My masc gf wants perfume for her birthday. Any recommendations?

  1. I really like Ariana Grande - Cloud personally, I get compliments on it all the time (never had anyone do that before I started wearing it), and it smells pretty neutral to me (people have called it both perfume and cologne in said complements). It also lasts like all day which is amazing! But you should try to smell it before buying, in case you hate it (it’s a little pricy).

  2. I like Hugo Boss ‘The Scent’. It’s a mens perfume but reasonably unisex scented I’d say. Certainly not flowery though! My gf loves it.

  3. Personally I like the L'occitane cherry blossom perfume. It's a little musky and sweet but not overpowering as long as you only use 1 spritz. I wear men's deodorant and find that that perfume mixes well with the scents of my Deodorants. It's about $60 a bottle but unless you overuse it that bottle will last a year of daily use.

  4. My masc gf LOVES Starwalker by Mont Blanc and I also got her l’homme from YSL. Both smell just good enough to be unisex. I can’t get off her lol

  5. I’m super biased but I absolutely love Imaginary Authors. Memoirs of a Trespasser or Saint Julep are my personal favorites as a masc. Cobra and Canary is good but it’s a bit too strong imo.

  6. I use duke cannon solid cologne and I like how it smells a lot. The tins aren't too expensive and the one I have has lasted over a year at this point.

  7. If you can afford it, I think a really cool one is Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. It's so suave, masculine yet sensible.

  8. Perfume is so gross and is equivalent to second hand smoke in my opinion... try essential oils, which are more subtle and won't offend people around you. You can put some in water in a spray bottle, or buy some neutral oil and put a few drops in and use as a lotion. there's nothing worse for me than getting smeared by someone's perfume when I hug them, or when the cashier at the grocery store has scented lotion on and I have to wash all my groceries when I get home. Or just having to avoid people in public. A lot of people are sensitive to chemical scents. I hate that I can't shop at thrift stores because people wear perfumes, which actually bond to the fabrics. Plant therapy has high quality essential oils- I like their self esteem blend, it's very woody and masculine.

  9. I highly recommend the men’s fragrances from Bath & Body Works. They’re the only colognes I buy anymore. I personally love Noir and Teakwood.

  10. I’m currently too broke to buy any nicer perfumes/colognes but Target has some pretty decent colognes if you want to check out a cheap option. The blue sage & tonka is my personal favorite

  11. This thread is sort of old but I highly recommend buying perfume/cologne from, I’ve gotten greats deals on otherwise expensive cologne

  12. You mean cologne? Eek I wouldn’t go to a department store. I like the cheap knockoff brands at Target or other discount places. Sandalwood or woody essential oils are great and can be found at health food places. Also Acqua di Gio is my fave cologne but I get it for cheap at Target.

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