Influencer Discussion, Tuesday Nov 22

  1. Don’t forget to specify who you are discussing (add their IG name, their blog/website or their last name to make it easier for others to find them), not everyone knows who all the influencers and bloggers are.

  2. I think Daryl Ann needs to just give up on her clothing line. Been a 💩 show since day one. Website issues, returns flying all over the highway, people not getting orders, people saying quality is crap and now their Instagram is shut down and she’s not addressing it at all. Just going on with her tree ribbon decorating. It’s so odd.

  3. I def don’t see her stepping into a Walmart but maybe orders online for the campaigns. But what’s even funnier to me is that I saw like 7 other influencers doing #Walmartfashion ads and each one is wearing that same blue sweater dress 😂😂 hilarious

  4. This is a stretch. Walmart is clearly paying a lot of money for these influencers to advertise for them, a lot of big names are doing it now. Ads are part of her job. If you follow her you'll see which brands she's really true to and know which recommendations are legit. I have no idea if that dress was quality construction but it looked like a style she would wear. Honestly, I think the bummer here is that Walmart treats its employees like shit and I'm disappointed to see that so many people have no problem being affiliated with them.

  5. I can’t be the only one who thinks The Post’s (Hollie Woodward & Sarah Knuth’s line) logo/branding is so ugly and tacky. It looks extra terrible on the hats they are trying on at the office today.

  6. Totally agree. It is terrible - the script change just feels off. Like the two different fonts do not flow together well at all.

  7. tbf, the serum she was promoting is marketed for babies and kids. so she was using it for it’s intended purpose.

  8. Instagram influencer Gracie Piscopo's husband has been arrested for murdering his mother 2 years ago.

  9. I really like to follow habituallychic because her content is different than most others I follow, in terms of big or small influencers. She gives great random advice about a slew of things, links clothes with all price points, etc. I also really like her Paris content but I need to get the opinions of others on this - she seems so, so insecure about being an American there, that it borders on ridiculous. She said today she is overheating but won’t take off her scarf because that’s not what the French would do. I just want to say, Lady! It’s okay if a random person on the street doesn’t think you’re French. Immerse yourself, yes, great, but it’s okay to be yourself and enjoy your vacation. Am I wrong in thinking this?

  10. I had to unfollow her because she is so humorless that she makes a fab vacation in paris seem tedious. I also hate how she’s addicted to buy the absolute most basic luxury items just because they’re French

  11. Agree with the scarf comment being super weird - she takes herself very seriously. I appreciate she isn’t the typical influencer talking into her phone all day and taking outfit mirror photos, but that makes it almost worse that she’s posting full-on photos of people, faces and all, on her stories. Granted it’s usually complimentary (“Chic!”) but I’m sure they have no idea and she’s not asking them for consent.

  12. Veronabrit with over 56k followers only has 41 likes on her latest sponsored post from over 10 hours ago and is asking people to go see it on TT. She's is just not engaging at all and I feel like people only follow to see how bad she'll get at this whole influencer thing.

  13. She’s been blogging for ten years. A lot of her followers have probably just not gotten around to deleting her yet, so she’s just… there.

  14. It's been so bad since she went full-time, I don't understand how she is still going. She is not interesting or engaging at all and her content is not only repetitive (most influencers are) but she doesn't even make any of it remotely interesting or put in any real effort.

  15. After taking the kid to the salon and asking for a Brazilian blowout on a toddler! Absolutely wild. Complete Bird logic to be like "giving the kid a short haircut is not an option, I know I'll give her a Brazilian blowout."

  16. As a black woman who got this exact relaxer religiously as a kid, I am DUMBFOUNDED she did this. I was maybe 8 or 9 when I started getting them. A product like that is not suited for her daughters hair texture, it was barely suitable for mine. I’m shocked she didn’t completely fry her hair off.

  17. Can’t be the only one really nervous about Megan Stokes setting herself on fire today — as in, I am so anxious about fire that her nonchalance baffled me. 😂

  18. Man if I was a @DarylAnnDenner fan I’d be annoyed her company announcing a potential Black Friday sale when she swore up and down that there would not be one.

