[CPU+MOBO] Intel Core i9-9900KF + ASUS Prime Z390-A - $399.99 (Clip 20% Coupon)

  1. So it's essentially Microcenter releasing some of their stock on Amazon at a slightly higher markup compared to in-store

  2. This is better the micro center pricing the 9900k is $249 this motherboard is $180 that's $430 even with the $20 bundle promotion this is still $10 cheaper

  3. Just got this thanks man. This board can hold 6-9 gpu's for anyone interested in mining and the cpu is about 350 anyways. So a 80 dollar mobo after tax isn't terrible. You could probably scour eBay and shit to get this for the same price if not 50 bucks cheaper but you'd be huntin' for sure. This is easy and it's fuckin amazon so returns are ez

  4. It's a mix depending on the game program and or OC. Consider that the 5600x will match it in titles while using a lot less power; however, if you don't have an am4 board already $100 isn't gonna get you a board that's as good as this one at the moment. You will have to spend a bit extra on cooling with the i9, although, if you don't OC you can use something like a hyper 212 for stock settings. While 8 cores will be more Future proof your upgrade path is at a dead end and no PCIE 4 support. While that makes little difference today newer cards will begin to completely saturated PCIE 3.0 if you plan to upgrade.

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