Help with Customer Service.

  1. Thank you for posting your question. Our sub is super friendly and is great at helping out. Please be sure to have searched the sub for the answer to your question and check our

  2. I just email them directly and fully explain my concerns/send along screen shots if I think it's needed. I normally hear back pretty quickly.

  3. Agree! Just to add, they always ask for photo of the issue item near the visible shipping label and the box. They sometimes ask for photo of the missing item near the box. 😂😂

  4. Just start the conversation with the bot by saying open a ticket. That will directly send the issue and email to them. They've replied as quickly as 15 minutes that way to me before for a faulty product

  5. Continue with the bot. When it can't find an auto solution, it will ask you to describe your problem and will open a ticket with their actual customer service team.

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