SR Good Genes real?

  1. Thank you for posting your question. Our sub is super friendly and is great at helping out. Please be sure to have searched the sub for the answer to your question and check our

  2. I bought one from the Boxy sale, and it's no different than the one I received in a set from Sephora. I wouldn't describe it as super watery, so temperatures during transit seems like a likely culprit.

  3. I’m a delivery driver for ups and it gets sooooooooo hot it the trucks. I tell my friends all the time to try ordering skincare during winter months or months that arnt as hot. We don’t even have ac in our trucks so if you can order from anywhere who does? I honestly don’t know which trucks do exept Amazon and maybe FedEx but personally I won’t do subscriptions it the heat because I know how hot I am during delivery and I don’t sit in the back like the packages on hot metal shelves. I don’t think they should be allowed to ship ANY skincare like that because most skincare and makeup has to be stored below room temperature so it stays stable. So imagine how much you buy that is an absolute waste of money? Its a real bummer. The companies need to start shipping with dry ice or cold packaging, but they won’t do that unless alot of people start complaining. I’m sure if everyone knew stuff they’re buying is no good after delivery they would …but, I’m one of 3 female drivers in my area so a lot of people don’t even realize this happens. Most of the men I work with won’t even wear sunscreen so they couldn’t care less about our skincare but I also think about electronics and all kinds of stuff I order that shouldn’t be in high temperatures…or freezing cold temps in the winter…. They’re no temperature control atall.

  4. If you email SR’s customer service with the batch code they will email you the date it was made so you can make sure it isn’t expired. I’ve done it several times and they reply quickly.

  5. I bought one and mine was exactly the same as the deluxe sized one I bought at Ulta. I wonder if sitting in heat during shipment may have altered your product.

  6. Maybe you previously used the Glycolic version? Sunday Riley has two versions of Good Genes with the same packaging except for the name difference. There is the Lactic Acid and the Glycolic Acid. The Glycolic Acid version has a thicker white opaque consistency and the Lactic Acid has a thin white liquid consistency.

  7. I bought it from both the Sunday Riley website and the Boxycharm sale. I used the deluxe sample directly from Sunday Riley first, and it seems like a pretty watery serum to begin with and no different from the one I got from Boxycharm. Is it supposed to be like a cream?

  8. I would think it’s because of the transit difference. When I order directly from Sunday Riley, I get my order i less than two days. Versus when it’s a boxy order, it’ll floating out there for days, and even into following weeks at times.

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