Acid Reflux

  1. Yeah, I'll second eggs as a likely enough culprit. They give me something very similar to acid reflux too, especially if overcooked.

  2. Yes, I do drink and a lot so I am going to cut that out and the eggs, they are a stable for me and usually daily so I might give them a miss top. Just to see if it helps after a month or so. Thanks heaps

  3. Thank you . I have cut the eggs feel a little better and water at meal times. I am scheduled for a scope tp check for issues. Thank you

  4. Thank you. I plotted times and it's honestly random. No particular rhyme or reason. This week, I has it at night yet hasn't ate since earlier that day. I has it in the morning and afternoon also and on an eating and fasting day.

  5. Someone will say remove eggs, or egg whites only, or egg yolks only. Of course it's worth the try.

  6. Yes that's my fear. I will try all of the above but honestly, it's a pain. Thanks heaps and I hope your mum is fairing better now. The one variable I didn't think of was stress and I have oodles of that so I should check that . Thank you

  7. Could be histamine. If none of the above suggestions help, try eating only super fresh meats, by keeping them frozen until you are ready to cook them, and no leftovers (unless you freeze and reheat them) and no ground meats. I have histamine intolerance, and if my levels get too high, I get reflux (among other things).

  8. Some fluids might alter the pH of the stomach, but water won't do much. One would have to drink an insane amount of water to do that.

  9. Wow, thank you because I do this between every bite of steak. I honestly did not know that. Thanks for your insight. Definitely going to do this. Anything that helps as it's painful

  10. It might be related to histamines, or not. But if it happen with foods high in it like sea food, fish, ground beef, canned food, etc it might be that. You can consider dao supplementation at this point if you suspect it is the culprit.

  11. When I get constipated from eating too high of a protein ratio it can result in pressure buildup and some reflux. Especially if you have other typical symptoms of not eating fatty enough (low energy, no appetite for lean but appetite for fat, less frequent and harder stool) it's something to consider. Coffee also made it worse for me if it didn't immediately resolve the constipation.

  12. Wow. Great insight. Yes, I was drinking coffee and stopped. I also unfortunately get periodic tummy issues and get go. So, that makes sense. I do notice less issue when I have a higher far content. I don't know the socence behind it but just know anecdotally that it have no acid reflex or constipation. Thanks heaps

  13. My acid reflux went away on carnivore unless I overeat or eat right before bed. I typically do OMAD and someone told me I wasn't eating enough and should eat at least twice a day. I wasn't hungry but still ate, I felt awful afterwards, bloated, and nauseated, that night I had heartburn. At that point I decided I am going to only eat when I'm hungry like I had been previously doing. Why fix it, if it isn't broken. So my suggestion would be to consider are you overeating or eating too late? Also try to not drink a ton of water while you are eating.

  14. Thank you so much. This is something to consider. I definitely chug down water a lot. I am taking 5 ir 6 litres per day as a minimum. The overeating bit, just by calculations, I don't think so at all buy, I do sometimes snack which is not good. It might just be a bit of beef Jerky or something but I need to cut that out. Thanks so much. Great advice

  15. Thanks again all. For such insightful and knowledgeable comments. I have learnt a lot and there is huge room for improvement. Thank you 💓

  16. No soft drinks but apart from meat such as lamb and beef, I do eat eggs and ...the bad part, one coffee with a tiny amount of cream per day but I am thinking that or the eggs or the fact I chug water at meals, seems like the opinion is these things don't help. Thanks love and yes, I have the terrible throat burn

  17. Thank you. Good advice. I thought it would be enough to eliminate most stuff but I think i need to do this for a few months to see if ot helps. I love lamb over any other meat so , it will definitely be a challenge but worth it for health. Thanks heaps for your knowledge and insight

  18. Others have said it but eggs. At a certain point in my life, it happened so suddenly, overnight seems like I couldn't eat eggs. Gave me the most terrible pain. I quit them all together for a while and now can tolerate some but I get them from a farm, free range, corn and soy free, very expensive but it's all I can tolerate, duck eggs are sometimes easier on you but also get them free range (true free range).

  19. It may not be dietary at all, on carnivore you produce more acid than otherwise, but you only produce it when needed as opposed to excessively all the time. So if you're getting a lot of reflux on carnivore, you may need to check into whether you have a hiatal hernia as they'll give you some horrendous reflux.

  20. Wow. That's interesting. My dad has that exact hernia though I have no symptoms. A couple of years ago I did dna health test and it suggested my risk for this hernia was very high. I might just get it checked put. Thank you very much

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