Liberals looking at Canada Health Act to ensure abortion right protected: Trudeau

  1. While healthcare (abortion) is provincial jurisdiction, something the feds could do is cover the cost of the abortion pill ($300-$450) since it

  2. Can confirm as a once 16 year old teenager, had to beg neighbors for the cost of a plan b when a condom broke. It's a lot of money to a low/no income person.

  3. Used to work for a “Catholic” hospital and they refused to stock it. Hospital also blocked people from searching abortion related websites on their Wi-Fi. Even though they were supposed to provide care to people of all faiths, and have majority employees who are not Catholic. Shit is whack.

  4. Healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction, however the feds can dictate a minimum level of care that the provinces must provide to receive funding. Feds could simply insist that abortions be made available at all hospitals for instance, and the provinces and territories would have to do it.

  5. I’m in Ontario where the abortion pill is free, however it’s NOT widely known (at least in my experience). I wasn’t told it was free by my doctor, but I almost shit my pants when the pharmacy tech told me the total was $440. It wasn’t until after I paid up that I looked into it and realized it’s actually covered by the Ontario government. Getting my money back was an absolute nightmare, when I called OHIP, they kept telling me it’s not covered even though I was reading word for word on their website that it was covered as long as you had a valid health card and a prescription from your doctor.

  6. The leading case on abortion rights in Canada points out that access to abortions is not provincial jurisdiction, it is federal. This is because denying access to abortion is seen as a moral question, which makes it criminal and federal.

  7. I don't mean to be cynical, but if they want to score easy political points, this is low hanging fruit and a no-brainer for Plan B and C. Hopefully that happens soon.

  8. This is a very pervasive myth. Healthcare is not provincial jurisdiction. It is not listed under s92 of the Constitution. Rather, what is listed is

  9. Political grandstanding aside, I feel like there are a lot of men talking about this on a lot of forums as though this debate doesn't actually impact anyone.

  10. Yeah I agree, this isn't something for voters to throw their own partisan politics at. This should be something all party leaders are saying, the sooner it can be codified in law the better.

  11. Woman here who's had an abortion I couldn't agree more.. if this shit that's gone down in the USA makes Canada dig in our heals for women's reproductive rights and ensures that even remote communities have access to these services then I'm all for it. This is an essential service

  12. The current practice of leaving regulation of abortion to the medical profession is the best approach. Politicians need to stay out of it.

  13. I'm pro-choice, but the argument "men shouldn't tell women what to do with their bodies" doesn't make sense because the support for abortion is the same percentage in men and women when you look at studies. Some studies even find that women are more likely to be pro-life

  14. As a conservative, I find myself largely agreeing with you. However, the devil is in the details. Canada is in the interesting position of having no federal abortion law whatsoever. This is really quite elegant honestly. I would be 100% in favour of a law that said something to the effect of: "Apart from this law itself, the federal government shall make no law concerning abortion." Then, even in the highly unlikely event that abortion rights would be overturned by the court, the federal law would still be in place. Moreover, how could you ever mount a legal challenge to such a law? Such a law could never infringe your rights, so would never be found unconstitutional. A government would need to overturn it to pass any abortion legislation, which is politically impossible in Canada. Could you imagine - "we're going to overturn the law that says we can't make laws about abortion"... political suicide. I'm for it, honestly.

  15. Banning, restricting or making abortions illegal do not stop women, young women from obtaining them. It makes it unsafe and could be life threatening. Codifying in law so the debate is done is a good thing, but also making sure access is similar all across Canada is very important. If you are low income travelling to get an abortion, can also be a form of restriction.

  16. God, the US is such a draconian country. I hope people remember that the next time they call our wonderful country "shit" and threaten to move there.

  17. Conservatives complaining about spin or being opportunistic maybe instead of yelling into the void write your representatives and ask the party to kick out the zealots. It would be a start for the CPC to at least appear as a party interested in supporting CDNs.

  18. They can't stand to see the Liberals affirm a popular position because they're cognizant of how unpopular the contrarian opinion would be right now--notably having told their caucus to stfu, while this plays out. They know they can't rely on a united and wildly unpopular birther opinion, outside of the dinner party, so the next best weapon in realpolitik arsenal is to gaslight everyone into thinking that doing the popular thing that constituents would want them to do, must be "opportunistic pandering" instead of the LPC just doing their job. If their soapbox didn't say Pandora's on the side, they'd happily be jumping up and down on it too.

  19. The problem with the CPC is that if you prune out all the pandering to SoCons and science denialism, they're really just Great Value brand Liberals. Their non-regressive policies are really just a stripped down version of the same neoliberal fiscal policy the Liberals employ.

