Prediction: What will make the most money in the box office? (Summer 2022 Edition)

  1. I didn’t include Top Gun, just because it was released in May and I wanted to include the more “summer-summer” movies, but that’s a great pick too. In fact, the only one here I can see making more than it is Thor

  2. I think Dominion might actually just barely beat out Thor. I predict that the LGBTQ content in Thor will tank it in many red states sadly.

  3. MoM didn't seem to be hurt in any way by America Chavez's parentage, so I don't see why Valkyrie would hurt Thor that badly (unless that aspect of her character is a much bigger part of the movie than we know of).

  4. Thor for poll results, Top Gun Maverick overall. Nope could honestly go either way, Lightyear has clearly failed to launch and nothing else seems good enough to be #1.

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