Cop who hogtied and dislocated shoulder of elderly woman with dementia gets slapped with 5 years in prison

  1. I work with dementia and Alzheimer clients. People who have it live in a perpetual state of confusion/agitation. This is unacceptable. The poor woman must have been so frightened. Cops should be trained to deal with this population because it requires a completely different approach. Tbh when a cop gets a call, departments should utilize social workers trained in dementia care.

  2. Training wont matter to a shitty person who simply do not care. One needs to be willing to accept training at their job and follow through it. I doubt this person would have done anything else even if he got the training.

  3. This is the root of the Defund the Police movement. We should have departments that are better suited at dealing with issues like this instead of asking cops to do things they are bad at.

  4. I think we should have units that deal strictly with mental health cases, the current force doesn't even have real de-escalation abilities.

  5. Walmart needs a talking to as well. There was zero need to contact the police about an elderly lady that offered to pay and returned the merch.

  6. We need to stop using cops as a swiss army knife. If there's no threat of danger, social workers should respond in almost all other cases. Cops aren't properly trained for most of the shit they have to deal with.

  7. They should be trained to call people who are trained in this. Cops see everything as something to shoot, beat, or falsely charge.

  8. It’s very sad and there are many many police officers trained in “CIT” or Community Intervention Training, so they can recognize people who have mental health challenges and serious behavioral concerns. They don’t have to diagnose or know specifics, just recognize that something isn’t right with the situation and deescalate it by not causing further agitation, confusion, fear or violence (in any form). I’ve seen them do it and the positive outcomes really are amazing. The saddest part is that it usually takes a f-ing tragedy to come about before making this training or something like it available. I’m Georgia, US it is being used throughout and mental health clinicians are also being put into police departments to speak with people that may have a challenge like I mentioned. It should be mandatory for all police departments in the US.

  9. My 35 year old sister in law has early onset dementia. She can range from the good, where she remembers me and my wife’s name, talks about her crafting projects and Jurassic Park, to not understanding what’s going on, accusing her mom of stealing or having some other paranoid episode due to confusion.

  10. My mother suffered from dementia. I’m an actor and First Responder. I’ve developed two workshops - one is Improv for Dementia Caregivers and the other is Improv for First Responders. Literally no one is interested in either one.

  11. I suspect most people here weren't properly trained either, but I doubt anyone would have tackled and hog-tied her, let alone someone sworn to protect and serve. Cops are sadistic; anyone who really wants to be a cop is, ironically, likely unfit to be one.

  12. Completely agree! But, looking at his face in the photo I am inclined to believe that he would not have responded well to such training at all. Alas.

  13. I work with dementia patients as well, and one night when one of my patients was violent and unredirectable I had to call it in. I can usually get anyone to calm down, even a patient who grabbed my throat and tried to stab me I could calm down, but not this guy.

  14. The video is weird--- he appears calm, but his voice quavers and violence was his first response to the woman being despondent. "Do you need to be arrested?" he says sweetly. Then yanks her arm and pulls her to the ground. She whimpers.

  15. The cops, including the officers involved, were all laughing about it at the jail while watching the body cam footage after the woman was booked. It's all on camera at the jail. I don't feel bad for him getting 5 years. He was in a position of authority, and regardless of training, what he did to that woman was a disgusting abuse of power.

  16. I saw the video on Audit the Audit. It was very disturbing. She didn't even do anything.... It's painfully obvious that she couldn't tell what was happening.

  17. How long do you want him to be in prison for a 2nd degree assault for? 20 years? Life without parole? I'm so weirded out by the uniquely American and bizarrely pervasive idea that no sentence for any crime is ever long enough, and I'm American. 5 years with possibility of parole after 2 is a pretty standard sentence for the kind of crime he committed and I think it's more than enough. He'll also be a convicted felon and, thus, ineligible for any law enforcement position ever again, so that's a win in my books.

  18. Nothing, yet. Investigation is still ongoing and they still haven't released the officer's identity. Not sure what you need to "investigate". It was a fucking execution.

  19. Are you talking about the cop who killed the 70+ year-old Latina non-english speaking with dementia? That’s Las Cruces NM police. The police chief still hasn’t released much about it. We’ve seen the video. All he did was scream in English at her while her friends tried, in Spanish, to explain she’d didn’t speak English and was sick.

  20. Like guys all have the exact same fear about what MIGHT happen if they go to prison, but this dude has some things to worry about that WILL happen.

  21. I remembered seeing this when it happened and how pissed off I was it ruined 3 days for me I was that angry I'm glad this has happened it's still too little too late but a step in the right direction

  22. Your mileage may vary on whether or not this is any consolation, but I’m betting a former cop who does shit like this isn’t going to have a fun time in prison.

  23. I ugly cried and I’m tearing up now. This was a very, very upsetting crime. I wish he had to serve every day of that sentence. But he won’t. I hope biblical justice is served in prison.

  24. If """"good"""" cops don't want to hold their psychos accountable then the least they could do is look the other way while other people sort out the problem for them.

  25. The entire town's police force is like him. All the way up the ladder to the Chief & Mayor. Its been a corrupt police force literally for decades and no one can do anything about it.

  26. Yep, a halfway decent department a town north does all the investigations for this sort of thing, because literally nobody trusts Loveland PD to do it themselves

  27. My mom is 70 and has dementia. She is literally so fragile. I cant even fathom how Id handle it if it was her. Imagine being that insecure with your own masculinity.

