasy by mixing the accessible with the inaccessible. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk 😂

  66. It is a truly odd dichotomy that is what every successful influencer looks like now. Decked in designer bags but shilling amazon finds and Walmart recipes

  67. You just described what I haven’t been able to put into words!! I even made her loaded baked potato soup and it was gross and runny. But I keep going back- it’s definitely fascinating

  68. I listened to one episode of her podcast out of sheer curiosity after someone here posted about how dated and sexist it was and WOW… she bragged about how she can, I kid you not, count on one hand the number of times her husband has asked for sex and she has turned him down 🙃

  69. Y’all. I cannot with Natalie Kennedy’s horrible form during her workouts. Usually it’s just borderline eh, not great but could be better. But those sandbag cleans today were killing me- and probably her back. And no Patrick is not an OvErAcHiEvEr going above his shoulders, it’s bad form. Quit flinging the weights. WHERE IS HER TRAINER??? End rant.

  70. No snark, seems like Laura Beverlin got some good ivf news! 4 highly graded embryos so far and they transferred 2 and froze 2. Waiting on 4 more to see how they grow so they can potentially freeze and have more chances later on. Hopeful for them!

  71. I want it for them so badly. It almost seems cruel for her followers to tell her that she has a pregnant glow, though. There’s a line between support and fantasy.

  72. Not to be a party pooper, but they are actually high graded embryos, not necessarily “healthy”! They could still be genetically abnormal embryos given that they chose not to get them tested. Just wanted to note that since she doesn’t explain things very thoroughly.

  73. lol i like how she's trying to claim that the caramel apple board "isn't messy" i KNOW that sticky shit will be all over the table immediately

  74. Nat Kennedy- a thought… what if she shared her favorite products WITHOUT making people feel like they’re mistreating themselves & their family for not switching to what a random influencer deems as hEaLtHy… She keeps saying she’s tired of hearing people react to her… but she’s tone deaf to how she talks about stuff. There’s so many people I follow who share similar products that she does; Hu chocolate for example. They literally just share that it’s their favorite chocolate & they like the ingredients. That’s it. Also fragrance?? Like I know certain really don’t need fragrance added-like makeup.. but it’s a kitchen spray. I want a light fragrance & it’s not unhealthy to have a fragrance. Last but not least. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure her joint pain, anxiety, and weight gain was not because she had fragrance in her kitchen cleaner lmao. She’s obviously feeling great, which is awesome. But I’m going to chalk it up to just a general overall healthier lifestyle- more balanced food and more movement. Not because you now use a counter spray without a smell lol

  75. Yes Natalie is feeling better and dropping some lbs. And it's because she quit eating garbage, calorie-laden, fattening, fried, breaded, high sugar and high carb foods and stopped with all the liquor. It is great to buy organic, but if you can't afford it and stopped all the above you too will lose the lbs. And of course working out each day is a must as well

  76. It’s her obsession with it that’s the most annoying thing. Just say I like this sauce and the ingredients so this is what I use. Her constant use of “healthy” and “clean” is obsessive. Not to mention this is horrible talk for her daughter to constantly hear. No foods are good foods and no foods are bad foods when you’re talking to your kids. She should follow some pediatric nutritionists and stfu.

  77. Completely agree. Also talking about going clean while having breast implants, Botox, filler, and dyeing your hair seems hypocritical.

  78. There's so much fear mongering in the "clean" ingredients space. It always kills me when they mention "chemicals". Everything is a chemical!!!

  79. Yeah, she rubs me the wrong way. I actually have been living to a more "clean" lifestyle and trying to eliminate toxins where it's easiest. And I'm not better than anyone else because I've chosen this route. Her clean, cleaning, doesn't bother me as much as her every day reminder that she's gluten and dairy free though. She literally says this

  80. This! “Clean” and “natural” are marketing terms. Natalie is making claims that are not backed by evidence. Just because she thinks something worked for her doesn’t mean that it actually did or that it will for anyone else. She’s also getting all of this “advice” from someone who is just trying to make money by scaring people.

  81. I don't disagree with you but one caveat to note. If you see the term "fragrance" on a list of ingredients it basically can be used as a catch all to shield 100s of chemicals that aren't required to be disclosed. I think that's the concern - more than the actual scent/smell.

  82. Natalie kennedy feeling triggered this morning! Someone needs to tell her she needs to remove her fillers and implants so she can truly be living a clean lifestyle with no inflammation or chemicals in her body

  83. There’s another woman kgmtl who is all about organic eating and clean ingredients but has implants…it’s all such a scam to shill overpriced products disguised as “healthy” products

  84. Magnolia Kitchen is closing?! Wow I’m really surprised by that. I used to follow Bernadette really closely as a baker but she was so extra I had to step back. But I’m really shocked. Business must have been bad. Anyone have any more info? I thought she was pretty successful with her business.

  85. No info but honestly, so many businesses I know in Aus & NZ suffered so much because of the lockdowns even if they were allowed to stay open, they weren't making as much. Literally sounds like she just took a huge amount of new expenses just before covid and didn't have the reserves to cope, once you also factor in current rising costs of everything.

  86. Does anyone have the cliff notes version of Savannah Chrisley’s podcast with all of her family? No way I can sit through all of that, but I have some sick fascination with that messed up family

  87. Quick to snark on here but I will say I enjoyed listening to each of the podcasts this week (it was a series so to speak) and it was finally then having normal healthy hard conversations and of course some good laughs from Todd.. I actually enjoy this family for the most part (could snark on Lindsey for a few things lol but I’ll refrain)

  88. Can’t imagine my dad buying a sex tape of me and exploiting me with it… then reconciling with him, but to each their own!

  89. Natalie Dark (@nataliedarkart) is so talented but has recently deviated into random SAHM content, and is (for some bizarre reason) posting about petty fights she's having with random strangers who comment on her reels.

  90. Just looking at the likes on the reels it would seem a lot of people agree with you, ha. I don't follow her but I follow more artists than traditional influencers and I have such a hard time with artists that just drastically shift their content like that. Most eventually come around to making/posting art again but I do wish more people would be honest and just admit they're taking an indefinite break because I've made the mistake of following people for like... a whole year too long hoping their art would come back lol.

  91. No lie. She’s out of breath on her stories too. More power to her. That free people dress plaid i want now. I needed to not look 😆

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