Influencer Discussion, Thursday Nov 17

  1. Don't forget to specify who you are discussing (add their IG name, their blog/website or their last name to make it easier for others to find them), not everyone knows who all the influencers and bloggers are.

  2. I don’t follow Classically Cassidy closely, but does she always call OOTD an “ooted”?? 🤯🤢 I didn’t know if she was trying out a new thing, or if this was common for her. I’d never heard anyone else say it that way.

  3. These poor children of influencers… did we really need to see @KristaHorton’s son Kamp pooping on the toilet. Give me a break. He’s a cute kid, but that was over kill IMO.

  4. There is a book called “The War of Art”. By Steve Pressfield, I think. It’s about being an artist. Obvious play on “The Art of War”.

  5. The Art of War is a 2500 year old Chinese book that is extremely well known to this day. You’ve very likely heard some of it quoted and not known the origin.

  6. As someone with no business or marketing background, I’m just going to take a stab at it and say it’s part of their marketing/content and another opportunity to use their commissionable links.

  7. Anytime someone clicks their link and purchases it, they get a percentage. That’s why those influencers who literally don’t buy things and try them out before purchasing, I will not buy though. They literally post hundreds of things just to get commission.

  8. Mallory Ervin saying she “forgot” how incredible her book is… my gosh can you go 5 minutes without bragging about something??

  9. @darylanndenner drinks no water, drinks spark and Diet Coke multiple times a day, eats nothing except fast food “you guys I think I have a vitamin deficiency I can’t understand why” 🙄

  10. Wow that's incredibly unhelpful of a post. I have a bottle of Laundress strain remover that I bought over a year ago. The only other product of theirs I've used is the All Purpose Bleach Alternative powder but that's just pure sodium percarbonate which can't be contaminated w bacteria (bc it kills it) tho I guess it could be tainted in some other way

  11. Oh this is incredible! I saw the safety notice earlier either on Grace Atwood's or Carly's FB group and was just reading through the comments. I knew people were big fans of The Laundress but really didn't know to what degree. Like I thought Grace was out there for having basically the entire line, but apparently that's not that rare? There's one commenter saying she has spent $5k in the past three months on products for herself and as gifts. WHAT?!

  12. Their response is still so much better than daily harvest but I don’t know why they couldn’t give a date from when the items were manufactured from (even if that’s the date they started making everything!)

  13. Dying that @janellepaigebrandom has a big gushy post about getting married & she lists the date of the wedding as 5.16.21 💀 like babe try again

  14. Pretty sure 5.16.22 is the date they got engaged, she didn’t say it was their wedding date in the post.

  15. Maid nelson on announcing her sweatpants in neutrals are coming in, in January and saying they are such a good price and On the same day DAD is talking about her sweatpants that will probably be so expensive!! Here for it!

  16. I love the Nelson family…. and when Madi throws shade with her sweet innocent smiling dimples it just makes it that much more hilarious!

  17. Concerning that Justbrandi’s gym is hiring a “head trainer” yet the minimum requirements for the job don’t even include being a certified personal trainer. It’s one thing for her to pretend she’s a trainer online but for paying customers at her gym?

  18. I snark about this often. Taryn Newton is talking about how proud she is that her teenage son Cameron is opening up to her more lately about girls. She said Cameron recently shared that he likes a girl and asked Taryn if he could get the girls number. Taryn said no he’s not allowed to date until he is 16. Why can’t she see how bad this is to share his personal life at this crucial/growing time in his life (teenage years). Does she know that his high school friends might be watching and follow her social media? I really hope none of his friends see her content and bully or make fun of him because his mom is sharing his personal life to thousands of randoms. I understand she is trying to relate to other moms with teenagers, but it shouldn’t be done at Camerons expense. I wish she would just focus on sharing relatable mom content about the younger boys. Not trying to mom shame. Of coarse she can share what she wants, but I feel for her son. Does anyone else feel this way or is it not that big of a deal ?

