september drop shop prices are a Joke!!!

  1. Wow, these prices are outrageous. If they think they can sell duos of same product for 9 bucks and the switch it to 48. They’re not getting my money. It better be a glitch.

  2. A lot of it is the same stuff they have been trying to sell for years…. If we aren’t going to buy it for $9-$18, we sure as heck aren’t going to buy it for $50…. They can keep it.

  3. heres hoping some of these are wonky price errors.. I can't imagine they expect people to actually pay $96 for two eye cremes or $44 for a palette & lipstick when the palette has been like $18ish in the drop shop multiple times....

  4. I low key kind of hope it stays like this for a couple months. A) so I save money but B) because they’re gonna see how ridiculous and money hungry they’re being and hopefully be forced to figure something else out. All of the price increases, the handling charges, the shipping charges, the repeat products, the slap in our faces “$6 credit for your trouble”…..and now the prices in the shops are way higher than normal. Okay why are we here though lol. I’m not entitled at all but it’s a business and they’ve changed pretty much everything they’ve done , for the worse

  5. Yeah I used to LOVE boxy and was a subscriber for 3 years. I unsubscribed last month finally after a last straw of slow shipping, followed by them "losing" my box, giving me copy and paste customer service, finally shipping it and then it getting lost again. They didn't give me a refund for 2 months, nor did I receive the box. They didn't care lol, just copy and paste replies. Eventually I got a $6 credit for them not having my choice?? Lmao. It's become so bad. This doesn't even touch on how lame the products have become.

  6. Maybe they are trying to price out people who make 4 x $25 orders. That had to be hurting a bit when they could just charge more and sell less.

  7. And they are selling some of it cheaper through Ipsy. The Ofra primer with Ciate vacay setting spray duo was $15 (instead of $18) last month. I assume this will be more expected since they are now owned by the same company/investors (something like that)? I’ve noticed it a few times now. And the options on Boxy have definitely been VERY underwhelming.

  8. These are the same items they have in their new 24/7 Boxy shop. It’s been the same items for the last week or so. I’d be surprised if this stuff is actually what appears in the drop shop as well. If you click on unlock deals now or the shop > the boxy shop, it takes you to the same place.

  9. Looks like they DID change the prices shown on the daily deals FYI, for example the Earth Harbour buy more save more now shows sale price of $19.99 with reg price of $76.00

  10. Anyone think this drop shop will have glow recipe, farmacy, olehenrikksen, sunday riley, or will it be a flop like the last one? I subbed last month in hopes of glow recipe (I just got the bundle) and some other brands, but everything was disappointing! :/

  11. I just got a $10 credit but only for this bogus shop. I joined to get game diamonds. They said I get a free item and $10. Then today it says the $10 is only for the current shop items. Scam

  12. It isn't the drop shop, they have a new shop you can buy from at any time. I am assuming this is a little higher but you still will get deals for the drop shop. If someone doesn't want to wait until the drop shop they have the option to buy it for less of a deal.

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