[Highlight] Jaylen Brown forces OT with ridiculous three

  1. You knew we were gonna lose in overtime once that went in. We just can't make shots to tie the game then win in ot for whatever reason

  2. So you knew we would lose if he made it, but of course you also knew we’d lose if he missed it, why did he bother shooting

  3. the real question is how 0.9 seconds got taken off when Miami chucked the ball down the court ... stunned they didn't review that

  4. You can tell JB had no expectation that that shot would go in. He just shot it and walked away, didn't even look. Seemed like a fluke that it banked in but we were losing our minds here at home hahaha

  5. On target? You think he meant to go off glass? Let’s not go overboard. Dude had a great game. He also did a great job to get the shot off. But it looks like one of those plays where the shot is so far off, it goes in.

  6. It's possible to love a player and still hold them accountable. I mean look at your flair. I love Rondo too, but he did some pretty heinous shit.

  7. I always laugh a little when shots like that go off the backboard. Pure luck. Fortunately Bucks lost too. Can’t win them all. Great showing by Brown though.

  8. Heat fan, this shot was insane. My heart sank when it dropped in. Truly amazing, Butler was right on him and still pulled it off. I thought for sure we would lose the OT to you guys. It was a great game to watch. See you guys in the playoffs.

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