Ending federal cannabis ban expected to get vote in U.S. House this week

  1. It's definitely a move timed for the midterms and definitely favoring the democrats. The Republicans will not have the scrot to piss off their evangelical base and so there will be a lot of threats and money to keep the Rs in line to vote NO.

  2. I have my hopes because why not but this realistically isn’t going anywhere. Gridlock in the senate means we don’t get nothing.

  3. don't get me wrong it probably won't go anywhere but there's a chance it might. Even if it doesn't this time around I honestly am pretty optimistic about the chances in the next ~10 years

  4. For perspective: In Michigan right now all adults can possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis on their person or in their car, up to 15 grams of extracts, grow 12 plants with no oversight or restrictions, possess 10 dry ounces at home, and most former misdemeanors and felonies for cannabis are now civil infractions or not a crime at all. Proposition 1 is one of the worlds most liberal recreational cannabis legalization laws. There are recreational dispensaries as well as home cannabis delivery services pretty much everywhere here. All this has lead to a huge overabundance of supply resulting in the highest quality cannabis of 25-30% THC selling for $100 an ounce on the black market. Also the liquor stores and convenience stores as well as some gas stations sell marijuana product such as Delta 9 and HHC cannabis flower, pre rolls, and cartridges for vapes. Many low THC CBD products including all that and much more are also sold at many establishments. The overall effect is that profits for criminal enterprises and large commercial growers are on a massive decline which is great in my opinion. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

  5. Oklahoma grower here, so I can’t speak to Michigan, but the glut of supply and lower prices actually favor the large commercial growers and criminal element. Smaller grows, like mine, are getting squeezed out hard because we can’t produce at the volume to make margins meet. Out of state illegal buyers are paying double what in state dispensaries are willing, and even dispensaries will pay more for off books product just to avoid paperwork and taxes.

  6. Wake me up when the Senate passes it as this happens every year Charlie Brown! Biden the drug warrior would veto anyways! Anybody wanna bet a few grand????

  7. legalization means more rules, more restrictions, more regulations ... 100% decriminalization means no restrictions , no added regulations no added rules for use

  8. I would hope that this would bring the prices down in already legal states but I fear a huge federal tax as well as state tax at the dispensary

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