  19. I’d say there’s a good chance this is a pop-up to try to unload the massive amount of returns they’ve gotten. Yesterday she showed an entire pickup truck full of returns.

  20. Also EXTREME LOL at her thinking north park would let her do a popup. North park wouldn’t touch her shit with a 1000 foot pole. They’re kicking out regular mall stores in favor of high end brands. They aren’t going to do a popup for an unknown brand.

  21. I don’t know if this fits in Blogsnark, but I was just thinking about how the Mormon Church actively encouraged mommy bloggers to basically provide PR for the Church, yet so many of the biggest ones are either now no longer Mormon or have posted some content questioning their religion or aspects of the institution. Lost control of the message!

  22. is Danielle Prescod dragging CalPak for not fixing her out of warranty suitcase because she wants to brag about getting a Rimowa or trying for a new CalPak?

  23. Danielle Prescod is dragging Calpak because if she goes a full 24 hours without complaining on the internet she’ll disappear in a puff of smoke.

  24. My take: it’s a busy holiday season (especially post 2 years of uncertainty around this season) and they both might be trying to balance everything. Whatever friendship they have between them isn’t taking priority at this time. That’s my impression based on commentary here and checking their pages once a couple weeks max so take that with a grain of salt. Anyone else want to clarify?

  25. Content mocking body, age, weight, height, etc. will not be tolerated. Comments about clothing, haircuts, styling choices, etc. are okay. Do not comment on aspects of someone’s appearance that they cannot easily change.

  26. Do we think Mallory Ervin will stop repeatedly name dropping/flexing the fact that she’s friends with the Chrisleys now that they’ve been sentenced to 12 (Todd) and 7 (Julie) years in prison 😬🤦🏼‍♀️

  27. Theryanhaus_ getting on stories almost daily begging for engagement. Yesterday she was on stories practically admonishing her followers by telling us yet again "how important it is to support the creators you follow. Every like, every share, every comment is so important. We can't do this without you." Sorry, it is not important that she gets likes, shares and comments to anybody else but her. I'm about to unfollow her. I generally like her content but the daily scoldings that we need to like her stuff if we're following her is really off-putting. She appears to be doing quite well financially but apparently it's not enough and it's our fault.

  28. This is one of the things that really irks me about influencers. I get it, it's your livelihood. I don't need to be beat over the head every day and guilted into engaging with your social media. There's a microinfluencer I follow who is the absolute worst about it. It's so off-putting.

  29. I’m not a @rachaelgoodeats fan, but I can’t fault her for wanting to be a snowbird. I love the PNW but I find the winters and short days to be soul-crushing (yes, I take vitamin D, have a hygge home, have a happy lamp, and go snowboarding+snowshoeing). If I had influencer money and could work from anywhere, I would definitely be a snowbird and winter some warmer and brighter. For now, it’s just something I dream about for my retirement goals. 🥲

  30. It’s been the most beautiful fall here, Sunny literally every day for the past couple weeks. I don’t understand why she lives here, move if you hate it so much??

  31. Idk if you’ve ever run across selfcarebeautyyy on tiktok but that’s the claustrophobic feeling I have about her shower too, haha. I was influenced to buy the shelves tho bc clearly those work!!

  32. If you enjoy being stressed out by sheer numbers of makeup/bathroom products, I would like to introduce you to our friend Natalie Mason (snoopnattynat). She probably has $1,000 in face masks alone.

  33. I’m always impressed with how many “empties” she’ll post about given that she seems to use 583627 products in any given time frame.

  34. Oh the manic Black Friday shilling is in full force. I can’t tell if Lauren Kay Sims or Laurabeverlin have shown more items they will never actually wear themselves. Do your own google searches people and don’t click. The sleezy slimy car salesman vibes are in full effect.

  35. If they share something and it makes you want to click the link and buy it.. clearly they influenced you and showed you a product you didn't already know about, why not use their link?

  36. I absolutely can’t stand the influencers who are just posting story after story with links. No reviews, no opinions, not even any content except a link. So gross.

