Swim trunks that won't cost me an arm and a leg

  1. Target is starting to carry products from a queer swimwear line; no idea if they would be any way better than normal trunks (nor the price point), but they're out there.

  2. Target also has some good stuff in the men’s section (Goodfellow has some good ones and carry smaller sizes) if you’re looking to get some cheap but good swim shorts outside of pride (idk if they’re gonna carry humankind stuff year round or not)

  3. I had good luck with the Nike mens style trunks. They have pockets, and come in a whole bunch of colors, but not crazy wild prints.

  4. Ooo I like that suit! The metallic blue/purple ... Blurple? is now in my shopping cart. I'm with you on the full coverage, especially for the sun protection!

  5. Honestly, I've just gotten Target board shorts in the past. Go for maybe a 9" length. I can never find swim tops that fit, so I just buy running bras. They don't dry as fast as real swimsuits, but your tits won't fall out of them.

  6. I recently bought some swim shorts and tops from Tomboyx and really like them! Haven’t gone for a swim yet but tried them on and really like the full coverage tops.

  7. I’ve been scouring the mens sections of thrift stores. It’s definitely no guarantee, but I’ve bought three pairs all for less that $10 and only one of them hasn’t worked for me. Two of them even had the tags on still!

  8. Lands End had some good women's swimming shorts. They come with a brief liner so they feel secure and no flashing. Their swimming tops didn't work for me but they do have some tankini type tops. I got the rest of my swimming stuff from Curvissa here in the UK.

  9. Any mens board shorts work well. You definitely want to aim for board shorts over regular swim trunks since they'll run longer. Some come with a mesh liner, some do not, if you're not ok with going commando under the board shorts they do make bathing suit type briefs (like the bottom half of a bikini) that you can wear under the board shorts.

  10. The best advice a friend gave me to make mens’ swim trunks fit better is to cut out the lining inside. They’re so much more comfortable that way!

  11. I got cheap men's swim shorts off Amazon and then if you're willing to splurge a bit for a top, I love the Athleta conscious crop bikini top. It's got solid coverage, from my neck halfway down my ribcage, and it feels very un-gendered to me to wear.

  12. Target generally has some trunks with cool prints at a pretty cheap price. As other people have mentioned, TomboyX has a ton of inclusive/gender affirming swimwear options but the price has kept me from trying them out. Also, maybe checkout AwareWolf. It’s a trans-owned brand and I’m pretty sure they have trunks. I think they’re cheaper than TomboyX too.

  13. Forgot to mention Humankind. It’s another website I’ve heard of, but I have zero experience with. Might be worth checking out.

  14. Looks like target is gonna be carrying some gender neutral swimwear soon. Might be a little pricey cause for a top and shorts it'd be $60 but that's not as much as some online options. What I've done when I haven't had mens swim trunks is wear a pair of lightweight athletic shorts. I'd just recommend wearing plain looking underwear underneath because wet shorts can sag and you don't wanna be flashing anyone if the water weighs your shorts down a little. Definitely don't go commando though unless you trust the shorts to stay up. As for tops I just wear a supportive nice looking sports bra. I don't swim a lot so investing in a proper suit doesn't always make sense. If you swim often it's probably worth it to invest in actual swimwear.

  15. Seriously Walmart has 7 buck board shorts. I love in those damn things. The lining gets irritating at times but that’s life with thicc thighs. And of course any other department store or swim/surf brand.

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