Bought a prebuilt without a dvd drive & without an OS, don’t have any other method of downloading windows, how do I get a USB with Windows on it?

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  2. All of these suggestions are so inconvenient. If you have no way to get on another computer, just go to a library or buy a Windows 10 USB from somewhere like Walmart, it will come activated.

  3. Right? "Oh use an OTG cable to install some random ass Linux distro on a flash drive and use that to create a windows install iso that might not even work because it was not created in windows using the media creation tool?"

  4. It's very funny to think that someone thought the best way to figure this head scratcher out was a reddit post instead of a google that would IMMEDIATELY, in detail, step by step this solution out for them

  5. There are literally zero convenient solutions to this problem, it's always a hassle, specially for the people who have no clue what they are doing.

  6. Like others have said you can buy a windows USB key from Walmart or bestbuy or something. Just plug it in and your computer should boot from the USB. Go through the installation then choose which storage device you want to install windows on, then your computer should boot from that drive the next time you start your PC.

  7. This alone would be worth the $100+ you have to drop on the OS, since you get known clean installation media.

  8. I actually keep a USB with windows installation media specifically for this reason. You just never know. Pretty sure the thumb drive is only 16gb and I have no intention of buying one from the last decade unless I have to lmao.

  9. Same, I also have a USB drive with a copy of my Motherboards Bios settings at default on them in case I accidentally mess things up when manually volt adjusting

  10. Someone could just offer to send the OP an 8gb thumb drive with Windows 10 ISO burned to it via the official MS tool. The ISO by itself is not piracy. Toss it in a envelope and away it goes

  11. Do you have any friends or students who are in college or university. They usually get a student copy of windows for free so if you know someone who doesn’t require a newly licensed version of windows they could send it your way.

  12. also Windows 7 keys still can be used to activate Win10 (even tho Microsoft claims they no longer can), so you can try and use them instead

  13. see if there are any pc repair/build shops near you, very likely have a few pcs and you can ask them to download windows onto your usb stick for you. Staff likely know how to do that. Couple of bucks at most, free if the owner feels generous

  14. Unless you can get access to computer with internet and you have usb (i think at least 8gb) to create your own installation file from windows website,

  15. i had the same issue and a good citizen on pcmr mailed me a thumb drive w windows on it and i still have it so i can mail it to you if you would like just send me a dm. its only right for me to pass the good deed on

  16. I used the computer at my job to do this. Since then I’ve kept my flash drive in a safe spot for when I need it next time

  17. Late to the game, but if you can find an independent computer repair store, they'd probably be willing to put Windows on a usb for you for cheap if you provide them one. Either that or reach out on a local classifieds service (Craigslist etc) and some nerds will likely do you a solid. I know I would if I saw that come up locally.

  18. Maybe you could go to the library and use their pc's to download the windows ISO file onto a usb. That may not work, just trying to save you some cash

  19. My cousin let me use his PC to do it, he watched me like a hawk but lol. Do you know anyone with a PC that will do it for you or let you do it?

  20. you got 3 options, buy an external dvd drive and have a friend burn an iso, have a friend put windows 10 on a flash drive or you buy a flash drive.

  21. Get some friends that have a computer and download the windows installer to a USB drive... networking isn’t hard, just ask someone lol.

  22. When I built mine I just went to Best Buy, bought a usb dvd reader, installed OS, returned dvd reader to Best Buy

  23. Yeah I ain’t paying for anything except the usb. I frankly don’t give a damn about the transparent watermark for free windows.

  24. I wouldn't necessarily trust a library to have good security hygiene policies, such as using restricted-access accounts, wiping the computers each day and imaging from a central known clean machine, etc.

  25. Not sure why the downvotes. This is what I'd suggest too. The preinstalled USB drive from MS is the same price as a key. I did this with my PC just for the convenience of not sorting through my flash drives.