  37. I actually really enjoyed the build up buttercup series - cool way to support small businesses and for that family (who compared to many influencers comes across very genuine) to diversify the things they are involved in. However I just caught up on the last episode and was anyone else really weirded out by the poppy kids presentation? Maybe she was just nervous but she didn’t even seem to know how old her younger kid was and she didn’t really seem to know anything about the business. I felt like I needed to ask that business owner to blink if she needs help. That one felt like they invested because a lot of their friends already use the product, not because their submission was actually good. But on the whole I think 3 out of 4 good episodes still makes for a cool project / good series.

  38. I agree, she did seem super nervous. But her clothes are super cute and great quality! And she’s also been really nice/had quick communication on instagram whenever I’ve had questions. I was happy for her that they made the deal. 🙂

  39. I’ve following poppy kids for a while now. Her husband seems to handle the business side, he had been finishing up his masters degree in business I think right before their move to Fort Worth for his new job, so it makes sense she didn’t focus on that part during her presentation. I’ve also suddenly gone blank on my kids ages when put on the spot before haha so I think she was just nervous. It’s also sometimes hard to give an age when kids are between 1-2 years. Sometimes people give it in months for that age range and it takes a second to figure it out. But she seems very genuine and watching her business grow the past year I’ve followed her, she really does put her whole heart in it and deserved to be on BUB.

  40. Beyond creepy that one of Madi Nelson’s followers had a coffee mug made with Noah’s face on it. Imagine being so obsessed with a stranger’s child???

  41. I will never forget when Krista Horton reposted that one of the people who came to some meetup she had cried when they met Kolly! Creepy on a whole other level.

  42. The way Madi splashes Noah on social media and forces her viral videos is so creepy. I wish she’d keep the kids off social media altogether, or much less. The Noah mugs she made make me uncomfortable.

  43. I’m just trying to imagine that person explaining to anyone else in their home why they have a mug with a stranger’s kid on it.

  44. Even creepier to me is some of the fan pages. One of the influencers i follow (puja tailor khan) had a fan make a whole video montage of her and her husbands love story (including their baby) which she re posted and thought was cute. i thought it was creepy af

  45. This is why you should keep your kids off your public social media account. You have no control over who is viewing the images and what they are doing with them 🤷‍♀️

  46. @everythingemilyann saying her mom is “deathly, anaphylactic shock, throat closes” allergic to green beans…but yet she’s making a green bean casserole and bringing it to her parent’s house for thanksgiving. umm…how bout just skip the dish that could literally kill your mom???

  47. Grace Atwood really can’t help junking up every place she lives in, huh? She has nice stuff and her house is beautiful but together it’s just sooo cluttered looking

  48. Really?! I love it! It’s so moody and different. A lot of risky design choices were made and it somehow all fits together nicely. I appreciate that she isn’t like every other influencer with their all white/neutral homes.

  49. Nah. Grace's house is cool and has personality. I love all her art and use of color. She treats her house like an actual home and not a photo studio.

  50. I’m not impressed with her space, either. it looks so dark and cave-like. odd to me she chose a glossy finish paint. I also don’t understand the giant mirror in the…. kitchen?

  51. @lindsiechrisley is new to my 6inch screen- I saw a reel of her and a man with romantic photos and it turns out it was to advertise a podcast of him cheating on her!? Who does that? Anyone have the background there??

  52. I’m not a mom so maybe I’m just ignorant about this, but is it normal for pregnant people to drink hard alcohol while pregnant?? Kind of shocked to hear Liz joy posting about her “really cool” doc giving her the okay to drink a margarita on her baby moon?! I mean a glass of wine here and there is one thing, but tequila?! While pregnant? Seems so crazy to me.

  53. I think at the end of this question she mentioned drinking a glass of wine nightly at the end because she “needed” it. I’ve been pregnant 3x and did not have more than a sip here or there. I’ve always noticed Liz romanticizes drinking and does truly seem to drink pretty regularly.

  54. I just feel as if this puts the bartender in an uncomfortable situation as well. Anything that could potentially harm my unborn child, I personally don’t do but that’s just me.

  55. I have many thoughts on this. One, I feel ever so slightly buzzed on one margarita or glass of wine, so I would never/have ever considered drinking any amount while pregnant.

