PSA: Glow recipe Avocado melt retinol sleeping mask refunds due to expiration date

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  2. I was about to post this, I got the same email! Only reason why they’re refunding everyone is because they got called out on boxycharm fb groups too much . They’re shady! They know it was almost close to expiring. And if I remember correctly I spent like 30+ dollars on it in the drop shop…. Just wow.

  3. I bought two of them and I was refunded $34. I think with tax that was the total for both so they were about $15 a piece. The thing that's b******* is that glow recipe hasn't made that product in over a year so I kind of wondered like it's got retinol in it and avocado so how good is the product? Have you used the product before and I loved it so I just bought it out of excitement but then when I got it I noticed it was a little off color. So I asked low recipe and they said yes they're expired and they won't hurt you, in my opinion, but they're probably just going to be pretty weak and may not be effective.

  4. Too bad they didn’t do that with the tomato serum. I have three that are out of date, but I never looked until it was posted here recently. My mailing boxes with label are gone, but bought from recent sale. I’m not tossing them, but feverishly using them on my entire body to get through them.

  5. I got the glow recipe avocado eye mask from ipsy and it came all dried up and the wrong color so this isn’t super surprising. I’m actually shocked they emailed you and refunded without you having to make a fuss though.

  6. I ordered 2 and they looked weird so I emailed them asking if there was something wrong or if they were expired and they just sent me 2 more. Then I got the email saying they are expired and all 4 of them are the same batch. Idk why they didn’t just refund me instead of sending 2 more expired products

  7. I had a different batch code but I reached out to Glow Recipe directly to ask when it expired, and my particular batch expired in January 2022. SO SAD.

  8. So I'm really glad I found this post. I got some advice for you. I got the same email and was informed I would be refunded. I sent glow recipe in email with the lot number on the bottom of my two bottles. If you open at the box and look at the bottle you will see a number and that is the lot number and if you tell glow recipe what it is and explain the situation they're actually really good and they will probably tell you it is expired as they told me. I will say I never asked for anything from them but they gave me a very nice credit for their website for my troubles. They were pretty frustrated that boxycharm is selling their products that are expired.

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