Federal government ending Bell Let's Talk partnership

  1. This happens every February, they go through mass layoffs, typically resulting in management working in silos just to save their skin , very very very toxic work environment...

  2. By robodial. After just receiving $122 million of CERB/CEWS support. And increasing their income from $2.7 billion in 2020 to $2.89 billion in 2021.

  3. It was good co-branding for a time. I think that almost everywhere I have worked I at least got a company wide email about Let's Talk day, if not some event organized around it.

  4. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Mirko Bibic, Chief Legal Officer of Bell when the deal with the Feds was signed and current CEO, being close personal friends with Justin Trudeau from their time at McGill together.

  5. Optics. A big mental health initiative, so if the Feds or a large corporation weren't involved, we'd be spending more time talking about that than the actual cause

  6. CF Vet. Severe Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. Watching Bell and its media affiliates push this every year always gets my hackles up. Corporations don't care. What a scam.

  7. Yep there's a reason they forced their company name onto the campaign. Making sure every mention of a popular initiative is next to the word Bell creates all kinds of great advertising opportunities. Then they get to call it all a charitable donation. Having worked for Bell in the past, they do not care one bit about mental health.

  8. Let's talk about the pathetic state of mental health care where you endure a life time of shitty, spotty, shotgun mental health treatment which is usually just pushing pills and some superficial conversations then after a lifetime of shitty mental Healthcare you can take the ultimate treatment " medically assisted suicide"

  9. there's a radio ad in Quebec raising awareness about suicide, don't remember exactly how it went, but it was something like "if you are having suicidal thoughts, please call us", and my immediate reaction was, "Is this the MAiD hotline?"

  10. the whole Let's Talk thing, has always been a scam, cloaked, to make money, lots of money, it really didn't do anything for mental health

  11. That "campaign" was merely an ad for Bell. I wonder if they helped out anyone. Bell sucks so bad on so many levels.

  12. Good. Bell never gave a shit anyways about anyone's mental health. They would happily allow someone to kill themselves if it meant more revenue for them

  13. Wait the Feds were paying for this? It’s clearly thinly veiled marketing. I thought it was just Bell being gross on their own.

  14. I have a good job, good house, I'm young and good looking, lots of friends. Sad on occasion. Can we LETS TALK about this mental health on my Instagram like it's the same as, I don't know, schizophrenia and stuff?

  15. A friend of ours is a lineman...tech for bell. he has honest mental health issues. They basically laughed in his face when he called the line. He's kind of ok, but like so many, struggles.

  16. Let’s Talk was always virtue-signalling corporate bullshit. What exactly did it accomplish? Besides Bell’s brand trending once a year.

  17. So OP should read the article. Actually just the first sentence would do it. They decided to continue working with Bell. Not sure how but what a sweet deal for Bell. Nearly free advertising. Fuck Bell and fuck the government for giving this advertising campaign any legitimacy.

  18. Lol I don’t think anyone read the article. “Minister Fortier has directed her officials to establish an updated agreement with Bell in support of this day’s vital goal of raising awareness and talking about mental health”

  19. It's hard to pretend to care about mental health when we've literally changed from "lets talk" to "have you thought about suicide? we can assist you with that!"

  20. A good way of dealing with that is staying out of prison. Though, maybe they can do something about the ridiculous rates for telecom services in general, across the country...

  21. Bell lets talk should have never existed. Imo it was more about manipulating our human concerns for mental health so that a corporate giant can make itself look better. both bell and rogers need to go. open up our telecom market globally, so we finally have more competition. the prices we pay to these greedy telecom agencies is absurd.

  22. Bell Let's Talk was actually very successful in getting Mental Health into the global consciousness and spreading general awareness. What did they do with their viral success? Act completely contrary to the core values of the program immediately after the campaign. I am getting tired of companies promoting causes these days, to be honest. It artificially warps culture when there's no actual meaning behind it besides trying to improve corporate reputation.

  23. Well with MAID being available soon for mental illness, I’m sure those corporate fat cats don’t want to be bringing awareness to mental health anymore.

  24. Yeah I think you got the RMH thing twisted. I have heard about them, I've heard the experiences from people who have used them. They basically make it so you literally have absolutely nothing to think about except your childs health and being with them.

  25. Of course: the Liberal government's approach to health and mental heath care... and indeed to just about every social safety net, seems to be to replace them all with assisted suicide. So, why would they care about a mental health initiative when we're now a country that takes the "if life's too hard, we'll gladly help you kill yourself" approach?

  26. This pandemic has been great (aside from the sickness and deaths) for disturbing the media, cultural establishment, and exposing grifting virtue signalling.

  27. I fucking hate Bell. I’m one of the only ones in my neighbourhood that is not with Bell and I’ve been receiving 2-3 letters from them every week (with my name spelled wrong) for the last 7 years and fucking door-to-door salesmen almost every month. And those fucks always come in pairs and bombard you with questions yet seem to fail to understand “leave me the fuck alone”. I’ve even told them I’d gladly pay more not to do business with them.

  28. All I've ever seen it do is allow people to feel good about themselves because they use the hashtag, while simultaneously treating people with mental illness as beneath them and ostracizing them. It's about time we let this sham go.

  29. Canadian Government: " so yeah, we ended that Let's Talk thing cause there was some shenanigans I guess. Can we interest you in some assisted suicide instead?"

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