Hundreds of SpaceX employees signed letter denouncing Elon Musk’s behavior

  1. I bet he had an employee insider purposely do this so he could get names of those who disagree with him. So he can fire them before the recession worsens without getting sued. Everyone's always saying hes playing "4d chess" lol

  2. Or someone brown nosing, thats what tanked Jesse Venturas efforts to unionise pro wrestling - Hulk Hogan was going to Vince McMahon telling him what was being discussed.

  3. Denouncing??? How on earth does that accomplish anything? Especially with a billionaire who doesn't care much of what others opinions are of him.

  4. And they got fired. Threatened management and you will quickly get shown the door. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell didn’t mince her words when she fired them either.

  5. I'm a woke software engineer who has worked at woke software companies. Myself and my coworkers are pretty far from broke.

  6. Those poor aeronautical engineers, however will they ever find a job at the zillions of employers dying to hire them?

  7. And then they where promptly fired. So much for free speech. This is the exact same way he will manage twitter with the “ free speech for all except when I disagree with you” business model

  8. Here's the thing, if you like your job and get paid well... shut your mouth and go to work. Tesla or spacex or any other Muskverse business aren't co-ops. These workers don't think grunts have never complained about management since the beginning of time, and actually thought complaining about their boss' tweets was what they are getting paid for?

  9. Ever since Musk announced himself being a republican, he's been attacked left and right with allegations. How did a ton of allocations surface about him only after he announced his stand. Before that he was praised like a god. What about people like Bezos and Gates, are they saints? They get away with whatever they do due to their political affiliation and with their influence over the internet, they are probably amping up the biased algorithms which recommends people what they think it's correct and beneficial for them.

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