I did it! I completed my New Year's Resolution!

  1. I really liked this post. I’m not much of a reader yet but I’m an aspiring one. These short takes of the books gave good guidance what to add to my to be read list! Thanks. Loved the Don Quixote one especially haha

  2. What a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment. My own collection of unread books is much larger than yours ☹️ but you inspire me to do something similar ❤️

  3. You conquered the TBR! That's amazing - what a great idea to set a reading goal based on books you already own. Death on the Nile is my all-time favorite Christie novel. The Night Circus is one of those books that lives in my heart - I know it's not to everyone's taste but I think it's a beautiful jewel of a story.

  4. Based on the 20 I've already read! I want to finish out the Broken Earth and Borders trilogies, and may give the next book in Malazan Book of the Fallen a try. Also, I've discovered that I really enjoy Stephen King and Sophie Hannah, so I want to read the Shining and the other Poirot books that Hannah has written. Maybe those books will spark interest in others, so who knows what will come after them?

  5. I loved Something Wicked This Way Comes. It might not have “the payoff” OP is looking for, especially if they were reading Bradbury and expecting King. The prose is stellar, great extended metaphors, great use of simile and allegory, and a very creepy premise.

  6. I've only read Dune from your list. But I also just finished my twentieth book this week! Not sure I'll hit 30 but the end of the year but hoping to! Good luck on the rest of your year!

  7. Well done. The point of owning books is to read them. Also it's a cool list. I have read 7 of them. I would rate Handmaid's Tale, Pretty Horses, and Cuckoo's Nest quite highly. I adore Hitchhiker's Guide so much, but know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I like your mini reviews. I would like to read Night Circus, so it's nice to see that you liked it.

  8. Broken Earth, particularly the fist, is one of my favourite books. 2 and 3 blur. A few - Dune, Martin- are on the ‘May read’ list. Stephen King I just haven’t opened as I hate horror, but I’ve heard he does good fantasy. Good reviews, makes me want to read more.

  9. This post made me smile. I love that you decided to read what you already have. I've read a few, but it's been a while since I've read them. I've read Death on the Nile, I'm actually working my way through several of Agatha Christie's books. I've seen so many of her books adapted to film, I thought I should read them. I read the Three Muskateers years ago to my kids, I don't remember how I felt about it. I loved everything ever written by Stephen King and although I try to avoid horror these days, I thought both Pet Semetary and Salem's lot were great books.

  10. If you like Cormac McCarthy and haven't already read them, The Road and No Country for Old Men are both brilliant books. I haven't read All the Pretty Horses, but it is on my books to read list.

  11. I LOVED the Road, the ending made me cry like a little baby! In fact I think the reason I bought All the Pretty Horses was because I loved the Road so much!

  12. Many would say Gardens of the Moon is the worst book in the series. Many would also consider the next book, Deadhouse Gates one of the best if not the best. Just saying.

  13. I read 121 books last year, 87 so far this year, and I'm pretty sure that if I restricted myself only to the unread books I own I wouldn't finish for... count count mathy math... four years maybe?

  14. I really enjoyed Night Circus! I agree on wanting more backstory and wanting to better understand the mechanics of the world.

  15. As an avid reader all my life, m58, I can honestly say I've only given up on two books. The three body problem, by Cixin Liu and Ken Lui, in my sci fi category, couldn't follow the plot. Lustrous, by Robert Harris in the Roman historic category, where the detail got to me, and detail in a historic novel in usually good. I even waded right through War and Peace.

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