  56. One margarita is unlikely to cause any major harm but I will say, as a person who is currently pregnant, the cultural fetishization of drinking, such that people find it so difficult to go without alcohol for nine months, is worrying. I’m definitely not a teetotaler (when non-pregnant) and I think a lot of pregnancy restrictions around food/meds are more conservative than necessary, but as another commenter notes, it’s difficult to make recommendations around alcohol because there are no studies and no way to predict how each individual will metabolize. There’s also no way to predict if the person will truly stop at one.

  57. Uhhhh I'm not a doctor and while sometimes doctors are wrong about stuff, but I don't know that there's a difference between one margarita with a single shot in it and a glass of wine. If you shoot the tequila and it hits your blood stream quickly that might change things? Unsure. There isn't much evidence on what the "safe amount" is to consume while pregnant, such a study would have huge ethical problems before you even take into account that different individuals metabolize alcohol very differently, and many pregnant people prefer to err on the side of caution for understandable reasons. I guess this comment isn't really saying anything, just that what the doctor is saying makes sense to me but also someone who would advise against any alcohol at all also makes sense to me.

  58. I had no idea who she was until this post, and she seems like a fun lady living her best life? Does she have to apologize for not wearing Chicos and fading into the background? I'm on the older end of this sub, and I love fashion, trends, and keeping up with the youths. Cringe away. We exist.

  59. Eh, CC's style isn't my taste at all and I'm not totally sure we'd get along if we ever met in person, but I like seeing ladies of all ages rocking their style and living their best lives.

  60. As someone with a style many have described as "obnoxious", I always like when I see older people still experimenting with clothes and wearing what they want. She looks like she has a good sense of proportion and silhouettes, too. She wears shirts with feather cuffs and she is pulling. it. off. Now, I'm sure she has abhorrent political views, and for that reason she will not be America's Next Top Low-Huckleberry1990's Bestie, nor will I be following her, but it was a fun romp around the mall. May I still be wearing sequined everything when I am 61, inshallah.

  61. Agree she seems fine but also agree it is just weird. Agree her choices are not it and i don’t need her answering questions and telling us her outfits especially when it is a pair of clogs, juniors leather leggings, and a weird newsie cap with a tacky bejeweled Gucci broach. Also, her response to someone asking how to be more confident was literally “just be confident and love yourself” like wait what haha. Also, this has been brought up before and someone called her a knockoff Tammy Faye Baker, literally the best comparison lol. Also more curious why she and campbells husband didn’t get along when they first met. Maybe bc the husband gives off such douche vibes but CC probably realized he was loading which means more designer clothing and more shopping

  62. I don't know her, but she's probably really hurting and not ready to talk about it. I respect her for just keeping it all off her account, god knows if I ended a long term, very serious relationship I would be drunk storying everything and people here would be posting "what's with the crying videos? Also I had no idea there were so many Alanis Morrissette songs."

  63. Ashley Kane’s followers calling it the “A.K. Effect” when something sells out is kinda funny. Most recently popular boots from a popular brand that rarely does sales on the week leading up to black Friday. That’s one powerful LTK gift guide.

  64. I used to love her but I find she’s just gotten so un relatable lately. She used to post great home decor ideas/things but now she has a separate page you have to pay for if you want to see that. I’m all about supporting them as I know that’s their income but now your page is just reposting the same jenni kane sweater and $1,000 items from net a porter

  65. Only slightly better than “kaned” 🥴 but honestly, her followers are the weirdest. I feel like the messages of fawning are always so over the top and the parasocial relationship is boarder-line creepy.

  66. Warning: a semi-negative Stanley review 3 months ago I bought my updated 40oz cream colored Stanley because it’s sleek looking and if I only fill it up 2 times a day, that’s still a good amount of water intake. I also like the circumference of the straw. However, next time I see a splash-proof selling point I will remember mine rolling around my trunk and slowly leaking out all 40oz of water in a 30 minute car ride. And this is also my fault, but annoying… my wrists hurt when I carry it for more than a couple of minutes. As in from my car to my desk, especially if I stop to get the mail on the way in.

  67. I bought two at Whole Foods and I hate them. The plastic top just looks cheap to me. I rarely use them and stick with my other gazillion tumblers.

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