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  1. Thank you for posting your question. Our sub is super friendly and is great at helping out. Please be sure to have searched the sub for the answer to your question and check our

  2. I never received an email with shipping info, it doesn’t show it via their site, and nothing on my informed delivery. I emailed yesterday and they sent over the USPS tracking number, supposedly arriving today. Still nothing on informed delivery though 🤷🏻‍♀️ So weird!

  3. Mine never showed up in Informed Delivery. It was delivered yesterday though. I thought it hadn't shipped and was planning on having to email them today.

  4. Never received mine either and not marked as shipped. Not sure what’s happening this month

  5. I never received any tracking info nor have i received the box, so far my opinion of this company is very low. I did however receive the other two boxes but as a new customer I was not able to chose so I received whatever no one else picked because none of the items were very good 😭

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