Who else wants their August Drop Shop order to just be cancelled at this point?

  1. I have been thinking this for a couple of weeks now. I ordered on 8/8. Didn't get the apology email/coupon. All I got was a notice that one item (one I wanted most) was not going to be possible and that I'd get a refund for that item only. I really wish they'd just cancel it and give me a full refund.

  2. Is it?!?! I have that coming (SOMEDAY, ZZZZzzz hurry up boxy) was hoping it’s good! What do you notice w the results from using???

  3. Does it make your skin red after using it? Everytime I use it my skin looks really red and blotchy land uneven. I’ve only used it twice but is there a breakthrough period or is just me lol 😂

  4. I agree. I want my stuff too! I always order the pop bands heat patches for my daughters to get them through their period and that was in my order from 8/8 that I'm still waiting on. It's irritating because already got my 8/16 order. 😡 I messaged them today because the crappy Pitney Bowes tracking said it would be here today but of course... Nope. But I don't want my money back I just want my damn order already!

  5. My choice item for last month arrived broken and I am still waiting on it. I am not canceling. I'm just getting angry. I got the charms, got the coupon, but I just want my freaking item, since the rest of the box was HOT GARBAGE. And I would like them to get their crap in gear. They haven't shipped either of my boxes this month and I have been waiting for that item for 6 weeks. They need to work their warehouse move out on their own time and stop messing with us.

  6. They “mailed” my stuff but it hasn’t moved and I don’t trust it. The thing I wanted the most is on ulta’s 21 days of beauty today so I bought it and just won’t open it until I get my boxy order or my order never appears.

  7. I don't. It's obviously upsetting that it's taking so long, but I managed to grab goodies I really wanted for very cheap, so I'll keep impatiently waiting.

  8. Yeah I feel like I have a ton of stuff in my order and I don’t want it cancelled. I also don’t even remember every single thing I ordered and I don’t want to go back and look until I know whether or not I’m actually getting it.

  9. I'm cancelling - but want to make sure I get several orders that I placed bw 8/8 and 8/12 before I do. Especially since I've already been charged for them! I'd be fine if they cancel my drop shop orders for a full refund. Then I could be done with them!

  10. Me!!!!!! I'm still waiting for my Tatcha primer and one other thing. I've emailed them twice but I just keep getting the same generic email. So frustrating!!!

  11. I want my stuff. I won't order anything else until I get my two orders. I'll give them until 10/1, and then I'll be messaging for a refund.

  12. Mine allegedly shipped sept 2 but there’s no movement on it, just says DHL is waiting for it. Super annoying. I got the $6 🙄 coupon but I don’t want to use it because I don’t trust my next order to come either

  13. I think that the issues are much more than waiting for delivery. My issues include buying something and getting an email 3 weeks later that they are out of stock. Or that the shipping info will change multiple times. Or I get zero shipping information and the box will just show up and i'll get shipping info AFTER . I've received damaged items and duplicates. 2

  14. Same and same response!! However I checked my email today and one out of two of my orders has shipped as of today and of course its the last smaller one not the first larger one that I was really looking forward to. I'm going to be so pissed if that one never comes!

  15. I was so mad I just got mine today (I live in Canada), I ordered the first day of it in august. I emailed them twice and not even a I’m sorry or 6$ coupon!

  16. I chatted with BoxyBot last night and ended with "I'll contact my credit card company." This morning I received a message that my order from exactly a month ago has been shipped. Coincidence? That might have been my last order.

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