  20. Conservatives cry like babies when other parties just do standard politics. You don't want this to be a political tool? Don't have idiots in your own party then. Not hard.

  21. I sure hope the USA never collectively jumps off a bridge; because if that happened, lots of Canadians would seemingly feel the need to follow suit.

  22. There's a lot to learn from the US. We can learn so much from them on what not to do. Whether you like it or not, they're our neighbors, and we have to keep an eye on them because it affects us to. If anything, I'm cheering them on to get through this Trump craziness so that they can become a better country, that helps us big time.

  23. As soon as I heard this leak I knew trudeau would reopen the abortion debate that liberals keep saying conservatives should never reopen

  24. Yeah this is actual virtue signaling bs, I know people use that term a lot, but.. wow. Why are we talking about abortions in Canada? Talk about distraction..

  25. It's wild how so many people think this is a play on politics. I can nearly guarantee we would have a conservative majority if the federal conservative party took this same stance.

  26. This is when PP gets to wade in and alienate either the SoCons or both progressive conservatives and the majority of women by trying to walk a fine line between these voters that isn't all that fine and probably doesn't even exist.

  27. It depends to what extent. I am pro choice but I'm not comfortable with this having literally no bounds at any time, for any reason. I don't like when people hold this idea. RvW was IMO, the best interpretation on this. It established that they would consider it life in the third trimester and outside of instances where the mother's life was threatened, they can't get them after that. So anyone who has these scenarios where they are raped by their brother or whatever, they have a full half year to address that. The reason I think it needs to be established is because someone can cause someone to miscarry.

  28. The major parties have not indicated a change in their stances, and so we are and have long been pro choice, thankfully. It’ll be a campaign promise only for those who want to make this a political wedge issue and gain from it. The conservative leadership seems to understand that this is not a hill to die on. So if the liberals would stop making this about us, then we’re all good. Not talking about it is good enough. We must not mobilize the lunatics.

  29. I think that's probably the best lesson we can take out of this is to examine our own existing systems to make sure what's happening in the US doesn't happen here.

  30. This is bullshit politics and nothing more. JT is capitalizing on the Canadian obsession with US politics to score political points.

  31. All the people whining about "we're not America! that's a different country!!" were doing plenty of comparisons to the US when talking about the economy, vaccine mandates, etc...

  32. Canada has not had anywhere near the same stance on abortion as the USA. Other than the random backbench Con there is virtually no support. Not the same at all.

  33. Seriously guys, If you’re not against abortions let’s look at what the PM is saying as a positive thing. He needs to act quickly and say these things because Canadians absolutely get wrapped up in American politics, on BOTH sides of the spectrum. And maybe it’s a little opportunistic but it’s not by design, it’s by luck.

  34. There were many Republican governments in the states (and various reformed SC rulings by conservative majority justices) in the almost 50 years.

  35. Maybe not domesticity but Harper excluded $3.5B in funding from global organizations that provided the service or promoted it

  36. This new age "war" on abortions will have the same effect the war on drugs had. It doesn't actually prevent the usage of it, it just makes it harder to do it safely, but you're living under a fucking rock if you think these things just make it all go away.

  37. Journalists and politicians need to start using the word “right” correctly. If it isn’t in the charter or other governing statue that defines what rights are it isn’t a right.

  38. I don’t care if a women goes in to get her wisdom teeth taken out… Why would I care if a women goes in and has an abortion? It’s a medical procedure, her business…. Not mine!! It’s embarrassing we’re still having this debate!

  39. I wouldn't expect much here from the Liberals. If abortion was locked in as a right forevermore then that is one less thing they can go after the CPC for. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe it's something that should be enshrined in law but I would be surprised if anything concrete actually gets done because of the politics involved.

  40. To me this screams like a redo of voting reform. Talking about it but not actually doing anything helps the Liberals in the long run, removing a boogeyman issue does not. Thus we'll get a lot of discussion and no meaningful action.

  41. Trudeau jumping at the chance to distract from the state of our country under his government by importing an inapplicable wedge issue from another country.

  42. Funny, I just saw anti-choice advocates screaming because they only had one CPC candidate in the leadership race. I guess you missed the CPC blocking an attempt to affirm abortion rights in the house the other day as well?

  43. It's inapplicable? Why? Has the leader of literally any conservative party in this country come out and said that it's inapplicable? Candace Bergen came out and said that the right to choose is good and should be enshrined in law??? I hadn't heard. Please share your source on that. Or on Kenney, Moe or Ford, while you're at it. If this issue IS a wedge issue, it's a wedge for the conservatives of this country. And all the big tent con parties are scared to death that if they take a stand it'll wedge their parties apart. You know I'm right about that.

