[Dual Monitor Gas Mount] AboveTEK (17"-27") (4.4 lbs-15.4 lbs), (75x75 and 100x100 mounts) $29.99 via Woot

  1. Came to comment how I thought this was from a memes sub for like 10 seconds trying to figure out what this was all about

  2. I don't recommend dual or triple monitor mounts if you have an ikea desk, if you haven't done any reinforcement of the desk. Despite looking nice and minimalistic, they're just pieces of particle board. All the weight of multiple monitors targeted at a single point on the desk can cause bending/warping, or if you're me, cracking/collapsing.

  3. I have an Ikea Bekant and I use multiple single mounts instead of a double or triple mount. It avoids exposing the desk to a huge amount of weight and pressure on a single point, which causes damage.

  4. I wouldnt go as far as not recommending one, Ihave had a dual monitor arm on my ikea linmon desk. Check the dual or triple monitor arm and see how is it clamped to the desk, I got a dual monitor mount that uses a dual clamp to secure itself to the desk. This should work fine without any issues

  5. This heavily depends on your desk. I have one of their “modular” desks and while it’s definitely laminated composite, the actual desk surface is quite thick and very heavy. I’ve had a dual arm stand on it for a couple years now with absolutely no issue.

  6. I would agree. I have an Ikea Lagkapten and had a dual monitor mount on it with two 27" monitors and it had created a crater about 1/3rd of an inch deep where I had the mount clamped in just a few months of use. I put a wooden plank under the clamp to spread the weight out some and it seems to have helped a bit but the underside of the desk is still warped some from the clamp.

  7. Would this apply to the ikea bekants too? Thinking about getting one but I have a vivo triple monitor arm that I use.

  8. A single ultrawide 34” will make a galant (should be the same or better than a bekant?) flex heavily, I used a 2x6 for reinforcement and it’s held up fine.

  9. I don't have these, but I do have 2 of the single Walli Gas mounts and they are great. I prefer individual ones, because you have more flexibility of where the screens sit.

  10. I have a very similar one clipped to a 3/4 inch wood desk. I reinforced the desk with more screws in the corner where the clamp goes and haven't had any problem.

  11. Dont get Dual mount, get two single mounts. A lot of people get these and struggle to get their monitors flush or even lined up together

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