[Monitor] Monoprice Dark Matter 49in Curved Gaming Monitor - 5120x1440p, 120Hz, 4ms, FreeSync - $899.99 (Back in stock after 6 months)

  1. If you charge $20 per lawn, you only need to mow 3 lawns a week for 15 weeks. So if you start mid April, you'll have this puppy by mid August

  2. I bought my AOC AGON 49", 5120x1440 120hz (same panel, all of these 49" 32:9 are samsungs with different features) for 950 (50$ off for amazon credit card) w/ 24$ tax - 974$ total.

  3. Well, one thing to factor in is you'd basically need a GPU that doesn't even exist yet to get high frames at high settings in graphically demanding titles. And the prices of these super ultrawides will (or at least should) get cheaper by the time GPU's catch up.

  4. Because you already have 1-3 monitors and can get something a quarter the price to add to them rather than replace them.

  5. Many, many games will give serious fish eye effect on the majority of this monitor. It becomes apparent, but nbd, even on 21:9. You'll be playing with setting alot to reduce it.

  6. Great for Path of Exile. Path of Exile has a fixed vertical viewport, but lets you see as much as your monitor can handle horizontally.

  7. I use a 49" to run 2 EVE clients to multi-box PVP. I have 2 more displays next to the 49" to run all my other non-PVP EVE clients.

  8. I think I’m going to pull the trigger - their 34” model has been working flawlessly for me. After trying it I can’t get enough of the Ultrawide format

  9. I got the 34in ultra wide Dark Matter about a month ago, loving it! No dead pixels or anything warranting a return. This one should be a good pickup for anyone looking for something crazy wide lol

  10. I have the same model! I love it, but now I want even bigger for productivity. How are the colors on yours? I think they are pretty damn good for a $500 34” 1440p 144hz model. But I might be biased as it is my first Ultrawide

  11. Does the monitor come with any sort of screen splitting software to snap windows? I'm wondering if there's an easy way to have three equally sized screens spread out over the 49inch.

  12. Ooh a monitor the same price as my pc. Time to grab the shovel and clippers and get back to work

  13. How many games support 5120? I've honestly yet to see it in a list of resolutions in my games. 3440x1440 seems fairly common now.

  14. Basically any FPS and racing game will support it. I have a 32:10 monitor and have never had issues with any games, but I don't play a ton.

  15. I have a VA and IPS side by side, and honestly VA is VERY close to IPS color quality. Definitely don't have viewing angle issues and doesn't have the IPS glow problem. I still use my IPS display for ultimate color quality but its barely any different.

  16. It should be -- this monitor is using the same panel that goes into Samsung's CRG9. I have no problem with Gsync compatibility running CRG9 + 2080 XC.

  17. Have a 5120x1440p Samsung CRG9, and absolutely recommend it. I can't speak to this monitor matching up, but the resolution is definitely worthwhile.

  18. it depends on what you want from the games and what type of games you play. The UW resolution often needs to have the top and bottom cut off to fit.

  19. Anyone have exp going from 2 larger monitors to something like this? I have a pair of 32" side by side and it's kinda uncomfortable

  20. I currently have a Samsung 3840x1200. Would it make more sense to get this as an upgrade, or hold out and spend way more on the Odyssey?

  21. Depends on your setup. If you have anything less than a 2080 TI and aren't planning on upgrading to at least a 3080 TI, might as well go for this. You won't be pushing past 120 fps anyway, and only folks already spoiled by high refresh rates will notice.

  22. I just got the Alienware AW3420DW for $775 (pre-tax) off dell outlet. There's a 14% off code right now to get down to that price you can find on their site. 120Hz native G-Sync IPS.

  23. Honest question. Would a monitor with a 1ms response rate give me a 3ms edge in Rainbow 6 Siege over this 4ms response rate?

  24. What kind of GPU does it take to run this monitor? Would a 1070ti just completely fall flat trying to max settings on this beast?

  25. I really wanted to like 49" but I almost got motion sickness when trying something that drastic (I use a 34" ultrawide daily). YMMV

  26. Can anyone help me understand how a screen sharing session on skype, or zoom would work with this monitor? ( assume you are displaying the whole monitor and not just an application to attendees)

  27. Because I don't use the monitor for only gaming. It's nice to have screen realestate when working/general use, and it's a nice have to be able to just play in ultrawide.

  28. As a doublewide user, wider is always better. Wider FOV means you can see more of what's going on and get more immersion. I'd take a 32:9 over 16:9 for almost every game.

  29. Some games limit what you can see vertically but not horizontally, so you can get an advantage by seeing more horizontally. Path of Exile for one, and I think League of Legends to some extent (though there's some tradeoffs with League and being able to focus, some pros play windowed to see less and focus more).

  30. I game on a 49” CRG90, its amazing. You can actually see the entire screen with your face fairly close due to the curved screen. Games where there is a very slight fisheye on the outer edges, actually give you an advantage imo, you can use the outside edges to really zoom across the map to see if there are enemies. You can see over half of the arena in rocket league. The lack of FPS is made up by the FOV imo.

  31. Generally, in games peripheral matters more than the up and down (heck, that's kinda true of life even) so wider tends to feel "more real" to me after having used an ultrawide.

  32. If you're spending this much on a monitor, you shouldn't get something with a VA panel, especially given how far the good IPS panels have gotten. That's just me though

  33. You're dealing in old information, mate. Yes, the original VAs were "less than IPS" for sure... this monitor, however, is using Samsung's SVA technology panel and is pretty dang close to IPS.

  34. Samsung has a 1000R one, even that is a pain to watch (end to end)...cant imagine how much of a bad experience this would be

  35. Ah yes, Monoprice, the maker of shuffles notes ultra panoramic, high refresh rate, hardcore gaming, almost 1000usd monitors, back at it again.

  36. There are no video cards capable of pushing that many pixels at 120fps. At least, not with the latest games (like rdr2) on ultra settings.

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