  44. No one has been held down and forced to take the shot against their will. Restricting access to abortion forces women to carry a pregnancy that can have severe health consequences. As someone who had to make this decision late in a pregnancy, I’m glad the hardest thing you’ve ever faced is the slight inconvenience of not being allowed to fly on a plane or eat in a restaurant. I can assure you, the days and weeks after being told by the doctors that my very wanted baby was killing me and that I would not live through the night if I didn’t terminate, were much much worse than being told politely to wear a mask.

  45. Here's the thing. I want to have people to vote for. If I don't like Trudeau or Singh, I want to have an alternative in the Tories. But because the Tories are attached to socially regressive issues like anti choice legislation, even if it's on the fringe of the party, I can never vote for them. It's for the best. Make sure it can't be changed so it's something the Tories can just never deal with again.

  46. When it comes to wedge issues, increasing taxes or defunding anti-government protesters (truckers), Trudeau's government is so quick to respond with legislation.

  47. Are you not aware of how much money the Liberal government has put into housing over the last decade? We are building it. We need the provinces to be at the tables which isn't happening everywhere. In Ontario for instance, Ford is moving to drastically decrease provincial funding for housing as the federal dollars increase.

  48. It can be many things at once. Opportunism, spin, hopefully a laughably easy win and most importantly the right thing to do.

  49. Maybe opportunism but it's also the case that the US just exposed a major flaw in that a court ruling on what is honestly kind of flimsy legal ground to create a new right that isn't actually written down anywhere can be changed if new members of the court decide that it's not legally written down anywhere.

  50. So we're back to "My body, my choice" after vaccine mandates? And now it's "Women's rights" after saying men can be pregnant?

  51. So what you're saying is that Trudeau wants to do the very thing he always accuses the Conservatives of and reopen the abortion debate by actually trying to pass legilsation about abortion?

  52. You mean in light of current events in the States, which, like it or not, has enormous influence on our own politics! Yea, I support this 100%.

  53. Are you under the impression that Conservatives haven’t been trying to pass legislation about abortion? Because they have.

  54. There is no law in Canada that states a woman has the right to abortion in Canada, the Liberals should make it a law.

  55. What's wrong with having abortion rights included in the health Care act? If everyone agrees to it, it would take quick. The debate is settled Canadians support abortion rights and access.

  56. Liberals and their Politics of Division. Gotta keep us distracted and divided with social issues and American politics.

  57. Because making something a law (which is completely unrelated) ignores mental health and addiction issues?

  58. Good. Excellent. Conservatives will never stop crying about abortion. The religious nutjobs will never stop. Ever. Zealots are truly sickening. Oosterhoff just vowed to ban abortion. There are about 60 Conservatives MPs whose purpose for getting elected is banning abortion. They're constantly holding meetings and talking about it. While the Conservative-owned media downplays it, and whines about wedge issues.

  59. Liberal politics... even if conservatives get a major win and get a majority seating victory in the next election... they would never make abortion ilegal, this is liberal propaganda. We are slowly but surely having a free fall into socialism which then transforms into communism/dictatorship and all the loss of true freedom that comes with it.

  60. So, inflation is at historic levels and still climbing, the housing market is out of control, the cost of living is becoming unbearable, and Trudeau's priority is to act on changing abortion laws in response to something that (has not yet even) happened in a different country?

  61. What are the CPC focusing on today..... Trudeau saying a bad word ... Can they please focus on the real issue. How can people be ok with this? We need a real opposition....

  62. If the US Supreme Court renders a decision on the appropriateness or constitutionality of a standing law, it can become the basis for nearly identical challenges here because our laws are so similar. The stuff in the US provides a blueprint for anyone else looking to replicate their outcomes.

  63. Our abortion protections are based on the exact same type of judicial ruling as the one in America. We👏learn👏from👏America's👏mistakes.

  64. Opportunism? How so? You know, the Cons could kill any political bump this gives him by simply stating they are pro choice. So why don't they? Any of them? CPC interim leader...CPC leadership candidates....Kenney...Moe...Ford. Not a word. Odd. I'm not saying Trideau actually cares or that he will do something to help. Far from it. But let's not pretend this is not an issue for conservatives in this country.

  65. More Trudeau fear mongering. KoNsErVaTiv = BadD. Abortion rights are not under assault in this country. Just because the lunatics are in charge next door, doesn't mean we need a knee-jerk reaction to do anything. It's the economy and housing that matters, stupid.

  66. As long as there are Conservative MPs standing on the steps of the House of Commons saying the debate "isn't closed" - as happened yesterday - it matters.

  67. Totally a non issue in Canada but let’s import a terrible USA political hot potato and try to make it a wedge issue here. Typical Justin nonsense.

