March Luxe & Premium Potential Spoilers

  1. I wish they’d just stop with the BS “high end” boxy brands like Avant and Symbiosis 🤦🏽‍♀️ I use the crap on my feet because I’m scared to put it on my face 😂

  2. I think they do it for the newbies and people who don't follow the brands, and therefore take the MSRP at face value.

  3. The only grace and stella product that is remotely ok is the mud mask. I use it on my husband who has junky skin from working in a warehouse and he loves it. Every thing else from them, I usually donate 😆

  4. For the prices on alibaba and aliexpress you can purchase twice what you pay and get almost twice the stuff lol I wonder if they have the new natasha denona eyeshadow palette

  5. It's not. Just my suggestion, if you want to keep your membership only sub to the base box and pick up whatever else you like in the sale. Boxy typically ships 1or 2 ,(if you're lucky) decent items per box and the rest are duds. Not worth the price of the premium or luxe box to take that gamble.

  6. It’s a cream, not travel mug. Frank Body makes butt drops and butt cream. They have cute funny packaging.edit to add coffee scrub is another popular product from the brand. That package says some thing like “you are going to get naked in one minute”

  7. Oh wow so they're gonna put Natasha Denona in luxe .. that's nice and all but that kind of looks like the mini love palette, which again is nice but I personally don't bother with the mini palettes. I like the 5 pans with her standard size shadows.

  8. I'm not seeing much in the Luxe box. The makeup erasers would be kinda cool if I hadn't already bought two sets from previous Mega Drop Shops, and I already own the ND mini Love palette (from when it was 50% off at Sephora). I wasn't a big fan of the choice items either.

  9. Oo which ND palette is that? I mean never mind that I just picked up 2 of her palettes in the drop shop…lol

  10. This is a different palette! I remember seeing it in Boxy survey pics people posted and it was called the Ardor palette. It looks like a mix of the Mini Love and the Mini Crush she released for V-Day. Def in the same color family and probs some shades are pulled from the existing Love & mini Love palettes but it's still a "new" palette technically.

  11. OMG, Butt first coffee? 😂 Where are they getting this dollar store junk? This box is an easy pass for me.

  12. When do you think this ND palette will end up in Drop Boxes and how much would it be? I'm interested in that but not enough to get a whole box.

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