[RESTOCK] [GPU] NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - Black/Silver

  1. So basically I sold my EVGA 2070 XC Ultra to one of my friends so I had an excuse to buy this bad boy. Really have enjoyed it but not much of a jump. Friend had a GTX 980 and he had recently bought a new CPU and MB so I figured hooking him up for like 300. Havent had any regrets.

  2. I had a friend do the same. I was upgrading my PC and he's like I got an old GTX980 in the closet. Big upgrade from my GeForce 8800

  3. I don't* think so. It's likely the next gen Nvidia cards will have way better RTX performance. They've surely matured the process by now and will probably even add more relevant hardware on the upcoming cards. Just guessing though

  4. If you base it on proximity to new releases, it wise to ever buy PC components? You could get a 3080 Super, and Nvidia could release another lineup in 2 years, which is not that long. Meanwhile, from what I've read/heard, they're going to stop production of the 20 series and raise prices on them. So if you want a 20 series card, right now may be the best time.

  5. Doesn’t seem to stay out of stock on there long. Just perfer the third party cooling and fac oberclock

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