Part 3 - More lies & BS! "They ran out of the September luxe box"

  1. They have opened themselves up to class action lawsuits. You can’t sell an item to someone then give them something totally different. That’s bait and switch and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. Plus, is it not theft?

  2. I agree, but I'm pretty sure somewhere on some obscure page in some fine print they say if the box sells out you get garbage instead and they probably would use that as a defense. I don't know too much about advertising law, but I'm pretty sure they're still false advertising. I'm gonna leave this here for anyone interested in reporting it

  3. They send me a June 2021 variation after telling me I would receive the September 2022 box at the beginning of the month and now this. It's unacceptable and unethical, I don't want $6 (which is a slap in the face) I want my money back. I'm forever done with boxy. This was my final straw.

  4. Oh great! Now I am sure I won’t get the Sept box….if they are telling you they ran out….ugh….I will fight it as well! 1) false advertisement- as I still have the e-mail stating “ALL” Luxe box members will get the Natasha Denona pallette 2) as the other poster said, giving you something different is bait and switch! 3) after reading that orders should arrive after 15 days, and now it’s been 21 days since they took my money, I think a refund should be given. I don’t even have a tracking number on mine yet….I don’t want a different box!!! I only signed up for that pallette. This is crap!!!!

  5. Absolutely! I showed them the same email and they came back with the $6 credit cause we ran out. I even asked on the 1st to verify id get a September box. They just want people's money, they don't care about the quality of products or being honest. They're probably scrambling right now to put boxes out and that's why shipping is taking even longer. I hope you get your correct box.

  6. I was just saying it's funny how pr boxes are spot on but paid customers got the shaft. It's all another part of the lies, having boxes promoted that they don't even have the stock to supply paying customers!

  7. Stay on them until they give you a refund. They advertised that you (and everyone) would get the ND palette when they knew they did not have enough in stock. Let them know that a little coupon is not enough.

  8. I hate how long they take to reply but I'm sure it's in hopes of people saying forget it but yes I want my money back, period. I even showed them the email with the promised ND palette and they gave me the excuse of oos and $6.

  9. I’d ask for a refund and if they refuse, call your bank. $6 doesn’t cut it. They used to clearly state on the website when they ran out of this months box before you signed up…… that’s shady

  10. Absolutely, I replied saying it was unacceptable and unethical and I wanted a refund. I asked them on the 1st to verify id receive a September box and they said yes, it's all a scam to get money and pawn off old stock. Imo.

  11. This is exactly why i didn’t order the luxe box. I wasn’t even subscribed to the base. I emailed them to ask if i would be guaranteed a luxe and if it would include the ND palette. They said they couldn’t guarantee either so there was no way in hell i was taking a chance with that much money.

  12. Absolutely, I will get my money back one way or another. I have the proof of everything from the promised ND palette, to being told I'd get a September box, to the box I received being from June 2021!

  13. I domt understand how they can oversell the boxes. Have enough for the people who are already subscribed, extra for new people and when those are gone, DONT SELL ANYMORE. If your store can say "hurry, only one left!" SURELY YOU CAN KEEP TRACK OF AVAILABLE BOXES?!?

  14. Yep. they did the same thing with my base box. This month was the first time I tried their service and I'm very very disappointed.

  15. Did you resub or were you already subbed. They haven't shipped mine yet and I feel like I am going to get hosed.

  16. I resubbed, they definitely try to pull this with resubs and new subs more than anything but it still is wrong especially when your told you're money is going to what you signed up for. I hope you don't get screwed but they ran out of boxes and I signed up on the 1st so I feel like they were screwed already at the beginning of the month and that's why so many people are still waiting cause they're scrambling to put something together.

  17. I was subscribed for a couple years. Decided to take a break the last few months, resubscribed in the same account to get the luxe right on the 1st. Emailed them and they confirmed I'd get the September luxe box (lies). That's exactly what they do, they send crap to new/re subscribers thinking they won't notice that it's old stock trying to get a way with sending leftovers.

  18. I complained on IG and they had me message them and I got my refund today! I hope everyone else gets what they ordered or gets refunded!

  19. This isn’t cool. You paid for the luxe box so you should either get the box or a full refund. If they’re not sending the products you paid for.. they shouldn’t get to keep your money unless you say it’s ok to send other things

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