1. Thank you for posting your question. Our sub is super friendly and is great at helping out. Please be sure to have searched the sub for the answer to your question and check our

  2. Noon Eastern Time. I did the same thing when I joined in Feb 2021. I now have way more products than what I can use on my face for the rest of my life. Have I unsubscribed? Heck no! My friends and family love my hand me downs!

  3. Lol thanks so much!! I know that it seems crazy but it is just so awesome to shop, shop, shop!! I have soooo much skincare now as well!! It is wonderful that you give away to F&F!! I am not there yet, I still am in the “I need more for myself 🥳 stage” 🤣😂 However, I have 12&10 y/old girls, and since I have subbed they have both started to care for their skin and I believe that is such a great positive step toward self care and health!

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