[Other] AUKEY Omnia Mix3 90W 3-Port USB-C PD Charger - $29.99 ($55.99 - $26 w/ code OMNIAMIX3)

  1. This does actually output 90W to a single device when it's the only thing connected. It splits to 60W/30W when using both USB-C ports, and less than that with a third device plugged in.

  2. Aukey, Ravpower, Mpow, choetech and some others are banned from Amazon due to buy for positive reviews, I personally bought many charger and banks from them without issue. from all those 4, only Mpow used to offer me $150 GC and full refund of my negative review on their monitor.

  3. Ravpower is back on amazon as iSmart. I bought one of their 65w usb c chargers and it still says RavPower on the side lol.

  4. I noticed this recently when I went to buy more chargers from ravpower. Everything I have from them has worked great.

  5. Stupid question but what's the difference between the PD USB charging port and the bottom one with the monitor-looking icon?

  6. The bottom one is the only one that does the full 90W I think. The manual explains it all and there's text on the charger. I'll take a picture when I get home.

  7. Interesting, even rarer for this price is that it does USB PPS. That's nice for future proofing. I think the Samsung S20 and their other recent flagships are the only ones using it; they're calling it Super Fast Charging (25w & 45w).

  8. How does this compare to the spigen wall plug posted earlier this week? I see that this has more power, any other major differences?

  9. I think most would agree Aukey is the more "reputable" brand. It's a charger so if it works, it works. But if I'm plugging my $1,000+ computer/phone/whatever into something I'll spend a bit more.

  10. Been using this for almost a year since it first came out. Have no problems powering my Macbook, Surface Pro X, Lenovo Thinkpad, iPhone 11, S10+, S21, or Switch. Doesn't get very hot and pretty small. Probably best charger I've used and won't need to be replaced for a long time since 90w will be more than I need and I don't see mobile electronics being more power hungry in the future. Bought it to replace a 60w adapter since I wanted to be able to charge laptop at 60w and another device at 30w at the same time if needed.

  11. Shame? People who pay for reviews are the worst. I get it you won't sell anything on amazon without reviews but you have to start somewhere in this world and not cut corners. Let your product speak for itself not paid customers. They were literally screwing over their customers because people look at the reviews and think they are legit.

  12. Anyone know of a good (compatible) wireless charger stand/pad to go along with this? Ideally with high watt output for fast charging, but I'm not even really sure if that exists. Started using a wireless charger recently and it's pretty hard to go back, the ease of access is really nice.

  13. The cheap ones on Amazon can do 10w wireless charging with this or any other USB PD power brick.

  14. What's your phone type? iPhone just go straight to magsafe. For Samsung only have 2 Fast Charge 2.0(12w) charger exist: Duo and 2.0 Stand. Other 3rd party only support Fast Charge 1.0 protocol(9w).

  15. I just tried it and it applies the code during the checkout preview. I didn't go all the way through checkout though.

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