50 books in 6 years

  1. This is an incredible achievement, to keep a group together that long and read so many books! Seeing all the books laid out is really cool!

  2. Thanks! And yeah Mistborn is probably the easiest way to introduce someone to Sanderson. His novels are so well constructed and consistent. I need to actually sit down and catch up on the Stormlight books. I think I'm 3 behind now.

  3. We just finished it and I definitely enjoyed it. At times I felt some of the graphic descriptions were a bit too much for my stomach, but I'm the end it seemed like it was necessary. I loved the internal conflict in Oscars mind. I loved how E was both a classic vampire and but also not at all. Only part no one in our group liked was the ending. It just felt so abrupt and left so many questions.

  4. I think the only book on that list I've read was The Gunslinger and it was not my favorite. I just added Sourdough and To Say Nothing of the Dog to my wishlist.

  5. I read the first one and wasnt impressed at all but the second book my dang it is good. I am saying right up in my top 5. King's best writing for sure in my eyes. I am reading book 3 now and it is also a winner.

  6. Best of luck! I think it worked for us because we keep such a light load and just use it to break up the monotony of work a bit.

  7. I think I had to read most sentences at least three times before I could understand what was happening. But I loved how that just fed into the complex feeling of a living, interconnected megacity.

  8. Love this! I started a book club of friends who didn't know each other at the start of the pandemic over Zoom - we have now moved to in-person meetings but we only meet every 3-4 months. It's sporadic, but cool to see that we've read nearly 10 books together now. Will be saving this to refer back to "book club" book ideas :)

  9. Glad I could help be an inspiration for future reading. Book clubs are a great way to read outside your comfort zone.

  10. Honestly this is incredibly impressive. Even for the average person you’re not going to find a lot of people who read that much.

  11. Thanks! I wish I could read more, but I also love playing video games so those tend to use up my free time

  12. Yeah, it was tough to stomach. We sometimes continue series if we enjoy them or want to know more. That one we certainly did not continue.

  13. We really enjoyed it as well. It offers a great perspective on a life completely alien to me. Very eye-opening. But also has just enough humor to make it palatable.

  14. That’s cool! We started a work book club, we’re about 9-10 months in and have read 5 books, the latest being a 500+ page biography of George Washington that has been a bit more of a challenge to get through than the previous books we’ve read.

  15. Happy to see Uprooted on here! I read Novick's A Deadly Education and really enjoy her style of writing and character building. If you like that type of story, For the Wolf by Hannah F. Witten might be up your alley.

  16. 10 books in 2 years is still a pretty good pace. We have greatly slowed down in the past year as most of us started to transition in to much busier roles. I doubt we will do 10 in the next two years

  17. I really enjoyed it! A great thriller with just enough plot twists to keep it interesting. I've been meaning to read the sequels, but still haven't managed to start.

  18. Nice selection. #2 and #49 are by far the best books in that lot IMO. They both reside in my all-time Top 10.

  19. Yeah, we loved both of those books. I think 11/22/64 suffers from an explosion of world-building in the last 50 or so pages that both serves to end the story but also feels somewhat cheap and under-developed. The journey was incredible, the destination was sorta...meh.

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