Influencer Discussion, Thursday Oct 27

  1. Don't forget to specify who you are discussing (add their IG name, their blog/website or their last name to make it easier for others to find them), not everyone knows who all the influencers and bloggers are.

  2. @fullmhouse I’ve gotten a ton of laughs while tears run down my face moments with them, but why oh why do they talk about farting so much? A few times it might be funny, but it’s constant and getting old. I really enjoy them, but enough w the farts stories! 💨

  3. Yes, and Bekah seems to keep overhead costs as low as she can without compromising her values. She doesn’t have a Good Alma office (unlike DAD), and she does photoshoots in random fields near her (rather than flying to Arizona and NYC, like DAD). Bekah said that for the first year, she made no profit because it is so expensive to produce clothing ethically and sustainably, so she had to revamp her business plan and pricing. Obviously DAD does not care at all about sustainability lol, but it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to her own market challenges. So far, she’s basically had a meltdown over people being upset about the prices—so I’m not confident she’ll be able to pivot.

  4. has anyone else noticed that @janellepaigebrandom’s sister’s name is jalene?? so..jalene and janelle?! not sure why her parents would set themselves up for such confusion, but to each their own lol

  5. My daughter’s friend and his baby brother share almost the same name, only the first letter is different ! It seems so confusing for everyone 😳

  6. I grew up with identical twins named Debbie and Debra. It freaked teachers out in junior high when we all had seven periods and a small staff teaching everyone.

  7. Not exactly the same thing but 100% true…I went to high school with two sisters. One named Ann and the other named Tenna. So…Ann and Tenna! I’ve always wondered what their parents were thinking 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. The best advice I found when naming kids was to not name them with the same beginning letter. I do, however, still mix up my completely different kids’ names so maybe the joke is on me.

  9. My sister and I have names like this, similar to Chantelle and Charlotte, and my mom was constantly yelling at the wrong one. We pissed her off more by laughing everytime lol

  10. Yes. This grossed me out. I wouldn’t want to be in her home ( yesterday she had people in and out) or be at the taping too close to her when her kids were supposedly so sick.

  11. Nothing she does can shock me after seeing that purse she carried around for forever with moldy spilled milk in the bottom of it

  12. She definitely got the stomach bug from her kids which is extremely contagious and has now exposed all these people to it! Including her mother in law who’s watching her kids at home!

  13. Ugh yes. She was doing everything on LTK - must have not had enough viewership to try YouTube. Wonder when she’ll just come back to the gram

  14. I was just wondering about her the other day! It used to drive me crazy how she’d scold her followers for not addressing her properly in DM’s

  15. Holy shit I had a RANDOM dream about her like two nights ago and considered posting on here seeing if anyone remembered her and her passive aggressive personality lol

  16. Okay so I’m a bit thrown off by the sheer amount of product @DarylAnnDenner has for her launch. And a temporary fancy office space, and an employee! Also I’ll give her credit that her professional photos and videos have been quality.

  17. Cambria Hauck throwing in a code for whatever blanket her sick mother is wearing in the hospital.. it feels extra icky. I understand an influencers job is to make money but is your mom recovering from a stroke really the time to be shilling?!

  18. When Melissa in Chaos, aka Instagram’s thirstiest b— and exploitative mom, says she has a job… does she mean that MLM Walmart-adjacent leggings line she peddles?

  19. Dani Austin really throwing shade at the Denners by random “just a reminder about my Cuts code” story at the same time Daryl Ann posting another Nuuds try on. Love to see it.

  20. ehh if anything it would have been daryl ann the other day throwing she used it all including her suppose to be friends brand divi and hers is better!! like there is a way to promote what your selling without throwing others into it… i def wouldnt if that was my friends business

  21. TIBAL linking $200 sweatpants and a $145 ironic card holder (on sale!!) in one day, yikes. She’s my favorite shopping influencer but I’m worried her content is skewing into major rich girl territory. It feels like a lot of her stuff is becoming super high end… which is fine, like good for you, but I’ll be sad when she’s out of my financial league for good. I love her everyday recs.

  22. LOL don’t you dare comment on TIBAL’s ridiculous spending or you will be burned at the stake! But there can be 30 posts a day on the price of Daryl Ann’s tshirts!

  23. Wouldn’t it be disingenuous if she just shilled cheap shit? Her account is literally named things I bought and liked.

  24. No snark, and sorry if this has been asked a million times but what kind of cancer is @charlygoss being treated for? I just recently started following her as I’m an early 30s millennial and need to keep up with the trends 😅

  25. I believe she has a "health" highlight that covers some of her journey. She's lost pieces of her tongue to surgery, which she had reconstructed using skin from her arm, if I recall. Brave lady.

  26. New fear unlocked: Brighton Butlers birth story with her daughter. If you’ve ever been in any form of labor without an epidural you know how insanely painful it is and then to experience a baby crowning while you are in a moving car… ow ow ow. I’m glad her and baby are okay.