  28. He went back to the station and watched the footage with another cop while laughing as he asks the other cop to listen for her shoulder popping then fist bumping one another.

  29. Good, but still no charges for Sgt. Phil Metzler who signed off on the use of force by lying on the report and hiding the bodycam footage from his superior, intimidated a witness into not making a complaint at the scene, and tried to hide the use of force from the public by

  30. Can someone ELI5 why this resulted in a substantial prison sentence but so many other incidents are not even prosecuted?

  31. It could be because Colorado ended qualified immunity in 2020, but I’m only like 10% sure on that being why it happened in this case.

  32. I live in a semi rural fast growing area of NC. We have sheriffs who are elected. I make a point of knowing him personally, I work on his campaign, hang signs etc. Go to political debates. When I need help I can call him and he knows who I am. It’s a game. I don’t trust half his deputies… they’re idiots. I don’t call 911. I call his cell. We’re not buddies. His politics are shit. But he has the power. I use it.

  33. This is definitely the way. The minute I hit a new town .. make friends in high places. It was my biggest mistake in my last town. In a small town, look for really old people. They know everyone and can absolutely help you out. Join the local Chamber of Commerce.. Go to the meetings and events. Golfing.. or just hang in the clubhouse. Charity events are another good place to meet town leaders and elders. It’s one of the most important things you can do.. poor nobody’s get their asses handed to them daily.

  34. It's crazy to me that someone in charge of the police can be an elected position like that - Is that the case in all the states or just some? I listened to a podcast about a cold case a while back, and the reporter was shocked to find out that the police in a lot of small places had crime resolution rates of less than 20% and there was absolutely no legal oversight in terms of performance or corruption.

  35. That’s disturbing and they say it on camera while admitting that they have to ability to turn the cameras off. What a joke. And this is sadly now the norm.

  36. And Mayor Adams in NY wants to lower the already low NYPD hiring standards... Then he told citizens to records cops fucking around on their phones and "send them" to him.

  37. Sound like they are all complicit and it was a conspiracy to cover it up, they should all be charged and stripped of their Badges and never allowed to be Cops.

  38. Excuse me, which case of throwing old woman with dementia on the ground is this? Is it the one where she forgot to pay for something in supermarket?

  39. I've seen sev articles about cities and towns complaining/blaming police force recruitment problems bc of "poor moral/environment since George Floyd" and COVID deaths/illness. So instead of addressing the root of these problems they're dropping some prerequisites. I'm sure that will fix it.

  40. Those videos were hard to watch. Their attitude about how they beat up an old lady with dementia is atrocious.They all strut around like cave men.

  41. Cops convicted of breaking laws like this should be put in gen pop for the maximum possible sentence, zero chance of parole. They need to be held to a higher standard as part of their code of honor and duty to the public, who pays their fucking checks.

  42. I’d be surprised if they fulfilled half that sentence. They’ll be out in 2 on good behavior staying 2 years in a cushy cell away from general pop.

  43. I lived in the area when this happened. The women lived in an apartment complex within walking distance of the store and it has a large population of elderly residence who have various issues. It's well known.

  44. Don't know who downvoted you but if that person is reading this to them I say: until good cops turn in the bad ones, ACAB

  45. I got banned from that sub by asking if it didn’t make more sense to have social workers respond to autistic people who are having meltdowns. No response… Just banned.

  46. So is this a landmark case or what? Feel like I've seen numerous stories this extreme where the cop gets paid leave and hero status

  47. Every cop I've ever met and knew personally is NOT a good person. Every single one has serious closeted issues or is generally a cruel asshole. I'm closely related to multiple and grew up with one and He. Is. A. NIGHTMARE.

  48. What got my blood boiling even more is that after the arrest and tossing the victim all mangled up into the cell without having given any aid, they went to watch the footage for entertainment and were talking and laughing about it as if it were sport in how he maimed the frail old lady.

  49. Good. We need to protect our vulnerable populations from these bullies, they’ve let the power get to their thick heads.

  50. And the other cops who covered up for him get off with nothing. The families lawyers bought this to light and the police tried to fight it...

  51. Saw this video…the shitheads at the station replayed his body cam and laughed about it…said hey wait, listen for the pop when her arm dislocates

  52. Not enough. The other two officers who laughed with him and fiat bumped him after he pointed out the sound of her arm fucking falling apart need to be in jail/six feet under ground before they hurt somebody else as well (guarantee you they've already hurt people).

  53. no way this posh doesn't get out in 5 years to another cop job with his pension etc . hell it will be 2 years good behavior ..

  54. the cop will be fine - trump will probably commute his sentence and the appoint him to his cabinet after our dimwits vote him in again. then he could really fuck up the disabled and the elderly and people with iqs over 85 who are the sworn enemies of the america first movement.

  55. Didn’t he joke about it too while she was still tied up in their holding cell thing for like hours? I really want to die

  56. I do not understand this comment section. This is literally a case where justice was done and the wrongs were righted and this whole thread is just full of comments still like "yeah, fuck the police, execute all the cops" but like... this is the outcome we all wanted...? Bad cop did bad thing and then was shamed, fired, arrested, convicted, and barred from working in law enforcement ever again (because felons can't work in law enforcement). The criminal justice system literally worked as it should work in this case, so why are y'all still mad?

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