  19. I 100% agree with this. I think it’s hard for “influencer” moms because a lot of their content is their kids. But can you imagine growing up and all of your struggles from childhood are written, including picture and video evidence, about on the internet forever for anyone to see?! There are some things parents really shouldn’t post.

  20. Agree 10000%% it’s embarrassing!! Kids that age get so embarrassed about the littlest things! I would be pissed at my parents… also why are they so dam strict?!

  21. I will be blunt and say that I hate this for him. I would have wanted to crawl under a rock and die if my mother had done this to me when I was that age, and it would have bred a lot of future resentment. And I do not think I would have had the good sense to realize the potential fallout while it was happening, and certainly not the power to get her to stop.

  22. She has mentioned a lot that they talk about what is shared and ask before doing so. She also said the other day they do weekly check ins and if any of the kids ever said it was getting to be to much, they would stop.

  23. I feel like this is forever a touchy thing when it comes to kids of influencers. I think it’s fine if some of them include their kids, but also make it a point to keep the majority of their kids lives off their social media. I know people have kind of mixed feelings about the Lits but I think they do a good job of including their kids in their brand but also keeping a lot of personal stuff off their page. Being a family account doesn’t mean including every last thing about their kids yet still including them. Maybe some don’t realize that or they just do it for content, idk.

  24. I honestly see it both ways. i feel like she knows her son best to know how thick his skin is and what/where the line is, and I’m sure they’ve had conversations. And I’m sure there are people who do relate to this and she does wanna be relatable. Plus, I really do think if cam was like don’t share that she wouldn’t

  25. Same audiences of magazines like vogue, harpers bazaar, non famous people who attend events like NYFW… Julia is a magazine. Also, generally there’s just a lot of people out there with a lot of money.

  26. Inspo/people who have money. I’m not in the US so basically most of what influencers post I can’t buy, but I like to see it anyway

  27. She ran(runs?) a successful clothing line/blog, has 1.3 million followers, and countless sponsorship partners. Where is the confusion? Very wealthy people can afford what she posts, and those of us that are not can follow her for aspiration content. Or not, you do you.

  28. I think it’s interesting that pardonmuahinsta shared a question box for a daily q&a this morning and hasn’t answered any questions yet. Wonder if it’s because a lot of them are asking where Luke is/what happened… 😬

  29. I can't believe NO ONE has asked. Her silence on this, the constant "girl's nights" and "girl's trips".... no mention of him, something isn't right.

  30. Oh no oh noooo please what did I just watch on @garciadiaries story of Anthony sticking a suppository up her a** omg whyyyyyyyyyy

  31. I came here specifically to comment on this. Whyyyyyy would she post that. Did you catch the noise at the end? I do appreciate how open she is being about her surgery but that’s taking it a little far. Also is it normal for them to make your areolas smaller?

  32. I actually really like Amber Lancaster but I am confused by her being at the Tarte event - didn’t she just have RSV? Did I miss something like her getting an all clear from a doctor? I was off IG for a day or two but that didn’t seem long enough for her health to be resolved. She seems smarter than most other influencers when it comes to covid and other health things so I’m hoping I just missed an explanation

  33. I love amber Lancaster but yes. She’s been talking a lot about how sick her and her son are. I think just two days ago she said she was getting worse? She never said she had RSV but she said something along the lines of he has it so I obviously caught it. Is going to the party work for them? I know if I’m sick I don’t generally take that long off from work. However if I was going to a party I might skip it, just as a precaution. I don’t know, I’m conflicted.

  34. RSV is only contagious for 3-8 days on average, and I think her and her son have been symptom free for at least a few days? I personally think that’s okay and I’m generally very cautious 🤷🏼‍♀️

  35. Laura Beverlin sharing a message from a follower with very dark brown hair asking for a link for a purple shampoo hair mask. If they’re gonna fake these asks, can’t they put at least the bare minimum of effort into it?

  36. Just to offer another point of view, I have brown hair and I was curious as to what product she was talking about because I have two daughters with blonde highlighted hair and thought maybe it’s something they could benefit from.

