1. $6 is not an acceptable credit. When they put choice products in the drop shop, it’s usually at least $12, if not closer to $18-20. Heck, the glow recipe was $29 last month, even though it’s made the rounds through all levels of the boxes. I suggest trying a different rep

  2. Same. This happened to me too, even though I made a choice at 12 sharp. Besides, one of the items I am getting is a repeat too

  3. Same. As soon as choice opened I made my choice. I was mad yesterday and found the Lorac Primer on Mercari for $9 and ordered it. It's still upsetting tho.

  4. Such a scam. It barely covers shipping if you spend less than $25. Just another way to get you to spend money more.

  5. It also seems like quite a few people got the email. Why offer a choice item if you don't have enough? I'm hoping it's a shipping issue on their end and maybe they just didn't receive the product. But still $6 credit is unacceptable as a solution!

  6. FWIW, I bought a couple of these in the drop shop in March and they were $9/each. They should at least give you a credit for what they deem it to be worth.

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