New to the game wondering if the Maggie is good I just got it

  1. I really never get these posts. Did you kill things with it? Yes? Then it works. Use it until you find something better. Repeat. That’s how game do.

  2. The Maggie is a very solid Jakobs pistol that offers a lot of damage like most of the other Jakobs weapons! It's very good for the early game as it can carry you for a good few levels before falling off^ I'm sure you'll find other and better weapons but it's not a bad choice for awhile, aim for the heads as much as you can though 😊

  3. My first play I got it at level 7, and kept it as a main shooter through 30 I believe. It just kept demolishing.

  4. I’m loving using The Companion Jakobs pistol that I got at level 26. Currently at level 40 and it’s just barely now starting to be less effective but I love the feel of The Companion it’s still in my 1st slot.

  5. I love The Companion Jakobs Pistol. Got it at level 26 and am still using it at level 40! It’s starting to be less effective though unfortunately.

  6. Am I the only one who finds posts like these weird? Like you are taking a break from a game to ask a question you'd know the answer to if you continued playing...

  7. It’s not great in endgame content or on meyhem mode (honestly it seems like most weapons aren’t), however, on regular difficulty it’s great. Honestly probably my favorite weapon

  8. It’s my favorite gun personally. It’s pretty versatile so it can go with most builds and each character can utilize it pretty well depending on the anointment. I love it best on flak though. Mayhem 10 crit builds are nice with the Maggie

  9. At this point in the game, it should be really good. In the post-game it might start falling off a bit, though I'd say even then you can still make it work assuming you have a good build for it.

  10. Maggie used to be the best pistol on release, it is still pretty good but it gets outshined by DLC and Mayhem weapons. I belive it can still carry you on most of the characters on early-mid game tho.

  11. I like to think of the Maggie as a shotgun in pistol form. Best when unloading up close and personal imo.

  12. Maggie is awesome. It's a masher pistol, meaning it basically fires shotshells - multiple pellets, all doing the full damage, from each single pistol shot. Gives two advantages - just like a shotgun, effective damage is damage x pellet count, and, also just like a shotgun, a "near miss" can do some damage. It's basically a shotgun pistol that cycles faster than most shotguns and pulls from the much larger pistol ammo pool. Plus, Jakobs, so crits are extra special.

  13. You can make the most out of a lot of guns in the game with the right modifiers and the right points in your skill trees

  14. Pro tip: always just check the wiki and it will give you a full rundown on if a gun is useful and what for

  15. The Maggie was good in bl2, it was good in pre-sequel, it is good in bl3, masher revolvers have always been good, and will remain good.

  16. My favourite gun. It is good when leveling. On Mayhem it's still good, but needs suport from your build and annoints, unfortunately on Mayhem i'll be overshadowed by other pistols.

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