Did mega drop shop open today?

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  2. I’m not subscribed anymore but I am still able to access it without being subscribed. The stuff isn’t that good and the goat milk moisturizer that used to be like 10$ is now 21$! Prices are definitely increasing.

  3. And that Ofra Mini Face palette they've had for ages is $19. I think it's been as low as like $6-8.

  4. Yeah, it's a very sad selection and unimpressive prices. I love seeing that they're selling one of the past boxes they told me sold out, so I couldn't get the items I was supposed to.

  5. I saw the same thing!!! They literally told me they were out of supplies so had to refund me... fucking liars!

  6. Not too much for me in the mega drop shop this time around. Maybe a couple of things that will come up with daily deals if I can remember to check them. I miss when you could pick up items from the current boxes in the shop the same month.

  7. Nothing exciting. I bought one thing, and struggled to find something else to make the $25 minimum for free shipping.

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