Anyone see this? Boxy Mystery Bundle (10 full size products) for $24

  1. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I just got myself the FENTY Highlighter in Wattabrat (tried to get the more natural toned Duo but it sold out fast. 😢), a few TRESLÚCE Liquid eyeshadows, the FAB toner, and the MITCHELL AND PEACH body oil.

  2. The mystery bundle is probably a lot of stuff that they couldn't sell. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bunch of old primers, a few cheap palettes, and awful lipstick

  3. I went ahead and ordered along with the $4 Luxie brushes and sponge to get the free shipping. I agree with those that say for $24/10 items, there are bound to be a few items I can use. It will be a bonus if there is something that I love.

  4. I went for it. I figured if there were only a few things I like then it's a decent deal. The rest I'll donate to my local women's shelter.

  5. What do y'all think the chances are of getting a pallet or two? I don't wear eye shadows and if there's concealer or foundation or bronzers will the match my profile or would it all just be random? I don't have a subscription but im soooo tempted and already bought some shit from the shop plus I have my IPSY GB for November with maxed addons and just did a couple Sephora and MAC runs lmao fml I have a problem🤦‍♀️

  6. There is ZERO chance they will match your quiz! They don’t even do that for the regular monthly box. They say they will but they don’t. These will likely be leftover items they can’t sell, but who knows? They could absolutely surprise everybody and you could end up with some awesome products! That’s the “mystery“ of it 😁

  7. Unfortunately, nothing will be matched to your profile. There might be a palette or 2 in the box, which would be cool. Whatever is in the box, I hope you find some stuff in there you love! Would you post your box when it arrives?

  8. Now there's 2 premium boxes with 12 full sized products for $40. Considering the price difference for just 2 extra products I'm wondering if this might be more worth it? I've never been subbed so I have no idea what to expect of either of these bundles lol

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