  26. There is a tool that makes your usb bootable, “Create installation media for Windows” and its from microsoft. You need idk 12 gb usb and a pc with windows. Install that program and it will make you original windows from microsoft. During windows installation You will need to enter a key but if you dont have one you can skip that step and activate it via cmd when you install windows (how to activate windows from cmd) thats free variant but you can always buy a key.

  27. How has noone suggested just buying a cheapo 16 gb flash drive and downloading the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool? It literally does everything for you. Just plug in the flash drive, run the downloaded Media Creation Tool and bam. You have a windows installer.

  28. Except the first step of that tutorial there is literally "go use a Windows machine to download a Windows ISO using the Windows Media Creation Tool... in Windows.

  29. I’m sorry but this must be googled a thousand times a day, and the info you’ll find through that is way better than somebody’s 2 minute type up on the situation.

  30. Could try downloading windows on your phone and plugging it into the computer with your charger. I dunno if it works but can't see why it wouldn't

  31. I was just sort of wondering if you had a Windows DVD. If you did, you could buy an external DVD drive, just a USB one. Should be about twenty bucks for a cheap one and they're pretty handy to have.

  32. If you are using android, download iso writing app. Download official windows iso from microsoft website from your phone and then write that to any usb. If you have rooted android, you dont even need an usb drive. Just use drivedroid.

  33. You can extract neccessary data for installing Windows on any USB drive you'd like and then choose it as the bootable drive. I was in the same situation like you. If you'd like, i can send you the data when i get home and you can just copy them to the drive.

  34. Ask on Facebook. Had a guy ask the same thing and I made one for him. You can also try best buy. Just use one of the computers on display.

  35. Take a usb stick and flash the windows 10 os .iso from the Microsoft website onto it with balena etcher

  36. Windows is free but it leaves its watermark. Buy a usb, download the windows media installer from Microsoft. Boot your pc up with the flash drive plugged in, install. You can activate windows later, and probably buy it cheaper at a key reseller.

  37. Buy a USB drive and go to the library. Download and install the Media creation tool and create a bootable windows USB drive, then go home and install windows.

  38. Well u could do it fine with someone's laptop and should be fine to do it in a library too

  39. I built my PC right at the start of the first pandemic lockdown and my only option was to get my brother to send me a USB in the post.

  40. Simplest solution would be to borrow a USB external cd drive, they usually came bundled with the old aspire ones.. so there might be a few kicking around..

  41. You dont even have to buy it use the free iso microsoft tool. Or just use youtube. Like why would u be bothered to type this out on reddit when google exsists.

  42. If you don't want to spend 100$+ on a key and usb for Windows. Either buy a 16gb usb (10-20$) or get a empty usb that you already have. Goto your local staples or library. They should have free access to a computer or it shouldn't be that expensive to borrow it (maybe 5-10$) and download the windows 10 iso and install it to your usb. Just double check with whoever works there that the computer will allow you to do admin privileges (aka install windows iso)

  43. Since this issue has been solved I have one question. Prebuilt with no OS? i am intrigued, where from?

  44. Facebook marketplace. “Prebuilt” meaning someone else built it before it became mine. Original user upgraded his unit off of what he sold me. So it did not come with an SSD (so no OS)

  45. Buy a usb stick that can hold at least 64gb or something go to a public place or another computer and download this (

  46. If all else fails, you could also buy a super cheap USB dvd drive and buy windows from a store. You can get one for like 20$.

  47. Use your phone to download iso file? Burn it to USB using Android app? You need to buy otg adapter but still cheaper than buying windows USB stick.

  48. Yes. Giving Microsoft the $130 is the only option we can give to OP for getting a key, I personally have never paid the troll to cross the bridge, but I can’t recommend others do the same lol.

  49. Download Rufus app, and windows iso file, then install windows installer with rufus, go to pc when u need new windows and open bios(usually f2), find section "boot" and chech if usb selected as priority method and exit from bios, then follow computer will reboot and then u ll need to follow instructions on the screen.

  50. Use an 8 GB USB stick. Download the windows media installation tool and install it onto the USB. You now have a bootable USB stick that you can be used to install windows onto amu computer with a USB drive.

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