  68. What's nonsense is ignoring the massive influence the republican party has had over the CPC since Trump. We've got people on Facebook (and in this sub) chomping at the bit for another opportunity to own the libs via eroding rights.

  69. That is the liberal and ndp go to move. No one in Canada gets worked up and emotional about any issue here. So they import highly contentious and divisive American political issues into Canadian politics and use it to gin up their support. It’s amazing how they can be obsessed about American politics but at the same time gloat about how liberal Canadians are morally superior to them.

  70. Probably moreso to expose which Conservative MPs oppose abortion and use it on the campaign trail. It's really a non issue in Canada and doesn't really need this. This is bait for people like Pierre Poilievre to get them on record pro life. It's fantastic as a strategy really.

  71. This will blow up in Trudeaus face when he has to argue why sex selective abortions are medically necessary

  72. Can we just take a moment to look over the laws and make sure murder is illegal? We really just need to make sure we've dotted every "i" and crossed every "t".

  73. It’s interesting how this became our problem, seemingly entirely orchestrated by politicians. This issue is settled in Canada. I don’t object to adding that in the Canada Health Act, but seeing as we have more pressing issues, it’s kind of a thing to get around to sometime. 7% inflation and a looming recession need your attention right now.

  74. CPC virtue signaled with their anti-abortion bill proposal last year. CPC virtue signals with "family values" and denying climate change. All parties have their pet values, not sure why you can't see that

  75. Can't wait for him and other 'progressives' to argue why sex selective abortions are medically necessary

  76. Good but being cynical it seems the Liberals are only using this issue to paint the Conservatives as politicians who will take away a woman’s right to choose. Sure hope that none will but they didn’t in previous Conservative governments.

  77. They ain’t doing shit, Trudeau is just trying to gain brownie points by jumping on the abortion debate from a foreign country . I don’t think a single political party in Canada is anti abortion at this point so there is no debate, Canadian are happy to be pro choice

  78. Could we solve existing problems instead of inventing new ones that are politically advantageous? We have no laws regarding abortion because we haven't needed any. The medical community has done a great job for the most part, and the access issues in some parts of the country are a provincial matter, typically related to poor health care access outside of urban areas. If we're looking at fixing health care issues, there are so many more pressing things to deal with than ensuring that the right to abortion continues to not face a genuine threat. Seriously, outside of some tory backbenchers, nobody wants to touch this one, and that's unlikely to change much any time soon.

  79. I suspect this is more about exposing the CPC as anti choice. It's designed to get the MPs on record against this, and have fodder for the campaign trail. They're going to have to either pander to that base in their ridings, or they're going to have to support it and piss off their base, which puts them in a lose-lose situation. Support the bill, voters flee to the PPC. Oppose the bill and progressive voters flee to the LPC.

  80. I would rather that right be added to the charter instead, but I don't know if that could ever happen. I f I remember right they need support of 2/3 of the provinces to nake any amendments, and I just don't see that happening

  81. Improving access to abortion would probably be the best thing the federal government could do in this situation. It doesn't matter how legal it is if people can't get access to services.

  82. Ah yes. Trudeau swooping in to white knight for the ladies. We all know he just loves situations like this to come out on top like he gives a shit.

  83. How about just ensure that people don’t have to wait 23 hours in the waiting room for an ear ache, or wait months and sometimes years for surgeries, or that people aren’t laying in beds that are in hallways. Things like that are a little more important because the whole healthcare system is in shambles. But these people will never miss an opportunity to virtue signal.

  84. Lmao because the health act that says we have the freedom to make our own medical decisions really was respected the last two years

  85. And you people are buying this ? There's no laws on abortion in Canada so effectively there's nothing to look at in the Health Act.

  86. Eh I really like Roe v Wade tbh. I think it provides the best compromise on the issue and I'm not a fan of how JT oversimplifies this complicated issue and things anything short of allowing them up until the date of their birth for any reason is some infringement on their rights to choose. It's equally as ideological psychotic as the people who think life starts at conception and anything from that point on is murder.

  87. This 'individual' and I'm being really nice here, gets that Supreme Court is in the US right? Any kind of ruling there, has zero impact here. Right? Right?

  88. It's not a charter protected right in Canada and should be codified into law before we get the same type of scenario that's currently playing out down south. What's so wrong about that?

  89. Honestly I trust Canadian pro-lifers a lot less than I do their American counterparts. It makes sense for a Republican because you're steeped in that propaganda from all directions. But you have to be a special kind of religious freak to think that way in Canada.

  90. As a single mother myself I would be in big trouble without my abortions. Instead of having 1 kid I don’t want I would have had 9 I didn’t want! My choice, my choice 💅

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