My box shipped last week, and I get this message today?

  1. If this was premium ask for additional $6 coupon to buy something comparable in drop shop and make sure it as free shipping because you still have to pay $2 handling ,

  2. I intend to ask for enough to buy a comparable item or a refund. I’m not paying $45 for a box of refreshments and old warehouse items!

  3. It’s really only $4 due to the handling, that I also pay for the box that now is missing a choice item. It’s an insult.

  4. Wow, really? I got one in December... I just checked and there's no date on it... How can I find out if mine is expired?

  5. I got the same email about the Rare Beauty foundation. $ a joke! The foundations are a lot more in the drop shop. I have asked for more and if I don't, this will be my last box. Tired of all the crap.

  6. I never get any damn emails at all, since I changed my email and have reached out and told them over and and over! Don't settle for $6 stupid dollars, burn that damn bot up! I wouldn't settle for less than an $25 code and some ccharms! If we don't unite and do this, they think they can treat us this way!! Luxe choices today were an fkin joke that Byroe Tofu Cream I bought in 2020 when I first subbed! Tea Rkse Byroe cream was just in GBX!! Does anyone know what choices were for just Base?? Please anybody know??

  7. I think it’s il makiage icon mascara and first aid beauty 2-in-1 cleansing oil + makeup remover. I stopped getting emails from them too. I’ve reached out numerous times and they keep telling me they’ll look into it but they never do so I don’t even know if I’m getting my Rare Beauty choice this month!

  8. i got the same email last night which is infuriating. that product was the only reason i didn’t cancel the box. this is right after they sent me a 2021 box last month. why do they even offer choice if they can’t fulfill it? im going to demand a refund and to cancel this joke of a subscription. im done with boxy for good.

  9. That was one of my choice items as well. I haven't received this email. My box is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Allegedly. If it is not there and they didn't notify me they will be cancelled.

  10. y’all the more i think about this, the more pissed off i am. this is a scam on their part to get us to subscribe. they obviously know how many units of a product they will have so this is total bullshit. get us to sub with appealing products from herbivore and rare beauty and then oh, just kidding, it’s out of stock. they know what they’re doing. we should file a class action lawsuit.

  11. what’s funny about that is unless it’s a credit + free shipping, you still have to spend money… and i’d ask them for more than 6$. i just subscribed last month and they have screwed up every step of the way w/ both boxes… i normally wouldn’t com ppl aim but after seeing so many posts about expired products and all that i knew it wasn’t a mistake… i have emailed to the point of insanity and i’ll be getting a refund in my 2nd box too, they tried these lowball bs offers to fix they’re mistakes and it’s like ok so now i have 3 coupons but i’ll have to either give you more money or pay 5$ for shipping? i think the quickest response usually comes if you comment on their instagram posts

  12. In my personal experience, the coupons include S&H but that could just be a Canadian thing since we have to pay shipping even on orders over $25....

  13. Yes, I don't take less than an $25 code, when they pull this stuff!! If we don't unite and complain they will continue this! I get Base and Luxe, one account and Luxe was horrible for March, Byroe Tofu Cream I bought off Shop in 2020, trying to get rid of old ass shit again! Byroe Tea Rose eye cream was in the last GBX!! Can anyone please tell me what the choices were for Base Box for May?

  14. I've had that happen, too, but they originally didn't give me a coupon! They were going to just give me some old item... but I opened a ticket and talked about how that was a bad business practice... then they finally gave me a coupon.

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