  27. I don’t follow her but just went to read her story. Wow! But can someone tell me about the first child named Four. No judgment, but is there a backstory, family name or something?

  28. It’s so stressful to think about what they would have done if her sister-in-law hadn’t happened to wake up at that exact time!

  29. You guys realize there was nothing shocking about what happened to her. Her story wasn’t traumatic, it was just fast and she wanted an epidural. Heaven forbid someone feel the ring of fire during ::::gasp:::: labor.

  30. Went to watch her stories and laughed out loud at “I was hesitant to spend $20 on a cup for my son but it’s worth it” girl you spent $78 on hand soap then died on that hill. Btw I do like her generally haha

  31. I don’t follow her but I am 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and am in daily fear of this happening!!! Ugh! Subsequent kids can come fast and you just never know!!

  32. Kinda crazy to me that they didn’t think anything of her being dilated 3cm at 37w, after she was already deemed high risk because of her Pre-term delivery with her first baby. It might have helped if they were encouraged by her medical team to get a plan in place ASAP to have someone watch Four after that appointment.

  33. Well you got me at the end there, now I need to look. I very much screamed "I know why they call it the fucking ring of fire" and I can not imagine feeling that in a car🥴

  34. Would love an update from her follower whose baby pointed at Laura and said there was a baby in her belly. Guess what, lady, your kid was wrong!

  35. Ugh, me too. They do still have 2 more embryos, which hopefully softens the blow a tiny bit, but I can’t even imagine how devastating when things seemed to be going so well.

  36. I feel so sad for her. I kind of wish she had shut off comments on that post because I know people mean well, but a lot of the comments were hard to read. I’m not even someone who is suffering from infertility, just a 37 year old who would love to be a mom but doesn’t have a partner.

  37. I’m not much of a fan of any of her content, but my heart still breaks for her here. It’s pretty much the only reason I still follow her. I know it’s nonsense but I feel like if I can give one more like to her posts about IVF, it will help in some way

  38. Same, usually I don’t get invested with influencers’ lives but I went through 3 egg retrievals and 6 transfers and know the devastation so well. My stomach dropped for them and I’m so sad this one didn’t work.

  39. Me too. For me, going through IVF once was enough. I can’t imagine what they’re going through and not having any success each time. Heartbreaking.

  40. I’ve had three losses (one being just 8 months ago where we’re supposed to have baby #3 actually this week). It has been a hell of a week emotionally but I have two healthy girls. I still cannot even begin to imagine their pain.

  41. I feel like it would be so hard to go through that all again but it seems like every round they do a couple small steps forward.

  42. Also, I know this is shitty of me and everyone has their own life but the timing felt weird with LB’s day coming today. She follows her. Just seemed like a thing that could wait since it’s so early? I’m probably an asshole.

  43. If you have seen Carmeon Hamilton's new bathroom, what do you think so far? I LOVE the wall tile, but the terrazzo floor tile is a no for me. They just don't seem to work well together. I think a floor tile that looks like wood in a rich brown color would have been stunning with the walls.

  44. I looked her up just to see what you were talking about and oof. That tile looks like it belongs in a “before” photo. Does not go well together at all.

  45. I don’t like wood-look tile, but I’m also unsure of the terrazzo. I like it, just not with the zellige wall tile. I probably would have chosen a terracotta tile floor. Or maybe black tile. Or white tile. I don’t know! This wall tile is pretty but it’s kind of a weird color.

  46. She’s not that popular, but does anyone know of Catherine Emond on TikTok? I find her SO annoying! She has an unhealthy obsession with talking about having a boyfriend (excuse me, “the love of her life” she’s known for like six months) and acts like an expert on all things. She seems to be going for that “cool older sister” thing, but she’s almost 30 and recently bragged that her current boyfriend was in a “better fraternity” than her COLLEGE boyfriend. Move on, girl! Also, she honestly seems like a dork with no social skills or friends.

  47. Someone in taryn newton’s confessionals box told her they located her house and occasionally drive by and bring people with them to see it. 😳 this is so strange to me.

  48. I’m surprised she didn’t have a stronger reaction to that. Although I’m sure the person who submitted it did not realize that those submissions are not anonymous for the influencer, so I’m sure Taryn checked out their profile. Embarrassing.

  49. I know Lauren Kay sims has been using skinny filters, everything is SO glitchy in her stories yesterday when she was talking by her pantry and I saw that discussed. I’ve also seen her workout skinny filter glitches many times. Is there any way yesterday’s glitches were caused by the ✨California✨ filter? I guess it’s mind blowing that she A. Uses skinny filters esp after addressing comments about being such a triggering account and B. Doesn’t notice all the glitching going on! Also no one asked her what to wear to Napa Wine tasting on her what to wear Wednesday series

  50. Jacey Dupree uses skinny filters all the time to elongate and make her legs thinner, she use to do the tippie toe pose now it’s all filters. I wish they would ban those filters.

