Al Horford spoke at shootaround this morning ahead of tonight’s Heat-Celtics game about his extension. Said he wanted to get it done well ahead of free agency to know everything was set, and that he believes he and the Celtics are doing something special.

  1. It’s so good to see these responses. His first year here he was “average Al” and people were saying he was overpaid. It took some fans a bit of time to really see what he does, but now it seems pretty universal that he’s been a great player for this team.

  2. The dude was nigh unguardable with that treasure chest of post moves and high IQ. I’d hoped we were gonna hang on to ISO Joe longer and get both of them some bling, so much fun to watch.

  3. The Robert Williams extension is probably his best signing for me. Love having Horford back though

  4. Is it fair to say that the $16.5m delta between what Al currently makes and next year's contract goes "poof?" The C's are over the cap (and the tax) so their aren't many good things that happen. I can't really envision a way to keep access to that overage other than using Bird rights to sign Al for more than $10m next year. (And how does that help?)

  5. A 36 year old that has helped us get to 3 ECF’s, a finals appearance, and continues to mentor our young guys as the father figure he is. Yes.

  6. Look at what he brings to this team and ask yourself again if it's a bad number. Especially if you look around the league

  7. Pj tucker who a year older got a bigger deal this off season and I’ll take Al over pj every day

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