  37. I guess I don’t follow her that closely, but Dani Austin’s talent show just seems out of left field. It’s a kind of event I associate with a county fair or school fundraiser.

  38. I feel like she does this when she has low content views or something because these things really are always so random. I think she’s just looking for engagement and interaction for followers

  39. Eh, the presentation has been a bit amateurish, but I have to give Dani credit for trying something outside the norm here. It is goofy, but entertaining.

  40. At least she knows she looks ridiculous. Someone should tell Courtney Shields and Liz Marie Galvan that their brows look terrible. Definitely don’t understand this trend.

  41. Everyone looks nutty after brow lamination. It’s one trend that I really don’t understand and I’m positive we’ll look back and go “wtf was that?”

  42. @sarahknuth needs to stop trying to be cute by smiling with her tongue out. It looks like she has a third lip, especially when her lip color is pretty much the same color as her tongue. The amount of thought that goes into every single pose of hers is kind of astounding.

  43. It’s petty but I can’t stand the way the corners of her mouth turn up when she talks sometimes. Like, it’s such a smug grin, I feel like. She’s been doing it since her DC Boutique days.

  44. If they don’t plan on being out there when it’s freezing, why not take it down just in case? It’s on a wall mount and is easy to take down. Put it inside for the winter 🙄

  45. But you get free shipping! Seriously though, I just saw a soft red sweater at Marshall’s with nearly identical graphic on the front for $29.99.

  46. For anyone who doesn’t feel like tapping through a million slides, it’s $264. Not gonna lie, it’s a cute hoodie without the print on it, just not $264 cute.

  47. Wowza! I saw this snark before seeing the story so I knew it was going to be a lot, but that price still shocked me! Also, I thought that bag she was holding in the earlier stories was a baby dolls head or she had a handful of hair extensions

  48. Not to mention she couldn’t even bother having someone take a picture of the front it’s just a mirrored selfie and you can’t even read what it says. Same with the California one.

  49. I’m not sure if this was discussed, but did anyone notice that Grace Atwood shared that she’s only now reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry, even though Emily literally thanks Grace by name in the acknowledgements? I feel like that’s pretty embarrassing

  50. I assumed that acknowledgement shout out was from previous promotion Grace and Becca had done for her other book(s)?

  51. @simplylaurenrose complaining about people not buying her plus size options… there are three items and they are all ugly. Is she really this clueless??

  52. She sounds horribly entitled and incredibly desperate & money hungry. I really Wanted to comment but didn’t wanna be a keyboard warrior. She’ll get a rude awakening one day, this influencer lifestyle ain’t sustainable IMO. Really miss when she was a teacher, she was much more relatable.

  53. I didn’t know who this was so I went to her page. She promotes dime beauty like literally every other influencer, she’s not that pretty, she doesn’t seem aspirational…I’m confused why she has a following

  54. I’m trying to listen to @emmasthing’s podcast episode about her wedding but I’m not sure I can take any more of her sister banging on the microphone!!!!

  55. Ha I never see anyone post about her here but I had to unfollow after all the ridiculous blurring of her pictures and naming her kid "Linen"

  56. I had a client who went to her for blonde extensions….paid a TON of money. Sweet girl came back with a PIXI cut because they blew her hair to match the extensions and her hair literally fried off. It was so short!! She ended having to wear a wig. What’s even worse: she was a senior in Highschool getting prom ready.

  57. I’m gonna give you one of those downvotes back….I’ve been rolling my eyes at her for years and I can’t believe she does not get more snark. She’s ridiculous and more full of herself than any person I’ve ever seen. I don’t keep up with the Bachelorette but now I remember seeing him in clips….wow! These two fame-whores are perfect for each other.

  58. If one of you would wear that plaid tablecloth pardonmuahinsta has on as a skirt, please raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have questions.

  59. I had to go look at the skirt bc I don’t follow her… the underside of the skirt fabric doesn’t even have color/ pattern so it looks like a DIY project gone wrong. Not only hideous but super cheap!

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