  51. I live in ✨✨ wine country ✨✨ so I was curious to see what she thought people should wear to go wine tasting. I was surprised to see it's actually pretty normal! (Except the hat. I always think of those hats as "influencer hats" as I've never seen anyone wearing them IRL but influencers wear them all the time.) I'd definitely go with sneakers over those boots though, cause sometimes if you go walking around a winery you can end up on dirt paths, etc.

  52. It always feels like deja vu with Bre Sheppard copying Amber Fillerup. The strawberry picking, the scrap booking, and now the exact same wrapping paper.

  53. Does her husband just stay home all day? That would just turn me off idk. They do the same thing every day- iced coffee, cook some random meal and take photos of her Gucci clogs

  54. I was so surprised when I first saw Bre Sheppard account, too! I think I would feel so embarrassed to be so blatantly recreating a public persons exact aesthetic! Right down to the eyes shut peace sign pose. Do you suppose Amber is the original here, or is she just recreating someone else?

  55. wow so accurate. I don’t follow Bre Sheppard but just went and looked at her page and some of her saved stories. Verrrrry similar. But like a knock off version of AF.

  56. How do we feel about Madiprews "House Party" for her friends being in her wedding ? Not in the bridal party but being part of the wedding ? I guess it's a southern thing.

  57. I seriously thought she was just going to a house party like the welcome party was a house party. Never heard of being in a house party.

  58. Perhaps this is me just being a judgmental bitch but I think house parties are lame. It’s like “I like you but not enough to make you a bridesmaid but I’m still going to ask you to pay for things like a bachelorette party and a dress and hair and makeup”.

  59. Def a southern thing! Being in a house party is the best- usually don’t have to buy a separate dress but still get to support your friend / be part of all the festivities/bachelorette!

  60. If Living In Yellow shills one more Lululemon bag… Girlfriend must make hella commission from those links. I swear she posts a bag every three hours.

  61. Designlovefest keeps taking selfies with Jen Gotch on her stories. This is her first social appearance since 2020? I would have figured she’d be a pariah with the racism outing.

  62. I must know more… was Jen at Bre’s house? I haven’t really followed Bre for a few years but thought they had a falling out a few years pre-covid?

  63. Dang, sad I missed the stories. I used to follow Jen until the fallout then was done with her.... Still always wondered what she was up to and how it impacted her health.

  64. I don’t follow her so I’m not sure… is she going to be pregnant … forever? Are all of her followers holding off menstruating while she is pregnant?

  65. My guess is that the ad was scheduled in advance. Now that she happens to be pregnant doesn't mean she doesn't have experience with the product.

  66. So I was listening to Stassi Schroeder’s podcast (hold your judgements please) and she was interviewing Amanda from Not Skinny Not Fat… both of them agreed that it takes two minutes to film an ad for social media. Which makes me call more BS when these influencers complain about how busy they are and how hard they work. (Before the blogsnark defenders come at me, I fully believe that influencing is a real job, but can’t stand their complaining when they make thousands of dollars per day through social media)

  67. I will say I don’t give Not Skinny But Not Fat much credit. She’s awful at her job—quite literally late to celeb news almost every day despite being a “pop culture connoisseur.” For her to say that it takes two minutes to film an ad is not shocking since she repeats the same phrases no matter what she’s hawking. She’s a soup sandwich.

  68. That just says their ads are half assed to me, you can tell the ads that were done in a few mins compared to the ones creators have thought about and worked on

  69. bright and early 🥱 magen reaves sharing her boys fendi shirt just the tshirt alone is almost $500 but with 25 percent off. am i missing something besides maybe im poor lmao!? like my son would spill choc milk on his shirt instantly probably if i purchased a shirt at that price… i dont know its a instant unfollow for my mental health 😅 everything is designer now, or a $200 free people item or $700 boots, $190 pants the entire outfit to buy is 5,000 damn near.

  70. To each their own I guess. I’ll just continue to dress my ten year old on clothes from Target and Kohl’s.

  71. I feel like people get so irritated with us peasants who complain about rich people spending their money....but the thing that gets me is that these rich people MAKE their money off of appearing like they're "the family next door".

  72. Did champagneandChanel get rid of the lip filler she mentioned getting awhile back? Looking at her BTS stories from yesterday and she looks sooo good and more natural!

  73. To "get rid" of lip filler means I injecting a filler dissolving agent which I imagine isn't safe for pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to get lip filler all the time and she probably just did it once and did a botox lip flip regularly which would have worn off by now.

  74. Did Ashley Kane just call those New Balance dad sneakers "chic" ? I have nothing against them, but I don't know that they're chic...

  75. I’m new to following @charlygossstyleinc and the whole concept of basically paying for a membership for access to…links? Is so strange to me. I don’t know what types of clothes ~ members ~ get access to, but the stylists are always mentioning very common influencer-promoted brands (H&M, Abercrombie, Zara) so like…it doesn’t exactly seem like they’re sourcing super unique pieces that are hard to find or access (vintage/rare/slow fashion, etc.). One of the stylists just shared a link for her top from Shein.

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