What I ordered vs what I received

  1. They’ve issued me a refund and a $6 credit. But damn. I was looking forward to those and it took two weeks already just to get out to me.

  2. I’m still trying to figure that out. I’m used to seeing Alibaba crap in boxes, I’m not used to seeing Wet n Wild. I’m wondering if someone thought she’d be cute and just swap my order for whatever Walmart junk she had in her pocket.

  3. They’re really dropping the ball. I’ve seen so many of these posts and I can feel the frustration. Last month in my Boxyluxe, I received a different shade of the Pat McGrath eyeshadow than I chose. I wrote to them and they basically called me a liar and I definitely received the shade I chose. I rarely get mad but that made me livid. I sent them pics as proof and they gave me the same old $6 credit and blamed it on something with the warehouse. I went to review it to earn charms and mostly all of the reviews were saying they received a different shade than they chose. I just feel like their customer service within the past year has been terrible and they’re not as concerned about their customers anymore.

  4. I contacted support and ended up getting a refund with the excuse that they were in the process of moving to a new warehouse. Yeah, no. “Okay, we got four items here. Let’s just skip three of them and throw in a $2 nail polish.”

  5. I canceled my subscription after this month’s box because I’m fed up with repeats, product that looks expired, and crap products.

  6. They could have at least given you the blue Wet N Wild that came with that pink one when we got it through Ipsy! I am not missing Boxy at all, and its looking like this will be my last month for Ipsy as well. If enough of us keep canceling maybe they will start actually giving a f*ck! Sorry you weren't sent what you were supposed to get...I completely understand your frustration.

  7. I think that I would murder somebody if that's what I got. Every time I order something that is highly sought after, like the glow recipe plum plump serum, or lunar beauty, or Pat McGrath I never actually receive it. Even if it's in a package deal where there's four other items, I'll only receive the lowest value items or the ones that are least sought after. It's bananas.

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