Game Thread: Golden State Warriors (3-2) at Boston Celtics (2-3) Jun 16 2022 9:00 PM

  1. The problem here is that Boston made these games impossible to win with turnovers. Against great teams this is the recipe for losing. Golden State did what they needed to do. The Celtics did not. You cannot take these opportunities for granted. You never know if health, and luck stay on your side. I would have like to seen how the games would have played out with the Celtics not having so many unforced or brain fart turnovers. In the end congratulations to the Warriors. They are champions for a reason.

  2. The Warriors had a perfect offseason. I wonder what they will look like next year when they have vets willing to take minimum contracts to get another chip.

  3. Nets we’re missing Harden/Simmons Bucks were missing Middleton Miami was hurt/hobbled Dubs were first full team Celtics faced.

  4. Ok and Curry hasn't lost a playoff series when his team is not injured in almost 10yrs.. Last time they were healthy and lost was 2013 against Pop and Duncan's Spurs, pre-Bogut. 2014 they lost to the Clippers (Bogut was out), 2016 they lost to the Cavs (Warriors were beat up, Bogut was out for the last 3 games..) and 2019 they lost to Toronto (Durant and Klay were out).

  5. I heard someone complaining today that we haven’t had a duckboat parade in over 3 years. Man Boston fans, I love you but you are so fucking spoiled 😂😂😂

  6. Pain. This fucking hurts after waiting a dozen years to get back here. Just couldn’t rise to the occasion in the Finals. Curry is an all time great and had an all time great Finals, so props to him - and Wiggins who played outstanding. Fuck Poole and Donkey two of the biggest bitches in the league. As much as it hurts losing and the performance in a lot of these finals games, I can’t hate on our Celtics. I love this team and the fight they had all season to bounce back and get 2 wins from the title was an amazing story and would’ve been the greatest turnaround ever. I hope our guys take this as a learning experience and are able to use that as the fire that eventually gets us back here to raise that 18th banner!!

  7. See you next year hopefully we take this time and get the experience that we needed. Great season all together. Go Celtics

  8. Man part of me thinks that for half of this series tatums shoulder was hurt but whatever. Regardless they all played like trash. Crazy how a borderline retiring al horford was our best player this series

  9. I def think that was a factor. It just doesn’t make sense that Tatum shot this bad and so many weak drives. It seemed obvious he was protecting it. He was finishing through contact all year.

  10. Celtics for life man, the better team won tonight. Although it hurts because the Celtics had almost everything to win the championship.

  11. I get the Tatum hate right now but you gotta think this is gonna motivate him. Hes 24 yrs old and still has a lot to learn and I believe he will. So I get being pissed but lets not bash him.

  12. Agreed Tatum had a rough series and I’m upset he didn’t play to his normal level or step up, but he’s young and I do think he’s the type that will use this as fuel. I don’t think he’s mentally weak or sucks or anything people are saying now. Who knows how much the shoulder was effecting him and just had a rough time. Golden State also made unbelievable contested shots all series.

  13. Why? He had an average series and he and JB have been to the ECF twice and lost and now the finals. They’re both 5+ years in at this point. They clearly can’t carry a team to a chip without more around them.

  14. i think tatum overall throughout the playoffs was 10x better than brown. brown in every game shot the bed inthe second half. every single game, look it up. he disappears, and no one gives uo more turnovers than brown.

  15. What makes you think he’s gonna learn a lesson? Mentally he has looked checked out since game 4. He has had every opportunity to put this team on his back throughout the playoffs and has only gotten worse the longer it’s gone on. He’s just not that guy.

  16. People are just emotional right now. He's 24, he's gonna get better and fix these holes. He needs a floater desperately and he'll get that.

  17. Marcus Smart has bailed out of guarding the primary playmaker/scorer way too many times this post season. He doesn’t dodge screens anymore just gets blasted or flops or worse switches for no good reason. He needs to get back to guarding and not just trying to pick up offensive fouls

  18. Stfu. He has a great season but let the moment get the better of him in the finals and is paying respects to the team that won. Get the fuck out of here.

  19. We lost because of bad execution. If we played like we're supposed to we're a great match against GS. But inexperience and weak mental game killed us. Hopefully this drives this team to be hungry and ruthless next season. Just hate to have to hear it from GS fans and the Celts haters everywhere. Take heart Boston, like a saiyan we will come back stronger than ever.

  20. Hell of a season with you all! Hopefully we get back here in the next few years but very well deserved by the Warriors!

  21. Turnovers and rebounds, seriously how many second chance points did they get? How many points off turnovers did the warriors get? And smart played horrible today, shit was pissing me off

  22. It’s over. But it was amazing they got to the finals. They had a losing record and were in 11th place in the East half way through the season then they ended up with the second best record in the East because of the run they went on. They beat the last 3 teams to eliminate them in the playoffs on the way to the finals. Their future is bright.

  23. Celtics legit need to practice dribbling and catching. Those things alone literally cost them a winnable series.

  24. Hope Tatum and Brown watch the celebration on their home court. Learn and look hungry. Clean up the errors.

  25. Disappointing end obviously but they made it much further than expected and it was a lot of fun to watch this team this season. Can't wait for next season.

  26. Congrats to the Warriors, well deserved. Hopefully we can get a better handler/playmaker next year and improve our offense.

  27. Celtics were out coached the last three games. Our bench needs improvement and overall White, Grant Williams, PP, and Horford had great seasons, but they were all overmatched in one way or another in the finals.

  28. fuck y’all sore loser doomer bitches hating on curry for no reason. Dude did everything the right way. Props to him man a champion through and through. GGs GS

  29. Disappointing end to the season, but overall a great run. I’m proud of this team. Accept it and celebrate what a great season this was, is my advice to the people who will take this loss badly. Future is up from here with this group and hopefully a dip into the tax to get us some more depth.

  30. Love this team. Losing sucks, but this is the best season we’ve had in a long time. Excited too see prob next year, and hopefully Stevens puts that TPE to good use for a solid bench player.

  31. Trade Tatum, smart and a first round pick to the blazers for Damien Lillard. Build around Rob and brown. Something has to change before we get that elusive banner 18

  32. Not a Celtics fan but I can’t believe how bad both Smart and Tatum have been. I would not want Smart back next season. Guy flat out quit on so many plays and I have no clue how he deceived DPOY voters into voting for him. They need a real playmaker on offense. Tatum isn’t that guy and as good as Brown was, he can’t create plays for himself and others when it’s needed. They need someone who can really run an offense.

  33. Derrr yeah your DPOY played bad in his first finals and your best player all year played poorly after likely separating his shoulder. You made it to game 6 of the finals but your team is trash unless you get some real players.

  34. I'm trading Tatum for anyone I can get. Sure Tatum can take over and win in the regular season but obviously can't handle the finals

  35. The Warriors are a good team but I honestly think if the Suns hadn’t had a Covid outbreak during the series against the Mavs they would have taken GSW to 7 in the WCF and possibly win to go against us in the finals.

  36. Bruh… the suns could barely hold their own against the mavs. They weren’t beating the warriors and the Celtics

  37. Yeah same, I remember Curry back when he was at Davidson and I rooted for GSW a lot through the last decade.

  38. Don’t trade Tatum. I was just mad and saying stupid things in anger. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be that poor guy today, in all seriousness.

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