Finally got a refund for the NOT Feb base box.

  1. Same thing happened to me. Subscribed feb 17, received the July 2021 box. Reached out to them and received the same response. Told them charms would not be acceptable since I wasn’t an active subscriber. So they said they would send me the featured monthly box. Just checked the email order and they are sending me another July box- but it’s a different variation (kit 49) this time. Haven’t received the box yet though.

  2. Is there a way to escalate the issue? The CS person I got keeps sending the same canned responses and I am getting very frustrated. I’m probably about at least 10 emails in and his last response had nothing to do with my previous emails and concerns. It’s so frustrating, it was clearly copy/pasted.

  3. Have you tried opening a new ticket? Start by saying you have been unsuccessful resolving your issue. You should get a different person. If you don’t, then ask to escalate to a manager. I have heard of other people contacting them on social media and having a quick response.

  4. I don't think they like when you throw around terms like "bait and switch" or "I will contact my credit card company". Some places will kick you off permanently if you do a chargeback with the credit card so be ready if you do that.

  5. I received a February 2021 box with worthless crap. I will only use one out of 5 items. The rest went straight to donate. Going to try to get my mo eh back too.

  6. You’ve inspired me to reach out to CS! The same thing happened to me — I signed up under a new email for the half off Feb box around Feb 5 because I wanted the Glow Recipe in that variation and they sent me November’s box without the palette new sub gift 🤬 I just got it in the mail today, more than a month after ordering, and it’s truly not even worth the $14 I paid.

  7. Feb 5?!?! That's completely crazy that they were 'sold out' then. You definitely should contact them. They shouldn't get away with baiting people in with one box and sending another.

  8. I'm so sorry about your experience. :( Man. This makes me nervous (new sub March 1). It's ironic bc I dropped ipsy bc of lack of transparency and products/brands I didn't want/same products over and over. I was told a few times that Boxycharm is better than ipsy, and I guess we'll see. I have no idea what to expect in my box. When I click on "My Items," it's the generic list of March items (many of which I've received in previous other subs), but I've also been hearing that the first box (especially if you use a 50% off code, and I did), you get a super random box, despite their FAQ saying you'll get that month's box. Feeling a bit like I need to get my clown makeup out here...... at least my other new sub (AIA) surpassed all of my expectations?

  9. Boxycharm is definitely NOT better than Ipsy. Their monthly sale has better deals but the actual subscription box is straight up trash.

  10. I reached out regarding this same issue, wasn't offered charms so messaged them on insta and threatened to file a dispute with my card based on receiving an item i didn't agree to receive when paying and then got a refund

  11. I need to reach out again. I upgraded to get the CT premium even though they sent me a year old box instead of the feb 2022 base box. I got a notification that I’m receiving the November 2021 box. WTF. This should be illegal. They also didn’t upgraded me from base to premium like the email said- it was in addition to so now I’m get two boxes I don’t want. They have refused me any refund not even charms.

  12. Open a new ticket with them. Don't give up and if you need to also message them on Facebook messenger. It took a while but I got refunded. I did state that I believed I was entitled to a refund as what I was receiving was not what I signed up for. Their Facebook messanger team responded within half hour and processed my refund within minutes

  13. Same thing here except they sent me a second box. So I get 2 boxes and my refund. I did send messages to them daily hounding them and then on their Facebook messenger too

  14. The first response was like oh well, all sells are final. So I pulled the, “i will be contacting my lawyer”. Hate being a Karen but jeezus, they say on the website that if it’s not that months box it will say so.

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